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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 16th September 2022 Episode starts with Krish asking Vedika where was she going, I know why you came here, you have no emotions. She says go and ask Priya, where did her emotions go, you supported Priya, if you were right, then how is Ram wrong, he is doing what Priya did, you both are emotionless,

its Priya’s Karmas. He says you can’t distract me, you know what I can do if anything happens to Priya and Pihu. She says don’t get hyper, what did I do, I have no say in Pihu’s matter. He says it would be better that you save this in your mind. He goes. She thinks our plan is working. Ram comes to Pihu.

He says I don’t know how to tell Pihu. Priya says she is sleeping. She thinks I don’t know you are acting or Nandini brainwashed you, Ram shouldn’t know what I m going to do. He asks how will we tell her. She asks do you want me to wake her up. He says no, let it be, she is sleeping, we will tell her tomorrow.

He asks about her wound. He asks her to take care and goes. Pihu wakes up and asks did he get convinced that I was sleeping. Priya thinks sorry. Pihu asks will he find us. Priya says yes. Pihu asks if he doesn’t see us, then will we never meet him. Priya asks her to get ready. Ram thinks I have to wait till tomorrow. Shubham asks shall I call mom. Ram says no, Pihu is sleeping, where are you going.

Shubham says I m going to the airport to meet the client, can you come alone if you are free, I will learn something, anyways fine if you don’t want to come. Ram says well done, you are taking work seriously, I will come. Shubham says really, lets go. He thinks now my plan will work. Ram hugs him.

He says I will change and come. Priya and Pihu come downstairs. She calls Krish and says we will reach the airport in half an hour. Ram comes downstairs. He thinks why do I feel someone was there. Shubham comes. He says give me two mins, I m waiting for imp call. Priya sees Ram and asks Pihu to hide.

Nandini and Vedika say Shubham will call us now and give the good news. Shubham thinks Ram will see Priya taking Pihu and running away. Ram asks him to come. Shubham looks for Priya. Vedika calls him and says come home. Ram takes the call and says we are coming. He thinks why was Vedika sounding so worried.

Nandini thinks what is Vedika doing, how did Priya come back in her room, she was going to leave. Priya thinks I did right by not leaving, it would have been wrong to go without informing Ram, he always loves sincerely, Pihu is his daughter, I have to stay here and make everything fine.

She messages Krish that plan cancelled, she isn’t going anywhere. Pihu asks will your mood change now. Priya says no, you can meet Ram anytime, we came back, we can’t go without meeting Ram. Pihu says I love Ram. Priya recalls everything. She thinks I was doing wrong. Vedika says Ram and Shubham are coming home, what will I tell Ram.

Nandini says our plan failed. Ram and Shubham come. Ram asks Vedika what problem is it. Shubham thinks why do they look worried. Ram asks Nandini is it about her medicines, but he gave her medicines, what’s the matter. Priya comes and says I will tell you.

She says Vedika and I had an argument, maybe she called you to complain, I asked her, why did she go to the custody lawyer. Ram asks custody lawyer? He asks Vedika did you go there, what’s happening. Priya says she has no answer, she was asking me to ask you, I didn’t know why you will do this, tell me, did you send Vedika to file Pihu’s sole custody. Ram asks what are you saying, of course not, its rubbish.

He asks Vedika did I tell you, answer me. Vedika says Priya is framing me, I doubted card when I got this card, I was keeping an eye on her, my doubt was right, she had sent Krish to the lawyer, she is blaming me, Krish talked to the lawyer on her behalf about the sole custody. Priya asks did you get this card with me.

Vedika says no. Priya calls Sandy there. She asks Sandy to tell Ram about the card. Sandy says Shubham had this card in a file, he said you asked for this card. Ram asks him is this true. Shubham says yes, Vedika told me that she talked to you, she is lying. Priya says Vedika, you know it now, how you got this card,

Krish went to the lawyer, I believe in clearing the matter, so I called the lawyer and Krish here. Krish and lawyer come. Ram asks did you meet the lawyer. Krish says yes, Sandy got the card, so I went to clear things, he said he is fighting the case from your side. Ram says I met you to start the trust fund for Pihu. Lawyer says yes, but Vedika said that you want Pihu’s sole custody. Nandini says Vedika did right, we will have legal right on Pihu,

she didn’t do wrong, she worries for me, we all worry for you, Priya took Pihu away from me, we can’t repeat the mistake and become a fool. Priya says I was fooled that you will snatch Pihu from me, Pihu is my life, I know you also love me, can you do such a thing.


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Telecast Date:16th September 2022
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