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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 7th September 2021 Episode starts with Maitri and Sara arguing over Akki’s matter. Meera says Priya didn’t marry because of you and your dad. Maitri says Neeraj and Priya had a breakup, what did I do. Meera says once Priya gets married, then your sins will be washed. Sara says its a miracle if Priya gets a partner. Priya asks what miracle. Sara says cucumber is miracle vegetable. Meera asks was everything fine at the court. Priya says yes, what were you talking.

Maitri says we were talking about Akki. Priya says I have to go to a club to meet Mr. Kapoor, for Akki’s marriage, my marriage won’t happen, we are meeting to decide how to convince Akki, I got pickles for you. They laugh. Priya gets the pickles. Kunal asks am I looking good. Ram asks him to take his tummy in, its a pressure cooker situation. Kunal says Priya and I didn’t meet before, don’t trouble me. Adi says don’t decide until you get it from heart, else it will be like Vikrant. Vikrant says I m not like Ram, hero in theory and zero in practical. Adi says its high time, think for yourself. Ram says I think of food and medicines. Brinda says then you think of your ex in free time. They see Shashi there. Ram greets Shashi.

Nandini says don’t know where is Bhabhi. She sees Vedika and greets. Vedika says you thought I won’t come on clinic inauguration if Sid and Shivi aren’t getting married. Nandini says its fine, come. Mami comes to tell Nandini about Shivi. Ram says sorry Shashi. Shashi says its okay, one gets what’s in fate, someone gets love and someone gets wait. He gets Vedika’s call. He says yes, I will come on time for dinner at home, we will have a romantic candle light dinner, see you, love you. Ram hears this. Shashi says if one gets a good wife, life becomes beautiful, I m so lucky to get Vedika, Sid’s relation broke, but everything looks little in front of Vedika’s love. Ram says love just touches some people and goes, they stay well with the memories, I have to go now, I have to make my friend meet someone. Shashi says you also meet someone. Ram says I m in that category that I stay with memories. He goes.

Maitri says I got a dress for Priya also. Priya says why, its your husband’s money, I can’t take it. She wears a raincoat. Akki calls her and says I had final look test, help me, I got shortlisted. Shivi hits him. He says you become a good boyfriend first, you told Ram that you can’t marry me. He says I said Priya should get married first. Shivi says I m pregnant. Nandini and Vedika are on the way. Akki says relax, instant tests are wrong, a new maternity clinic inauguration is happening, we will go there. Nandini and Vedika inaugurate the clinic. They cut the ribbon together. Nandini says I m really excited, it will be first joint venture of Ram and Shashi. Akki says I m there, I love you, everything will be fine. Nandini gives the interview. She sees Shivi. She goes. Shivi says I had done pregnancy test at home, I wanted to confirm. The doctor gives a form. Nandini asks what are you doing here. Shivi says I had done a pregnancy test, it came positive. Nandini asks what.

Akki says I m sorry, we came to cross check. Shivi says I didn’t know this will happen. Nandini says he doesn’t want to marry you. She calls Shubham and asks him to come fast. Shivi says you are scaring me. Nandini says you should get scared, Shubham will pick up and take you home, don’t tell anyone. Vedika answers the media. Vedika asks all okay, I thought I saw Shivi. Nandini says she came to get some tests done, she had put on weights. She tells media that Ram is a magician, he has a solution for every problem.

Kunal asks Adi how shall I talk. Ram gets sad. Brinda asks what did Shashi say. Ram says Vedika is so caring, she planned candle light dinner for Shashi. Vikrant says don’t believe women. Brinda jokes on him. Ram says Vikrant moves on soon, else people try to live with memories. Adi asks are you not happy. Ram says I m happy that she is happy. Adi says don’t cry, better make someone else cry. Ram goes. Adi says what will happen with him, who will explain him that one sided love looks good in films, love should be something that the other person feels the pain when you cry. Priya gets hurt by a door. Ram greets. She gets rude and goes. Priya and her sisters come. Sandy says Adi took my interview for job, Priya is my sister. Brinda says nice to meet you.

Ram asks what will you have. Priya says nothing. Ram says Kunal is my good friend. Priya says I met him during your cheater friend’s divorce. Ram says I own the building where you have your tuition institute. He takes tablets for acidity. Ram says we have given the top floors on rent, Kunal checks all the things there, your sisters would be hungry, lets serve them food. Maitri says Ram is successful, single and handsome. Sara says he is so handsome. Ram says you won’t eat but your sisters… Priya says no, we had food. Ram says I had ordered food. Sara asks don’t you find Kunal cute. Priya says yes, I m angry on Ram, he is showing off. Ram eats the food. Ram jokes. Everyone laughs.

Sara says I will get water melon juice, Maitri come with me. They go. Priya asks Sandy to sit quiet. Sara says Priya gets negativity seeing men, help her talking. Maitri says you know she is a fireball. Sara says you want to get rid of your guilt, right, help her, look there, single boys are sitting, Priya isn’t even smiling, we have to help. Maitri says fine. Adi asks Kunal to talk. Kunal says this club is good, right. Priya says sorry, we came to talk about Akki, Shivi has a right to choose. Ram says yes, even Kunal and Priya should have a right to choose. Priya asks how did my marriage come in between. Ram says your brother told so. He sees Shashi with Vedika. Shashi says thanks for coming soon. Vedika asks why sudden change of plans. Shashi says Ram has come here to dine. Vedika sees Ram.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vedika says you are doing matchmaking here. Priya asks really, you called me to get me married to your friend, why. Ram asks why this negativity. Priya asks am I charity case, who are you to decide for me. Ram says enough, some man has hurt you. She says enough. Nandini gets Ram’s proposal for Priya.

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Telecast Date:7th September 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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