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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 7th July 2022  Episode starts with Priya scolding Pihu for speaking rudely. She says you should have thanked Ram, you insulted him, its wrong, I m much disappointed with you. Sandy sees the arrangements. Nandini looks on. She says good job. She scolds Sandy for giving such an idea

. She says Shubham was just taking the credit. Sandy says no, this time, it was his idea. Nandini says it means, its your ideas always. Sandy says don’t worry, this idea will work. Nandini says I will not tolerate Priya in this house after Jagrata.

Sandy says don’t worry, even Priya has left tolerating, she won’t stay here after Jagrata. Nandini says great. Priya sits in Ram’s car and says sorry, my Pihu… He says she isn’t ill mannered, I don’t believe this, its your mistake, you didn’t scold her.

She says I have taught her to love and respect everyone, don’t know why she behaves like you, her likes and dislikes are like you. He says she went on her dad, she is irritating like her dad.

She thinks she went on you, I wish I could make you meet her. It starts raining. She thinks this time, I will take Pihu with me and go away, my thoughts won’t get true. She holds the rain water in her hand. Ram recalls their moment.

He thinks it’s the truth, Krish taught you to love rains. Ram asks Priya to shut the window, the car seat is spoiling. The flower sellers at the signal ask them to buy flowers. She buys the lillies. Ram also buys the roses. Priya says it’s a good idea to give flowers to each other in front of the minister, take this.

Ram says I don’t need to pretend here, I don’t like flowers and this disgusting rains. Neeraj asks Pihu to be a good girl. Meera says Pihu is sensible, she will take care of Maitri. Pihu calls Maitri chubby. Maitri says you have chubby cheeks. Pihu says I m sad, I can’t see my mum working.

Meera says no, come here, I have made your fav cookies, and pasta also, have it well, don’t get sad. Pihu says I have made mum upset. Meera says go and say sorry to Mr. Khadoos, he maybe a good person.

Pihu says he is really rude. Maitri says its okay, say sorry from your heart. Meera prays that Ram and Pihu unite again. Pihu thinks to say sorry to Ram. Ram brings Priya home. He gets upset and goes. She thinks its good if he stays angry, it will be easy for me to leave, I can’t see him going to the jail, I have to help him. Servant gets Devi photo.

Priya enters with the Devi. Adi says Devi has come, now everything will get fine. Priya imagines Ram and Pihu’s fun time together and smiles. Pihu says we will play a game. Neeraj asks her to watch tv, Maitri will rest. Pihu plays the news, Ram Kapoor is hosting the Jagrata in his house. Maitri switches off the tv.

Pihu says Mr. Khadoos is Ram Kapoor, his house is so big, let me see. Maitri says leave it, spend some time with me, we shall watch medicines. Neeraj comes and gets angry on Pihu. Maitri asks him to relax. He calls Pihu a headache and goes. Maitri says don’t feel bad of his words, he is worried for the baby.

Pihu says its fine, I will share my stress pills with him. Maitri asks what will you give me if you lose. Pihu says I never lose. She talks of Ram. Nandini says thanks for coming, Priya. She acts unwell. Ram asks her to sit. Nandini says I feel restless. Priya says I will get water. Ram says not you.

He asks Tarun to get water. He gives medicines to Nandini. She asks him to go and see the guests. He says we can cancel this puja. She says no, you go. Ram goes. She says I get panic attacks, after Shiva left, just because of you, you snatched my daughter. Priya says I got punished for that.

Nandini says two years of jail, you call it punishment, how is this fair, I will be away from Shivi forever, I have done all this to save my son, if you think, you will come back in this house….

Priya says I didn’t tell anything to my daughter, I just came to help him, I didn’t think of anything else, don’t worry, your health will get affected. She asks Sandy where shall I change. Nandini says guest room, we keep the guests there. Pihu thinks it was a dream, it won’t come true.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kanika asks why isn’t sindoor there in Priya’s maang. Ishaan tells about the sindoor rasam. Priya says its okay, you fill my maang, its just a drama. Ram says you are right, its just a drama. He fills her hairline. Pihu looks on shocked.

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Telecast Date:7th July 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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