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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 21st September 2021  Episode starts with Shashi getting angry. He says I lost this deal because of Ram, it was imp for me, don’t know if Mahender can stop this marriage or not. He gets Mahender’s call. Mahender says I did as you told, Ram sent a contract to Priya. Shashi says I have done this. Mahender says find a nice guy for my daughter. Shashi says don’t worry, I will get her settled. Akki says I will talk to Shivi. Priya says no, it won’t be her idea. Meera says its because of Neeraj’s matter. Sara says this happened because of Mahender. Meera says he came to help.

Priya says I m ready to apologize, we didn’t tell them, but this is wrong, are we thieves, do we find rich people to trap them, we have self respect, I won’t let them snatch it. Meera asks her to compromise. Priya says its not a compromise, I will talk to Ram. She calls Ram and says I want to meet you. He asks now. She says yes. He calls Shubham and thinks what did he do.

Mahender says Priya’s ego is big, this marriage won’t happen. Meera switches on the lights. He turns and sees Meera. She says you here. He says you know Raj lost the job because of Priya, I asked the bank officer call Ram to ask for loan repayment, this marriage isn’t a good match. Meera asks him to leave and don’t see their house again. He says stop giving yourself false hopes, you know this marriage can’t happen, they lost the faith, so they have sent the contract, Ram will ask his sister to break relation with Akki.

Meera says we won’t need you, once she gets married to Ram, she won’t need anyone. He taunts her. She scolds him. He says this marriage won’t happen. She says it will happen, Priya has her dad’s curse and mum’s blessings, Priya will marry Ram, not because he is a rich man, but because he is a good person, Priya has my blessings, this marriage will happen, leave from here. He leaves.

Ram thinks this is wrong. Shivi comes and says its wrong, you have sent contract for Priya. He says if this wasn’t necessary, then why would Shubham say that, I m ready for marriage. Shivi says Priya will get angry then Akki will get angry, what about me. Nandini asks her to go and try the sangeet lahenga.

Shivi says you know how this will impact me. Nandini says we are doing this for you, that family is strange, we get to know something strange every day, what about Ram, if Priya gives divorce to Ram, don’t get blind in love. Shivi says you are thinking of protecting Shubham. Ram asks Shiva to calm down, say sorry to mom. Shivi says I m sorry. Priya is on the way. She recalls everything. Nandini asks Shivi to go and try the lahenga. Ram says don’t worry, I m here. Shivi goes.

Nandini asks where am I wrong, we have to do this, I m scared thinking of the changes post this marriage. Ram says nothing will change, I will always be your son, Shivi will get married and leave this house, I want her to stay happy. She says then make Priya sign the contract papers. He says she called me to meet, I will sort out, don’t worry. She leaves. She thinks Shivi what did you see in that guy, if Shivi doesn’t want to marry Akki, then these two marriages won’t happen.

Ram gets Vedika’s message. He thinks I didn’t meet her before her leaving. Ram cries. Priya cries and says I m all alone. She recalls…. Meera asking her to sign the contract. Priya says you know what they mean to say, that we are after their money. Meera says they don’t think wrong, because Mahender forced them to think so, he asked bank guy to call Ram and ask for loan payment. Priya asks where is he, did he do this for breaking the marriage.

Meera says yes, sign the contract, don’t let the marriage break, Ram said its not Priya’s mistake, he stood by you, you have to do this now, relations are made like this, he is supporting you, you also support him, sign the contract, promise me that you will marry, tell me. Meera cries and says this is good for you. FB ends. Priya is travelling in the auto. Driver says how shall I drive in this rain.

Priya thinks I recall the cheat seeing this rain. Brinda says Ram you won’t go and meet Vedika. Adi falls down the bed. Ram says I have a right to bid her bye. Brinda asks Adi to stop Ram from meeting Vedika. Adi asks who can stop him. Ram sees Priya and says Priya…. they ask Priya. Ram says I will call you later. Priya comes inside. Ram says you here, you got drenched, you need a medicine. She says no need, your brother has given this contract. He says I know you are angry. She says its okay, you want me to sign it. He says stop, I don’t want you to come ahead, water will fall on the carpet, wait, I will get the pen.

He says I have OCD about carpet, I don’t like wet carpets. Priya signs the contract. Ram thinks of Shubham’s words. He looks at Priya. Bade acchhe….plays…. Ram says I can tell you about… She says I didn’t hide anything, its the truth, its my past, I left it behind, about the bank loan, I didn’t hide, its my work, I thought I don’t need to tell you. He says I understand. She says I didn’t ask the bank officer to call you, its my work. Ram recalls Meera’s words. Servants gets medicines for Ram.

He asks which one shall I give. Ram says you would think all these are mine. She asks are all these yours. Ram says you will ask me to open a pharmacy. She says no, you will be in loss. He asks her to have a tablet, she won’t get viral. She says I m doing this marriage for my family’s sake, I will keep it, if our relation breaks, then I promise you, I won’t take your money with me, I like my principles. She leaves.

Ram gets Brinda’s call. He says I m at home, Priya signed the contract and gave it. Adi gets happy. Brinda asks what’s in your eyes. Ram says nothing, I m going to sleep. Adi says he forgot Vedika. Brinda says I started liking Priya.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Akki talks to Shivi. He says I want Priya to stay happy. Priya takes the phone. Ram takes Shivi’s phone. Ram tries to help Priya.

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Telecast Date:21st September 2021
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