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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 13th July 2022  Episode starts with Sandy telling everything to Priya. Priya asks where is Pihu. Pihu comes and hugs her. She says Ram troubled you. Sara says Pihu just saw Ram holding you.

Priya says I need to talk to Pihu. Sara and Sandy leave. Priya says sorry. Pihu says Ram fainted you, I don’t like him, I came to say sorry to him. Ram thinks will you leave me and go, Priya. Priya says I m okay.

Pihu says you got this syringe. Priya says Ram asked the doctor to make me fine, he helps everyone, he is nice, he didn’t faint me, I kept a fast and fainted down. Pihu asks her not to keep the fast. She says you left me when I was born. Priya says I won’t leave you. Ram looks on. Priya promises Pihu.

Ram thinks Priya has hidden the truth from Pihu saying she was sick. Priya says I came here to help Ram, he isn’t rude, he helped me and all of us. She says fine, I won’t force you, I will tell Ram that we can’t help him.

Ram gets upset. Priya says it will be our loss, we won’t have our adventure, we will act like a family adventure, we will have fun and help someone. Pihu asks do you really want to do this. Priya says yes, I will do when you are ready.

Pihu says you want to help Ram because he looks like your prince charming. Priya says answer me, how did you come here and why. Ram says I know your answer, its no. Pihu makes Priya’s hair behind her ear. Ram smiles.

Pihu says I came here to say sorry to Ram, I made this card for him. Priya says great, it’s a nice card, why did you write Mr. Khadoos. Pihu says its his name, he is not good, sorry cancel, you want to help him now, I won’t let him become your prince charming, tell me, is he like your prince charming.

Priya asks did you come with Maitri. Pihu says with Maasi’s doctor. Priya asks what happened to her. Pihu says back… Ram comes in to say. Pihu asks Priya to scold Ram. She says I won’t give the card and say sorry, he will say sorry. Ram asks why would I say sorry. She asks Priya to come. Ram says no, she will stay here.

They both pull Priya’s hands. Ram says your mom needs rest, will you give her stress, you both can go when she gets fine. He asks them to sleep, he will sleep in the guest room. They thank him. He says you should say thanks when it comes from the heart. Pihu says we will help you, I will tolerate you just for my mom’s sake. Priya thanks her.

Pihu says your smile looks really good. Priya smiles. Vedika says Ram has a done a lot for Ishaan, why does he want to bring Priya back. Nandini says money, Sandy was manipulating Shubham. Vedika argues.

She says you couldn’t make Priya out, now she has come with her daughter. Nandini says it’s a matter of 7 days, we can make Priya do anything, using her daughter. Adi says we want the media to take your interview, Pihu should like you. Vikrant asks what shall we do that she likes you.

Ram says I can’t force her, she got involved, don’t know how she got so much hatred in her. Vikrant says you said she got the sorry card. Ram says she didn’t give it, she said she is tolerating me. Adi says then keep Priya happy, its not a tough thing to impress a kid.

Vikrant jokes and laughs. Ram says you think its funny, Pihu hates me, how can she hate me, how can anyone hate me. Vikrant says do something that she likes you, pamper her and get her fav things. Ram says yes, money can buy anything, Pihu will like things, so she called me Papa for a cupcake.

Its morning, Sara and Vikrant come home. Ram says Priya is better. Nandini says I have called them here. Priya and Pihu come. Pihu hugs Sara. She stands between Ram and Priya. Nandini says I was thinking to keep Sara and Vikrant’s marriage in Kapoor mansion. Vikrant says so sweet, but why, I will book a resort.

Nandini says we can’t give any chance to the minister to cancel the deal, we have just 7 days. Ram says I feel its right. He asks Priya what does she think. Priya says I have no problem if Sara is okay. Vikrant asks Sara to say yes for Ram’s sake. Sara says fine, if you all want this, its my yes.

Vikrant says we have to go Meerut for a day, all close relatives are there, we have to keep one function there. Nandini says of course, you both go and come, we will do the preparations here, we have to get marriage mahurat. Ram says I will talk to Adi. She asks them to have breakfast, she will have breakfast in her room. He says I will call the doctor. She says no, I took the medicine. Ram and Pihu say I m really hungry….


Bade Acche Lagte Hain 14th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nandini says Pihu doesn’t know your truth, if you try to tell the truth to Ram, then I will tell your truth to Pihu. Priya worries and scolds Ram.

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Telecast Date:13th July 2022
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