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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 19th May 2022 Episode starts with Nandini asking will Shubham agree. Ram says Shashi can fool Shubham, how will Shubham handle a big business, our competitors are waiting to strike, if anything happens to me, then you will be shattered, you love me a lot, I can understand your fear,

so just one person can help us, that’s Priya, she stands in front for the family as a shield, she is strong and focussed. He gets the draft. He says I thought as practical Ram and then understood that practicality is more imp than emotions, Priya will take my place, she will be the custodian of everything. He tears the drafts.

He says I know you feel this is not right, Priya is the right person to take care of all this, you know Priya, she won’t take anything. Nandini thinks I can just agree with you now. Ram asks can you believe me. She says I trust you, you took the right decision. He says I m so relieved, thanks for understanding. He hugs her. She gets angry. He goes.

Priya gives the papers to Varun. He thanks her. She calls Krish and asks him to come fast, they have to take cupcakes for Ram. Krish asks is there anything serious. She says yes, a lot. Varun stops. She takes a knife in hand. Krish runs. Priya asks what happened. Varun asks why did you call Krish, I can drop you.

She says you went to get medicines for me and didn’t get it. He says yes, Ram was missing, how is he, he would be hurt, that manager told so much about his dad. She asks how do you know, you were not there, we decided we won’t tell anything. He says we are family, Sara told me when I came back.

She says no, we decided to not talk about it, you were not there. He asks what do you mean to say. She says you lied, you didn’t go to take medicines but to steal the agreement papers. She asks for who did you do this, Shashi or Mahender. He says I m your sister’s husband. She says cheater husband.

Krish comes and catches him, saying don’t you dare…. Priya says Varun has stolen the papers. Ishaan shows the tea bags experiment to Akki and Shivi. Sara asks Ishaan to come and sleep. Shivi’s bag catches fire. It burns. Shivi says Ram gifted it to me, it was a signature collection, Ishaan hates me. Akki says relax, Ishaan didn’t mean it. Ishaan says it happened because of Sara. Ishaan and Shivi get angry and argue.

Priya says Ram’s phone is off. She messages Adi. Krish and Priya interrogate Varun. Varun denies everything. She says you work for Shashi, right, tell me. Krish says you have no way to get saved. Varun says I did this for my Ishaan. Krish asks what. Varun says I love Ishaan a lot, Ishaan also loves me, since we came here, Ram changed,

he just talks of Ram, Ram has become his hero, and I have become a zero. She asks what’s the connection with these papers. Varun says Ram told me about Ishaan’s scholarship, I felt Ishaan will go away and forget me, I was scared, I met Shashi that time, he gave me money to do this task, I m not a perfect husband, Sara couldn’t become a perfect wife and perfect mum, I just did this for Ishaan. Krish scolds him.

Varun says I asked Mahender about it, he said its okay, its not a bad thing to do, I swear on Ishaan if you don’t trust me. She says wait, fine, don’t involve Ishaan, I trust you, you call Shashi and tell him that you are getting the papers to him and ask him to keep papers ready, can you do this. Krish says we just want Shashi.

Varun thinks she trapped me. He says I will do. She says fine, go home, you will get the papers when you fix the meeting with Shashi. Krish says wait, can I have your phone. Varun gives the phone. Krish syncs his phone and says we will keep an eye on you, if you lie then it will be the last lie of your life. Varun says I m not lying. Priya says Mahender should be not involved with Shashi, Varun has no reason to lie, he loves Ishaan, Ishaan is Sara’s son. Krish says it doesn’t matter now.

She says he won’t harm Ram and my family, Mahender can do this, I don’t understand. He says relax, Varun is involved, its hard to judge him, we got to know the half lie, we have to see the whole truth. She asks if Mahender has a connection with Shashi, then my marriage and relation with Ram will end, Ram should know this, else everything will end, I can’t lose him. Shashi and Mahender shout on Varun.

Shashi scolds Varun. Mahender says that number plate has my finger prints too, I had disappeared it. Mahender says disappear for some days, we have time till tomorrow. Shashi says yes. Mahender says they wont have any proof, Virender and Kumar got free, just Shashi has to get free from this case, find that number plate, everything depends on it.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shubham says you have hidden about Varun. Priya says I never support the wrong. Ram says you made a plan to catch Varun and Shashi but you disappeared. Priya says this is not the truth. Nandini asks what’s the truth.

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Telecast Date:19th May 2022
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