Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 9th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 9th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 9th May 2022 The episode starts with Pappu disguising with Bittu that he wants to marry. Kante says he should. Bittu scolds him and says one should maintain a distance from marriage. BBC jokes that Bittu is still unmarried. Bittu scolds him. Mirza jokes on him that Bittu never got an alliance.

Mishra joins him and taunt Bittu. Bittu gives them back saying they are wife’s servants and nobody would like to become like them. Mirza says he is not his wife’s sevant and orders her always instead, but he doesn’t know about Mishra.

Mishra gets Shanti’s call and speak to her in a commanding style. Shanti warns him to come home first and see what she will do to him. He then boasts that he never budges to his wife’s demand. Mirza speaks to Sakina next in a commanding away. Sakina also gets angry on him and tells same.

Bittu and his team doesn’t belive Mishra and Mirza and challenges them to show their superiority over their wives in front of the team and if they fail their faces will be blackened. Mirza and Mishra agree and plan to order their wives to prepare the dishes of their choice.

Bittu says he never takes back his promise and if Mishra and Mirza break their promise they will lose Brij and Noor. Mishra asks what about him. Bittu says his team is his family and he will lose them, leaving Pappu, Kooda, Kanta, and BBC. Mirza and Mishra walks away laughing and saying Pappu will be gone soon.

Mirza and Mishra panic imagining their faces blackened. Ashiq and Majnu frighten them. Mirza and Mishra think of breaking their promise and informing Sakina and Shanti beforehand about their challenge. Shanti calls Mishra and informs that Brij had a cut on his cheek while shaving.

Mirza also gets a call from Sakina that Noor fell and hurt her back. They both get tensed thinking their parents’ lives got into danger just when they thought of breaking their promise. On the other side, Bittu tries to break his promise by informing Shanti and Sakina about the challenge. Kooda gets hurt just then. Team asks him not to break the promise. The drama continues..


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :No precap.

Read Online Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 9th May 2022 Written Episode . Today Latest New Full Episode Serial By And Tv Indian Drama Serial Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai Complete Show Full Written Update, Written Update of Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 9th May 2022.

Telecast Date:9th May 2022
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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