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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 5th November 2021 Episode starts with Shivi saying Ram decides everything, please get me married to Akki. Ram says I know Akki is a nice girl but… Brinda says tell everything to Priya. Ram asks what shall I say that Raj tried to kill me. Brinda says she will be glad seeing you trust her, she also has feelings, we have to value her feelings, just try to tell her, we will do something about it,

at least tell her. Shivi says I want Akki any how, else I will do anything, I can’t live without Akki. Priya hugs her. They cry. Priya thinks Ram and his family won’t agree, how shall I unite Akki and Shivi. Ram comes home. He asks what happened. Nandini says Shivi isn’t at home. Shivi comes home. They get worried seeing her hurt. Nandini asks where were you. Shivi says I was with Priya. Ram says you got hurt.

Priya talks to Akki. She asks him to come back. He says I can’t pay 50 lakhs to the producer. She says you can come if anyone in the family gets a medical emergency, it will happen now. Servant gets paneer for her. She asks him to just do what she said, he will get married to Shivi tomorrow. Shivi argues with Ram.

Priya says Shivi fell down, her ankle twisted and she got hurt. Shivi says yes, sorry, I will take some rest now. Ram asks are you fine. She goes. Priya says she is okay. Shubham says but she said she was with Sid. Priya says she fell on the road, she called you first and then called me. Ram asks how. Nandini says its okay, Priya is family now. Nandini asks Ram to understand Shivi. She asks Shubham to keep an eye on Shivi. He asks why. She says something isn’t right. Shivi says sorry, I was scared in front of Ram.

Priya calls Maitri and Sara. She tells the plan. She says Akki will come for an medical emergency, it will be a fake one. Maitri says I will call the registrar, Neeraj is out of Mumbai, he won’t come. Sara says I will pick Akki from the airport and get him to the temple. Shivi says yes, I will be marrying tomorrow. Maitri says its Karwachauth day after tomorrow. Shivi says we will keep it together. Sara asks what will you do. Priya says paneer. Maitri says you have a serious allergy.

Priya says it will be fake. She thinks it should be real, else doctor will understand. Ram says I should tell the truth to Priya. Priya comes. He lies to sleep. He thinks I have to talk to her. She thinks to find anti-allergy pill. Ram asks what do you want. She says medicine for cold. He asks her to have kada, Meera gave it to him. She asks when. He asks can’t I meet her. She says stop meeting her behind my back. They argue. Brinda messages and asks Ram did he talk to Priya. He replies no.

Priya thinks to wake up at 4am and take the anti-allergy pill. He thinks to keep alarm and have his meeting at 4am with US client. Priya wakes up. She thinks its good I woke up before the alarm rang, Ram is sleeping. She goes to get the anti-allergy pill. She checks and finds the bottle. His alarm rings. He wakes up and says sorry, you woke up by the alarm. She says I have to go for a walk, I m hungry also, bye. She goes. He says I will finish the meeting and then talk to her.

Priya calls Sara. Sara says I m awake, I will go to the airport to pick Akki, are you sure. Priya says love is the most unsure thing, what shall I do, Ram made the annulment papers ready, its tough to handle Shivi. Sara says right. Servant comes and says Ram wants paneer parathas. Priya says I will make it and call you, you can go. He goes.

Ram and Adi have a video chat. Adi asks did you talk to Priya. Ram says not yet, I will talk to her after this meeting. He asks servant to get the paneer parathas. Adi says clients ate coming. Priya makes the parathas. She gives it to the servant. She also takes a paneer paratha. She says eat it Priya, then you have to take the medicine also. Ram finishes the meeting. Adi says I find this deal wrong. Ram says deal is with Shashi. Adi says Shashi invested in a wrong project, he maybe in loss.

Ram says find out, nobody should know. Ram asks servant to get more parathas. He says I m going to talk to Priya. Adi says go and win. Ram ends the video call. Shubham comes to the kitchen and asks parathas at 5am. Priya says I was hungry. He says you also became like Ram. He takes the bottle. The pill falls inside the milk. Priya says oh God, no, the pill will get dissolved, what shall I do now. Servant says just 5mins, Priya has eaten the parathas. Ram says Priya had it at this time, I have to tell Priya about Raj. He recalls Priya saying about her allergy to paneer. He runs to Priya.

Sara messages Priya… I have come to the airport to pick Akki, we will come by 8am. Priya thinks I have to tell Shivi, I won’t be able to breath. She recalls Sarika and Shivi’s words. Priya says I have to do something, else I can’t reach the temple, who will save me. Ram comes and shouts Priya. He runs to her. She falls in his arms. She faints.

He shouts to call the servant Tarun. He asks him to call the doctor. Everyone comes and asks what happened. Ram asks doctor to come fast. He says Priya had paneer, she has severe allergy. Shivi thinks Priya told me to leave the house. Nandini asks Shivi to help her. Doctor comes and checks Priya. Ram says Priya woke up by my alarm, don’t know how she had the paneer parathas. Doctor says her allergy is more serious than yours, I think she had a lot of paneer. Ram thinks why did she eat it when she knows about her allergy.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Priya asks why can’t Akki and Shivi get married. Ram says I want to tell you the truth. They come to the temple. Ram says you broke my faith. He takes Shivi with him.

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Telecast Date:5th November 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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