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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 22nd June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 22nd June 2022 Episode starts with Ram talking to Adi on call. He says I m going to the farmhouse today, I don’t remember her name, you guys come for the meeting, I got to go. Adi says done.

Ram goes to sleep. He thinks of Priya. He plays a song. He sleeps. Pihu likes the cupcake. She says I forgot to take medicines. Priya says its fine, take it now. She gives her the candy. Sara smiles.

She asks Pihu to come and see how cupcakes are baked. Ram comes there and smiles. She gives him the cupcake. Priya ties her hair. Ram asks her to keep it open, she looks good. Priya imagines him and says Mr. Kapoor.

Ram gets up and says I felt she took my name, she left from my life but comes in my dream. Priya comes to the office and says its good no one knows me here, Ram isn’t here. She thinks of Ram. Adi, Sandy and Vikrant come home for the meeting. Shubham comes and says you handle everything well, Ram is already impressed.

Vedika says we have to impress the minister. Vikrant jokes on her. Sandy says I m cracking some ideas, we can interview the people close to Ram. Ram comes. He asks about the loans. Vikrant says we are ready for this deal. Sandy says minister checks the reputation and personal life. Ram asks why.

Vikrant says you have to… Shubham says put a break to your affairs, we have to show that you are a family oriented person, you balance family and work well, we can keep interviews, and also show how much we love each other, I have a lot to praise you. Ram asks is this your suggestion.

Shubham says yes. Ram says I like it. Sandy looks on. He asks Adi to fix the meeting. Priya thinks I didn’t wish to come to Mumbai. Ram says minister is on his way, we have to go to office. He asks Adi to call everyone to the office. Priya gets a call that she forgot her id card. She goes back to the lift.

Ram comes. She thinks I m seeing him. He gets in. He says really sorry, you are really here. The lift doesn’t function well. Sandy is at the office. Shubham says I didn’t forget the sorrow of my sister’s loss. Sandy says sorry. He says me too, we both are connected. She says no, you have lost someone who can never come back,

I can’t guess that pain, I get it, why you used my ideas, I m not upset. He thanks her and goes. She says wait. She gives him the file. She says this will help you, its ideas for the interview, I have shortlisted the PR companies,

you can share it with Ram. He says no, I have already stolen your ideas. She says its okay, you can take this, have a good day. She goes. He says thanks for sending emotional fools on the earth.

Ram sees Priya and thinks she is fixing like she knows everything. She says I don’t know this, will you help me, then we can go out. They argue. She says there is no network. He says to call Krish. Nandini says Vedika, you should go with Ram and be the face of the project. Vedika asks will Ram agree.

Nandini says yes, I will explain Ram, be with Ram, you and your name should link to Ram. Vedika smiles. Ram calls Adi. He says I m stuck in the lift. Adi can’t hear him. Ram says he isn’t listening. Priya says put the phone on speaker and try to get network. She thinks he is stubborn like Pihu. Ram asks Adi to get him out.

Adi says I m coming. Priya smiles. Ram asks do you find it funny. She jokes. He says your humour got better. She says I accepted what I got. He says you chose Krish, don’t say my name, it hurts me. She says fine, calm down.

She says we will send voice note to Adi. Ram says he is my friend, I will send him. Vedika comes and asks where is Ram. Adi comes there and drinks water. He says one lift is shut, another lift is stuck. Vedika asks Tarun to keep glasses. She asks Sandy to find out, where is the minister, where is Ram, it will happen what I said,

Nandini said Ram and me will be the face of the project. Ram sends the voice note. He asks Adi to answer. Priya says its an voice note, he can’t answer. Adi says Ram is stuck in the lift. He rushes. Vedika hears the voice note and says its Priya’s voice, right. Sandy goes. Ram sees Priya.


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Telecast Date:22nd June 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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