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Baarish 27th March 2020 Episode Start With Next morning, Gauravi is busy cleaning her room when Asmi asks her to forward event’s pics. Gauravi says she had gone for work and not to click pics. Asmi disappointingly says she had already updated in her status that she will post pics. Mother brings umbrella and asks whose umbrella is this. Gauravi says her colleague’s and she will return it today. She reaches store and asks her colleague friend if not boss whose sign she needs to take for yesterday’s diamond necklace. Friend says she can take admin’s sign who would be in head office. Gauravi says she will visit head office and even return Anuj’s umbrella describing yesterday’s incident. Friend taunts her.

In office, Anuj is busy working when his mother insists him to have breakfast first, but he says he will finish work first as he wants to send Shreya abroad for higher studies and prepare her and Rishi to head the company. Mother asks what about him, he will be married soon and will have children, what will he give his children. Anuj says his siblings are like his children. Gauravi reaches head office with umbrella and asks security guard to call Anuj. Guard says 9 Anuj’s work here. Gauravi describes his features, but guard asks her to leave umbrella here and he will return to whoever asks for it. Rishi walks in and media surrounds him. Gauravi requests him to sign worksheet/chalan, but he walks away ignoring her. She sadly leaves umbrella at security desk and walks away holding her umbella. Anuj passes by and seeing his umbrella asks who returned it. Guard says a girl who just left. Anuj sees Gauravi walking away. Rishi asks what is he looking at. Anuj says still there is simplicity and truth left in the world.

Aniket works in gym as trainer where Sherya walks in late and insists him for training, but he denies and asks her to come tomorrow. She fumes that she paid 4 times more fees and needs training right now. Friend suggests him not to mess up with her. Aniket smirks and walks to men’s changing room where Shreya enters and romances him revealing they are couples. He then drops her home on bike discussing his financial ordeal while she insists to reveal her friends that they are couple. Anuj watching them questions maid about Aniket. In the evening, Gauravi asks Aniket about his girlfriend. Aniket says his dream will not be fulfilled as he is from middle class family and Shreya from super rich family. Shreya calls him, and he says they should break up, but she insists him to give her a long kiss. Next day, Gauravi reaches office where her branch manager scolds her for not getting Rishi’s signature or else she will have to pay 2.5 lakhs. In office, Rishi informs Anuj about their new Belgian contract. Anuj confronts him for gifting 10 necklaces to models apart from spending 4-4.5 crores on event and suggests that they would have spent it on employee bonus instead. Employee informs Rishi a branch employee is on phone saying he has to sign worksheet approving receipt of necklace. Anuj asks what is it. Rishi says its a misunderstanding and he will handle it. Gauravi stands tensed while her manager continues scolding her that if she doesn’t get back necklace from boss, she will pay for it.

Baarish 30th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : No precap.

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Telecast Date: 27th March 2020
Distributed By : Zee Tv , Zee5 and ALT Balaji


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