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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 3rd January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 3rd January 2022 Episode starts with Sid and Shubham getting angry on Priya. Vedika provokes them more against Vedika. Mahender says Ram didn’t drink that juice. Shashi says don’t panic, you know the reason, Ram is affected by the virus, he won’t meet Vedika for two days.

Vedika calls Sara and says Priya went to Ram’s office, she went in a rush, she couldn’t say that Ram is quarantined, we got so tensed, I will update you about Ram, don’t worry. She ends the call. She asks Sid and Shubham to play the audio message in the meeting, it has audio message when she told Ram that she is going to marry Shashi.

She plays the audio. Sid says you are acting that Shashi beats you. Vedika says you have to help me, I m doing this for everyone’s betterment, we have to make Priya out of our way.

Shubham says Vedika is right, you know Ram, sorry Sid, keep the family and ego aside, take her help, its imp for us. Sid takes the pendrive. Shubham thanks her. Vedika says the universe is trying to unite me with you, wow. Priya is with Adi at office. She asks what presentation will I give, it will be a big loss.

Adi says client will be coming. She says we will make a proper presentation by buying some time. Sandy comes and gives the pendrive. He says Sid and Shubham made some presentation. Kunal takes it. The client Mr. Merchant comes. He says I m already running late. Vedika says the audio will play, Priya will think why didn’t Ram tell her, she will forget the business deal and also 5 % share.

Shubham says right. Adi says we will see the presentation and then discuss. Kunal connects the pendrive. Priya asks Mr. Merchant does he have a dinner ritual. He says yes. She says teach this to Ram also, he works late, he always comes late, we dine around 12 am. He says he changed a lot, he used to dine around 3am before. Adi says yes, he goes home early saying Priya will scold him.

Kunal says no, he just wants to dine with Priya. Priya says sorry, I think you should go home, we are sorry to call you this way, we will have a meeting later, sorry to waste your time. Mr. Merchant says thanks, my wife will be glad, Ram is sick, it was a pleasure meeting you. He goes. Priya says lets go.

Adi says you were nervous inside. Kunal says so Ram is scared of you. She says we will go home for dinner. She says yes, tell me what Ram thinks about me. She goes to get her bag. Kunal says Ram is right, she is dangerous. Adi gets Ram’s call. Ram asks why is Priya in the meeting. Kunal says she called the client for meeting, she saved us from Mr. Merchant, Sid and Shubham went for a party, Mr. Merchant got impressed by her. Ram says yes, he messaged to praise her.

Kunal says you said she is mean. Ram says no, she isn’t mean. Adi says too sweet. Ram asks how was the presentation. The audio message plays. Ram asks did she take time also, where is she. Adi says she went to conference room to take the bag. Kunal says she is taking us for having biryani. Adi and Sara hear the audio message. They get shocked hearing Ram’s love confession for Vedika.

Adi says stop it. Sara asks what is this. Adi says don’t tell anything to Priya. She says I want to meet Priya. Priya comes. Sara hugs her. She cries. Priya asks is everything fine. Sara says yes, I got tensed hearing about Ram. Sandy says don’t think much. Priya says he is fine, I just spoke to him. Kunal says yes, he is fine, I told him that Priya is taking us to have biryani. Priya says come home with me.

Sara says no, go home. Adi says we will come tomorrow to have biryani. Sara asks Adi to drop her at the bakery. Priya asks Sara to take care. Nandini shouts Shubham. He comes and says I had gone in a party. She says Ram is in quarantine, you had a meeting, right. He says relax, I didn’t know Priya will have the meeting with the client.

She scolds him. He asks what could I do. She says Ram loves us a lot, we are much imp for him, if Priya knows your real intentions, then she will make us away from Ram, Ram thinks she is perfect, how could you allow this, Priya will realize you don’t care for Ram. He says chill out, its not a big thing.

She asks how will you manage this. He says Vedika gave an audio clip, Priya would have heard it by now. She says it will be Vedika’s benefit, not ours, you became a fool. They argue. He says okay, sorry. She says find out if Priya heard that audio file. He says okay. Priya sees the flowers and clicks a pic. She messages Ram. Sh says I hope Ram is fine.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sara says Vedika and Shubham will try to tell this to Priya. Priya says Vedika, Ram is fine. Vedika cries and says I m worried for Ram. Shubham argues with Priya.

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Telecast Date:3rd January 2022
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