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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 19th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 19th October 2021 Episode starts with Ram burning the marriage contract. Bade acche…plays… He says I know if this marriage breaks for some reason, then you won’t take anything that’s not yours, I know you will never cheat me, you can choose the side of the bed, I will sleep on the other side.

Mami asks Mama to give him a drink. Shubham gets angry. Nandini says we will handle everything, calm down. Mama says we have to make our plan work. A man gets medicines for Ram. He says Ram’s allergy is gone now. Nandini asks what allergy. The man says he had a prawns allergy, doctor had to give him an injection yesterday. Nandini says we don’t know this, but Priya knows it. Ram says I took a bath in 5 mins.

Priya says show me the automatic geyser. Ram says everyone has automated geysers here. She says I will also have it in my room. He says no problem. Nandini comes and asks can I come in. Ram says its your house. Nandini asks are you comfortable, Priya. Priya says yes, I m fine. Nandini asks what will you call me. Priya says whatever you say.

Ram says she will call you Maa. Priya asks can I call you mom. Nandini says yes, no stress. Ram says I will call Tarun, he will show the automated geyser. Nandini says Tarun switches off the geyser for you. Priya jokes. Ram asks her to go. She goes. Ram says you told it in front of her, she is ahead of me, you should have kept this a secret.

Nandini says you are keeping secrets, you had an allergy because of prawns, you didn’t tell me. He says I look fine now, I didn’t see the prawn in the food, I don’t want Priya to know it, I didn’t want you to worry. She says I will worry more if you don’t say, did you had prawns in the marriage. Ram says no, prawns were not there in the marriage menu, I had taken chinese at the stall, he said its paneer. He recalls.

Meera thinks of Priya. Nandini calls her and says Ram had an allergy to prawns, was there prawns in the food menu. Meera says no, he already told me, we had veg food. She asks did you see him eating the food at the stall. Meera recalls. She says I just remember, when I went outside the hall. She tells everything. She says sorry. Nandini says its okay, I will call you later. She thinks did anyone do this intentionally.

Meera says don’t know Priya knows this or not. Ram says I want those medicines, give me that tray. Priya passes it. Ram takes medicines. He says sweet dreams, I was thinking what to talk. She keeps pillows in between. He asks why are you doing this, I m not that type, I get a backache, I won’t sleep on the couch. She asks him to have water and keep some peace. She keeps pillows down. He says you can keep something in between.

She says I trust you. He asks if I don’t trust you. She asks are you a kid. He says I don’t know how to break the ice. She says you can ask me my hobbies, I like to sleep on time and wake up on time, you stay healthy this way and don’t need such medicines. He asks why are you after my medicines. She says you are after it, like your ex GF broke your heart and run away. Ram gets sad. She says sorry.

He says thankfully, medicines didn’t leave me. She says please forget it. He says I can’t forget it, I like to remember, I m sorry. She says we will keep saying sorry, you don’t need to say sorry. He thanks her. He says you know my hobby, cashew sweets. She says I know your bad jokes now, I m feeling bad for myself, good night.

They lie to sleep. She says this light. He says I will switch it off. He looks at her. Its morning, Nandini meets Vedika. Vedika says you really think we have tried to harm Ram, we didn’t come in the marriage to avoid the drama. Nandini asks why did Sid come in sangeet to create a drama. She tells everything. She says I just want to know, who fed the prawns to Ram, why shall I trust you.

Vedika says I will prove it, no one in my family knows that Ram has an allergy, I will find out who did this. Nandini says fine. Vedika says I can never think of hurting Ram. Nandini says whoever did this, get him in front of me. Priya scolds Raj. She says you want to break Akki and Shivina’s marriage. Raj says I told sorry already. She says you don’t try to trouble my brother. Meera and Rakhi come. Meera says stop Priya.

Rakhi says Priya has come here and threatening my son. Meera asks why did you come here, does Ram know about you. Ram asks where is Priya. Servant says she went for morning walk. Ram asks shall I eat it or wait, I will ask Adi the rules. He messages Adi to ask him. Adi replies … I make the breakfast for Brinda and me. Ram says I will wait. Rakhi and Priya argue. Meera asks Priya to come with her.

Priya says you should have tried to stop my marriage also, don’t try to trouble us again. Meera thinks of the vendor’s words. Priya asks what happened, I can handle them. Meera says its your first rasoi today. Priya says I won’t leave them if they do this again. Meera says go home and make something for Ram, thank him by doing something special, what does he like the most. Priya says food. Meera says then cook something, did Ram eat anything from the chinese stall. Priya says yes, he was eating the noodles. Meera says then make the noodles. Meera thinks this doesn’t look right.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ram says there is a surprise for you, upma with ghee. Priya smiles. Vedika says I have to prove Sid innocent, but who did this with Ram. Sid is with Shivi. He asks Raj to take the pic. Nandini thinks Neeraj can help me. Ram and Priya argue. Priya says I m going for my classes. Ram says we can go together.

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Telecast Date:19th October 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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