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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 17th May 2022 Episode starts with Priya crying. Ram says sorry, I didn’t meet Vedika, I was upset and told so. She asks is this funny, how. He says sorry, its not funny, they kidnapped you to threaten me, this isn’t funny. She says its not okay to get Vedika between us. She says I know I should have told you about it, but I couldn’t say. He asks why. She says every why doesn’t have an answer.

Priya argues with him. He says you didn’t tell me about the kidnapping, why did you keep me out of it and took all the risk alone, you are my wife now, not just my name, my everything is related to you, I promised you, I will always protect you, how dare you snatch my right from me. She says I m sorry. He says I don’t want your sorry, but your promise, promise me, you won’t hide anything from me,

don’t you want to share it with me. She says I won’t share, I can’t promise you, you know it, why are you asking me. He asks why do you do this always. She shouts because I love you. Ram looks at her. She repeats her words. She says if they kidnap me and hurt me, I will tolerate everything for your sake, I will even die for you. Ram hugs her. Suna hai kabhi….plays…

Ram says you will never say this again, you can say I love you, but don’t talk about death, I m scared that I will lose my present. She says this won’t happen, I will always stay close to you. They have a hug. He says you have my heart. He gets a message. He says Vikrant messaged and called me at office urgently, I told you, this will help you. He gives her a napkin. He asks her to keep his heart safely.

Adi says this is the draft, Ram said he will finalize it. Nandini asks why is he doing this. Adi says he is worried and wants to safeguard you all. She asks him to say the truth, is Ram’s life in danger. Adi says no, Shashi can’t do anything to Ram, I want that man to get caught, keep this draft. She asks him to take it, she can’t keep it. He says I knew it, you will say it, I will tear it. She says no, don’t,

Ram would have thought of it, I will keep it in Ram’s room, we will sort it out when Ram comes. She asks Tarun to keep the file safely in Ram’s room. Adi leaves. Nandini says I have to see if the will has it written as I want. Shashi throws the papers and asks Varun is he illiterate, the papers aren’t the same. Varun says how can this happen, maybe the papers got mixed in the bag.

Shashi says if they get the papers, then we will get arrested. Varun says this won’t happen. Sara calls Priya and says I had put some papers in your bag. Priya says yes. Sara says I will get it. Varun argues with Shashi. He says you just paid me for my work. Shashi says Mahender couldn’t do a kidnapping. Varun says I didn’t get captured in any cctv. Shashi says Krish is smart, he wants to reach you and then me, we have to do something.

Krish says I m doing my job. Vikrant says you are doubting us and doing your job. Krish says you are trying to deviate this topic. He asks Ram to listen to him. He says I didn’t get any clue against anyone else. Ram says they are my family. Krish says lets prove it, lie detectors. Ram says I won’t permit it. Krish says I m doing my job, let me do it. Nandini comes to Ram’s room to check the will draft.

Shivi comes to call her. She asks Nandini to come and talk to Akki. Nandini goes. Krish says I have a strong doubt, your close person has done this, think well, that guy was in your presidential suite. Adi asks what was he doing there. Krish says theft. Ram says there wasn’t any theft. Krish says something was stolen from your drawer, it was imp for him. Ram says maybe for Shashi also, why did our room light go,

maybe he wanted to switch off the lights of presidential suite, he has stolen something. Krish says yes, someone close to you have done this. Priya says Ram’s friends can never do this, Vikrant, Kunal and Adi are Ram’s family, not friends, don’t doubt them. Krish says fine, I will see what can happen. She apologizes to Kunal and Vikrant. Krish says I m sorry, I forgot you guys are imp for Ram.

Adi says he was doing his work, let it go. Vikrant and Kunal say its okay. Krish thanks Priya for saving him from crossing his line. Priya says Ram would have fired you. Ram looks at them. Akki and Shivi come home. She thinks something happened so Akki decided this. Sara says mum was excited for you. Ishaan greets them. He argues with Shivi. Ram and Priya come. Shivi jokes. Priya asks Ishaan to be a good person. Ram asks how did you come here suddenly.

Shivi says Akki asked me to come home. Priya asks Akki is everything fine. Akki says yes, I will meet Shubham at office, I was missing everyone at home. Ram asks did you tell mom. Shivi says mom surprised me, she asked me to go to Akki’s house. Ram says he stayed there for your happiness, you have to stay with Sood family and bond with them, you will forget Kapoor mansion. Shivi says you are right, its my turn to make his house mine.

Shubham asks how did you let Shivi go to Soods house. Nandini says I can do one work at a time, Soods don’t torture her, they love her, she will have to adjust there for a few days, we have to get this work done, before Priya interferes. She gets the will file. She checks it. He asks what happened. She says Ram is naming everything to me.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ram calls Adi and says I have to change the will and name everything to Priya. Priya gets the share transfer papers. Varun asks Priya about Ram. Priya confronts his lie. He shouts on her.

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Telecast Date:17th May 2022
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