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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 14th July 2022 Episode starts with Nandini asking Priya to take rest, Tarun will get her breakfast to the room. Pihu says I will have food with mumma. Priya asks her to dine with Sara. Sara says yes, we will dine together.

Ishaan says Sandy, mom called, she called the marriage functions will happen in Kapoor mansion. She says its good. He says they hates Priya and Pihu, they won’t let Ram get close to them.

She says we can’t do anything now, what do you want to do. He says I have an idea. She says please, no more ideas now. He says find out who is the pandit. She asks why. He says I will bribe the pandit.

He says the marriage date will go ahead and we will get time to bring Ram and Priya together. She says no way. He says think of Ram, Priya and Pihu, we got a chance to unite them. She thinks.

Nandini says I have to talk something imp, Priya. Priya says whatever happened, I know you are worried, Pihu didn’t know that I m here, she just came to say sorry to me, why would I bring Pihu here.

Nandini gets a file and throws the papers. She says its your truth which your daughter doesn’t know, if I feel that you are going to tell Ram about Pihu, then I will tell the truth to Ram. She scolds Priya. She asks how can Pihu reach Kapoor mansion when the ministers and media are here, I don’t believe that you knew nothing.

Priya says I didn’t know. Nandini warns her. She says I swear on my daughter, I will tell your daughter about your truth with these proofs, then you will realize the pain of losing a daughter. She goes. Priya and Pihu come to the hall. Nandini asks pandit to give the mahurat, they are in a hurry.

Priya thinks if Ram didn’t need my help, then I would have gone from here, I don’t want to stay here. Ishaan signs the pandit. Pandit says two weeks. Pihu says oh no, we have to wait for two weeks more. Ishaan says its okay if Priya is staying for one week, then why not another week.

Priya asks Sara and Vikrant to marry soon, what’s the need of a mahurat if they love each other. Ram says you are right. Priya says Sara doesn’t believe in mahurat and all. Sara says yes. Nandini says I think Priya is saying right, some people don’t believe in mahurats. She asks what do you think, Vikrant.

Vikrant says I love Sara a lot, I want to marry her soon, don’t worry, I will talk to my parents, its better that the marriage happens soon, the deal will happen soon. Ram says we will keep the marriage soon and end this.

Nandini thinks. Ram gets toys for Pihu. Pih says not everyone’s name is Tarun. She asks them to take the things away, she doesn’t want it. He says I got the pink dress for you. She says my fav colour is red.

He praises the toys. She doesn’t listen. He says I know what you will like. Ram shows the Rainbow cake and asks Pihu to try it. Pihu refuses. She says we are trying to make the things okay. She scolds him and says I don’t want to eat. He says sorry. She says you aren’t sorry, you are mean, you are fooling Priya, you can’t fool me.

He says sorry, I wanted to make you feel good and become your friend. She asks why, are you my dad, you can’t be my dad, you are really bad. She runs away. Priya comes. Ram says she doesn’t like me.

He goes. Priya goes to Pihu. Pihu says he is very bad. Priya says he just wanted to become your friend, I won’t force you but you shouldn’t talk badly. Priya recalls Nandini’s words. She says I promise, no one can snatch me from you, will you help me in finding Pihu’s cute smile. Pihu says yes, its imp, what to do, idea,

cycling. Priya says done. Pihu says but there isn’t a cycle here. Priya says I will arrange it, don’t worry. Pihu goes. Ram looks on. He says cycling is a damn good idea, I will call Adi to arrange three cycles. Priya says just two for me and Pihu. Ram says I thought you are doing this for me that Pihu and my equation gets better.

She says I understand, you aren’t understanding Pihu, she is a kid, I taught her to stay happy, she is upset with you, if you go with her, then she may refuse to go, give her some time. Ram says I don’t have time, she has to understand me and like me, I was a cycling champion, she will also get some goodness from me.

She scolds him. She says I won’t trouble Pihu, I won’t let you force her. He says I m trying to do good. She says your way is wrong, you won’t go near Pihu. He says she is your daughter, tell me if you want to go. She says give some space to Pihu and me. He says yes, you want space. She says stop taunting me. He asks else you will leave me. They argue.


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ram and Pihu argue. She says you look like a kidnapper, do you trust him. Priya says I trust him, he is my prince charming. Ram looks at Priya.

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Telecast Date:14th July 2022
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