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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 24th May 2022 Episode starts with Meera crying and saying I made a mistake by trusting Varun, I should have thought why would he marry Sara, who was an unmarried mum, I ruined Ram, he gave me his mum’s place. Ram is with Krish. They see Varun meeting Shashi’s driver.

The man gives him the money. He says Shashi asked you to leave the country and burn those papers, you can never reach Shashi. He leaves. Ram holds Varun’s collar. Varun says I will tell the police that you are lying. Krish asks Ram to let Varun go. Ram says I lost my dad, Krish call the cops, I order you, do as I say,

Varun admitted that he has stolen the papers. Varun asks when did I say that. Krish says he will say this and get out of the police station, let him go. Ram says I m going to call the cops, he will go to jail. Ishaan comes and asks why cops, dad has called me here for shopping, what is he saying. Ram thinks Varun is using a kid to save himself.

Ram says nothing. Krish says Ram cracked a joke, that’s it. Krish asks Varun to stay in touch, go and enjoy shopping. Ram says I should have known this yesterday, you didn’t tell me anything, why, you are planning with Priya, you knew about her kidnapping, Varun left from my hands.

Krish says he is Priya’s family member, we have no proof against him, I can see that you have a misunderstanding about Priya and me, I just like her as a friend, nothing else. Ram says I m just thinking about Varun, you are clearly thinking about Priya. Nandini says the will papers should change before Ram signs it.

Lawyer says I understand, I will change the will. She says lawyer agreed, Adi should get the papers to me. Shubham says Priya will come, how will we get the papers. She says we want some papers. Shivi comes and asks what papers are these, Priya was also talking about dad’s death. Nandini asks what. Shivi tells everything. Nandini asks what, you have come on right time, go to your room and sleep.

Shivi goes. Nandini smiles and says I got a distraction, we will steal the will now. Mami agrees. Nandini says Priya and my name will be in joint custody, I don’t think Ram knows about Varun, but today there will be a big battle in this house, Dharm yudh, Ram is finding the truth to get justice for his dad, Priya is hiding the truth when she knows it, she is saving her family, Ram trusts a lot, but doesn’t tolerate cheat, Ram and Priya’s relation will get shaken up or break down.

Ram thinks why did Priya hide this. He recalls Priya’s words. He thinks Priya wanted to tell me, I stopped her, but she is missing since morning, why is she doing this. He gets angry. Krish calls him and says I m talking as a friend, I m Priya’s friend, Priya was going to tell you, you would have some reason to not tell you, hope you understand. He thinks Priya loves Ram a lot, I don’t know what will happen.

Nandini sees Ram and asks why do you look upset. Ram says don’t take stress, I will fix everything. Priya comes. She thinks Krish didn’t answer what is happening there, did Shashi come there or not, I will tell Ram about Varun after the puja. Nandini messages Shubham and asks him to come soon. Mami goes to Ram’s room and looks for the will. Ram asks Priya to come, he needs to talk.

Shubham comes and asks where are you going. Nandini says lets do puja first. Shubham says yes, but we have to decide who is a part of our family. He says I have a right to question Priya. Priya asks what question. He says you have hidden the fact that Varun is with Shashi. Shivi says don’t tell me that you shared it with Meera, and didn’t tell Ram. Nandini says it can’t happen.

She asks Priya about it. She says you always say that both the families are same, why did you hide it. Ram says I think Priya… Priya says let me answer, I got to know this at night, I called Ram, he didn’t answer my call, it was urgent, so I called Krish, then I called Ram again, his phone was off, I messaged Adi, I was going to tell Ram but mom… Mama ji says its all a story.

Priya says I m not making an excuse. Ram says because Varun is Sara’s husband and Ishaan’s dad. They all question Priya. Priya says trust me, I didn’t need to hide anything. Ram says you should have told me, I was passing by and saw Krish, he told me about your planning. He says Priya and Krish made a plan to catch Shashi, but Shashi didn’t come, Varun took Ishaan’s help and ran away, Varun was the last way to get the murderer, Priya should have told it. Ram blames Priya.

Shubham says maybe Priya wanted to save her family. Priya says its not true. Nandini says I want to know the truth, what’s the truth. Priya says you are misunderstanding me, I came to tell Ram about Varun, but he wasn’t ready to hear me out, yes, I protect my family, but not the person who is against this family, why would I do this.

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Meera says Ram, I will take Priya with me. Ram argues with Meera. He says I will get justice my way. Priya cries and talks to Ram. Ram says I love you. He asks her to get Meera arrested. She gets shocked.

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Telecast Date:24th May 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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