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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 17th September 2021 Episode starts with Priya getting a call from financial company. She says I don’t want a loan. She sees the things in the cupboard. Akki wakes up Sandy. He says Maitri has come. Sandy asks why. Priya asks where is Mahender. Akki signs her. Neeraj takes Mahender’s blessing. He says you were not there, how did you know this. Maitri says he is talking like he got best dad’s award, did he ask us ever. Sara says he is taking Priya’s side, where was he till now.

Mahender says I have come to stay and do dad’s duty for Priya. Sandy jokes. Mama comes. Sara asks will you have tea. Mama says yes, get tea for Mahender and Neeraj also. Mahender says I have to go and see hall for marriage. Priya says its not needed, we already booked it. Meera looks at her. Mahender asks Meera did hall get booked. Sandy says yes. Mama says we have to visit Kapoors today, they said we have to keep invitation cards in front of Lord first then we will distribute, will you come. Mahender says why not, I will come.

Maitri asks Priya to get ready. Neeraj says I forgot wallet at home. Sandy says don’t worry, we have money. He says I have driving license in it, I have to go home. Sara says fine, let Maitri stay here. Maitri says yes, I will help Priya. Priya says its okay, come there directly. Neeraj and Maitri leave. Priya says we can handle this without Mahender. Meera says Nandini is your Saas, talk to her, apologize, we have to handle such small issues. Priya says I was going to apologize to her, not because I had a past, everyone has a past, Neeraj did this drama, I will apologize to her, don’t take tension.

Sara says yes, say hi to happiness. Mami and Nandini go for walk. Mami says I will get the water bottle. Rakhi comes and says you are doing wrong, I m not a stranger, I m Mahender’s wife. Nandini looks at her. Rakhi says Mahender left Meera, did anyone not tell you, Mahender would not like to see his daughter. Nandini says I don’t care. Rakhi says think they are making you dance on their fingers, they are very clever, its their game, you heard about Neeraj, didn’t you find it off, Neeraj is very rich, they thought that they will get him married to Maitri, if not Priya. Nandini says don’t try to talk to me again. Mami comes. They go. Rakhi says I will see how Priya marries Raj.

Nandini asks Mama to explain Mami. Mama asks won’t you take action. Brinda says Ram is on the way, he is reaching. Nandini asks Mami to keep quiet. Priya, Akki and family come. Mama introduces Mahender. Mahender says everything happened so soon. Mami says we heard something else. Meera asks what. Mami says we heard you have left your wife and have no relation with your daughters. Priya says I want to tell them the truth. Mahender says I got remarried. Mami asks why. Mama says maybe he was troubled by his wife.

Priya says they got separated much time before, Mahender has a different family. Shubham says you also have a step family. Shivi says we are also Ram’s step family, we don’t use this word, we don’t like it. Nandini says its not about that, you should have told it. Meera says I didn’t hide it, I told you that I m a single mother like you, who am I to stop Mahender if he wants to do Priya’s kanyadaan, he is her dad.

Neeraj and Maitri come. Shubham says your ex-lover has come. Nandini says we have to answer the relations, Neeraj had a relation with one of your daughter and married another, you don’t care, amazing, its not past for us, your husband wasn’t there, he has come today, it was your responsibility to tell us, we have a right to know if we are making a relation with some family, how shall I let my son marry such a girl, Shivi is not pregnant, you can break the relation if you want, we have no problem with this relation, you think what you want to do. Priya says I never said about marriage, I had no hope,

I said yes on Akki’s saying, I didn’t hide anything, my past is in front of you, why are you talking about my mum’s past. Meera says they have a right to say, let them say. Ram comes and says you are right, we have a right to know, Priya your past is in front of you, your sister’s husband, we have a right to know the connection, we have a right to know your relation with your dad, if I m going to become a part of this family, I have to right to know why is this family scattered. Priya cries and leaves.

Mama says I want to tell you Nandini ji, Meera did everything on her own, its not easy to handle it. Mahender says she is not alone, I m there, I came to clear things, I stay separated, but I m Priya’s dad, ask me what do you want to ask. Nandini says Ram, you decide whatever you want, okay. Ram nods. Ram says I have kept everything open about me and my family, Akki kept the condition to marry Shivi, I respect that, you all have love in your family, so this marriage is happening, I love Shivi, Priya loves Akki, it will be right to keep eyes open, but its not Priya’s mistake.

Nandini asks what do you mean. Ram says if there is no love, then relation doesn’t matter. Brinda smiles. Ram says you have four daughters, they are like Laxmi, if any person left you, their qualities don’t get less, I know the pain when someone leaves you, someone left me also. Mama says he is right. Brinda says yes, he is right, its not Priya’s fault. Akki thanks Ram. Meera cries happily. Ram says cards are printed, prepare for puja, I feel hungry, someone feel me laddoo. He asks Meera shall I go after Priya and apologize to her. Meera says no, you already did a lot. Ram asks sure. She says sure. He thanks her. Pandit asks them to call Shivina and Akki.

Everyone dances on dhik tana… Ram says I fell in love after watching this move. He hugs Brinda. Shivi says its a very old song, we will do something new, we will leave this. Nandini signs Shubham. She says go and talk to Ram. He says Ram listens to you. She asks Mama to take his wife for shopping. She gives him money and says buy toys for your children. Mami says how can you say that, its wrong. Nandini gives paper to Shubham and says this is your responsibility. Shubham says of course. He says Ram, I have to talk to Ram about his marriage. Ram gets a call. He says okay, I will come. He says sorry, I have work, I have to go. He leaves. Brinda asks did you fix his meeting. Adi says no, he went for some work. Nandini thinks I will send this marriage contract for Priya by Ram, she will break the marriage.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 18th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ram asks Nandini about the contract. Shubham takes the contract for Priya. Priya argues with him. She says we are not thieves. He asks her to sign it and prove it.

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Telecast Date:17th September 2021
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