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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 23rd September 2021 Episode starts with Vedika saying I don’t want to become part of it. Shashi says you are my wife. She gets Nandini’s call. She asks Shashi to talk to her. He takes the call. Nandini asks do you know where is Ram. Shashi says he had to go to Delhi. She asks why. He says he went for Shubham and Sid’s business venture. She says its his sangeet ceremony.

He says I told you, he didn’t listen, he went for Shubham’s sake. She says thanks, I will call him. She says Ram went to Delhi for Shubham’s business venture, we have to cancel the sangeet. Mama says its his sangeet also. Shivi says he said he is marrying for my sake, he won’t care if we keep sangeet without him. Nandini asks what will I tell Priya’s family. Mama says we will say that Ram went for urgent work. Shivi asks who will tell, Akki will get angry on me. She asks Shubham to tell this to Akki’s family.

He says no way, I will ask Adi and Vikrant to tell them. Nandini asks Shivi to call Brinda. Shashi says they broke the marriage. Vedika says Ram had to go to Delhi for your business, Shivi and Sid don’t love each other. He says love doesn’t matter, I have to secure Sid and my future, money matters, this deal was pre-decided, we have one day to stop this marriage, explain Priya’s mum that Ram loves someone else and will always do, she won’t get Priya married to Ram.

Brinda gets angry on Adi. She asks how can they keep sangeet without Ram. Adi stops her. She says I feel angry, calm down. She asks how dare Shubham say that. She says Ram thinks for everyone, why doesn’t anyone think about him. Kunal and Vikrant come. They ask did anyone tell Priya’s family.

They say we didn’t know that Ram will go for the deal today, how can they keep sangeet without Ram, Ram is getting business for Shubham, how will Ram feel that they are doing sangeet without him. Brinda says this won’t happen, ask Ram to finish the meeting and come soon, you both will be going to Priya’s house.

Sara gets milkshakes. She says its Priya’s sangeet. Sandy jokes. Priya says its Akki and Shivi’s sangeet. Sandy says its yours also, cheers. Kunal and Vikrant come home. Kunal gives office papers to Sandy and send the mail by tonight. They ask how, its sangeet today. Kunal says its urgent. Sandy says I will do. Vikrant says work happens this way. Priya says its not work, but slavery. Kunal says Ram isn’t here.

Vikrant says he went to Delhi for imp work. Sandy says I will do it. Akki calls Shivi. He says you should have told me, sangeet cancelled, right. She says we will have it. He says no, we will have sangeet together. He asks how will sangeet happen without Ram. Priya stops it. Kunal and Vikrant leave.

Priya says don’t refuse now. Akki says no, this won’t happen. Kunal and Vikrant hear them. Sara asks why didn’t his family cancel the sangeet. Priya says its a marriage of compromise, it doesn’t matter. Akki says sangeet cancel. Vedika calls Meera and says I have to talk to you and tell you about Ram and Priya, can you meet me in Ram’s office. She asks Shashi not to come after her. Priya comes to meet Vedika.

She asks did you call Meera here. Priya asks what’s the matter. Vedika thinks how did Priya come here. Priya says you spoke to me on call. Shivi leaves an audio message for Ram. She asks how did you go, Shubham can wait, I can’t wait, you have to make Priya smile, come fast for the sangeet. Vedika says I wanted to tell your mom that Ram loves someone else, I m his close friend. Priya says I know this. Vedika asks how.

Priya says Ram told me, you want to know why I m still marrying him, you would be knowing, you think I m a gold digger. Vedika asks why are you marrying Ram. Priya says I m not marrying for love or anyone else, I left keeping hope from relations. Vedika thinks you will marry Ram anyway. Priya says we should not talk behind Ram. Vedika says I can call Ram and tell him that I told this to you. Priya gets Ram’s call. Ram says sorry, I had to leave for Delhi, I m coming back, did sangeet get cancel. She says no, we will come in the evening. Priya says we will meet in sangeet in evening. Vedika says I know you are right for Ram. Priya says don’t tell this to my mum. Vedika says sure, don’t tell anything to Ram. Priya goes. Vedika calls Shashi.

Akki and Sandy argue. Mama ji gets gajras. Meera says Sara, ask Priya to wear this necklace. She asks Akki to tell Priya. Priya comes and asks what’s happening here. Brinda comes and says I m Ram’s friend, shall I come in. She says I got a lahenga, I will have ginger tea. Meera says why not. She goes to make tea.

Brinda says I know you and Ram like to do things for others, I got courage to get this for you. Meera says that necklace will look good on this lahenga. Brinda asks will you wear this for sangeet, we want you to wear this, we had lost hopes that someone will come in Ram’s life, we wanted someone to be with him, you came in his life, will you wear it. They say yes. Priya says I want to marry to get away from them, thanks. Brinda says no need to thank, we will meet at the sangeet. She goes. Sara says its a lovely lahenga, don’t forget us after going there.

Priya gets a call. She says yes, I got the cheque, shall I come tomorrow to pay the EMI. The man asks her to come today. Sandy asks her to wear the lahenga and go. Ram takes tablets. Shivi says Akki didn’t reply to my messages. Brinda says I solved your family. Mami says they have come in a taxi. Shivi says its not good to joke on others. Priya’s family comes. Nandini welcomes them. Mami asks where is Priya. Adi asks is Priya coming in the sangeet. Ram sees the time.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 24th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Everyone dances around Ram. Mami records Priya and Neeraj’s conversation. Ram hears Neeraj asking Meera why is she getting Priya married forcibly.

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Telecast Date:23rd September 2021
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