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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 9th June 2021 Episode starts with Shanti and Sakina telling Bachchan and Mirza that they have understood fully how to do marketing of the product and how to make members. Shanti asks them to give demo of the product in every locality. Sakina says she will make video while they give demo. Mirza tells that Bachchan’s image will be ruined. Bachchan also tells that Mirza’s reputation will be ruined. Sakina reminds Mirza about Raees film and asks what did SRK’s mother say in it? Mirza says that no work is small. Shanti also reminds Bachchan of Gita. Bachchan says if the video goes viral then I will not get married. Shanti and Sakina convince them to give demo. Bachchan washes the utensils while Guddu records the video in Shanti’s direction. Sakina asks Mirza to wash the clothes while they shoot. Inaam shouts. Mirza shoots for the advertisement of the product Chakachak. Sakina says cut. They shoot the Advertisement for cleaning of car, floor etc.

Later Mirza tells Bachchan that he and his chakachak has ruined his life. Bachchan asks did I force you? Mirza says what did you say that we will become crorepati? Bachchan says you are blaming me as the milk is curdled. Mirza says my wife is grinding me. Bachchan says if any of the video goes viral then my marriage will not happen. Mirza tells that he will tell Sakina that he is done with it. Bachchan tells that he will tell his Didi that he too will not do anything now. Sakina and Shanti show the video to each other which they had shot. Shanti tells Sakina that the videos are viral now and the people are calling them to become member. Sakina says they have to make members. She asks what we will do, when People asks for demo. Shanti says we will ask Mirza and Bachchan to give demo. Mirza and Bachchan come there and tell that they need to talk. Sakina and Shanti handover list to them and asks them to go to their homes and give demo of chakachak. Sakina asks if they want to tell something. Bachchan and Mirza tell that they forgot. Bachchan says it seems both of them will take our lives. Shanti and Sakina talk about not getting any members among their relatives. Bittu and pappu hear them and get an idea to fool them.

Pappu tells that they met 1 lakh people, but could manage to convince 6 people. Bittu says just as they get money, they will pay him. Pappu asks them to give money to make the members. Shanti and Sakina tell that they don’t have money. Bittu asks them to think about networking and profit. Sakina agrees to pay the membership fees. Pappu says you are good business man. Bittu says we will bring members for you. Pappu gives them list of members. Shanti and Sakina sell their gold ornaments to make members. Shanti says she will open gold shop. Sakina says she will get 10 lakhs FD. She tells that she will make call to the members. Shanti asks where is Bachchan and Mirza. She says if we walk together and associate with Chakachak, then we will be known as Tata and Ambani. Sakina says we are 1+1=11.

Mirza and Bachchan come home. Bachchan tells that people made him wash vests and undergarments. He says a lady asked him to make her son sparkle. Mirza says someone made me wash their car. Bachchan says then they refused to be member. Mirza says I cleaned the floor and the people told that they will call me later. Shanti and Sakina come to Mirza and Bachchan. They tell about their bad experience. Sakina says I told that nothing will happen. Mirza asks them to have patience. Shanti asks Sakina to tell them, how the work happens. Sakina tells that they have taken the risk. Shanti says they have spent all the money and made members. Sakina says I have risked my precious things and makes members. Shanti says party will be done. Mirza and Bachchan are shocked and think to get rid of Chakachak soon. Bachchan asks how? Mirza says formula no. 101.

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Telecast Date:9th June 2021
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