Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 8th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 8th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 8th June 2021 Episode starts with Mirza looking at the chakachak bottle and tells that it would have come in his life before as his wife. Bachchan tells that he has married Chakachak to become rich. He tells that they have to showcase its game so that people see and tell others. Mirza asks him to tell in detail. Bachchan tells that they have to show their product’s charm to the people who does household work like you. He says we have to make members. Mirza tells that Sakina and Shanti can make women members. Bachchan says people will get habitual to it, even if they say no. Mirza asks how did you get so much info. Bachchan says he used 2 GB data and got the info. Mirza says they shall train Sakina and Shanti.

Bachchan asks Shanti if she wants to make world’s second best company. Shanti asks why not number 1? Bachchan says it is a trick, if I had told then you would have agreed or said that it is nonsense. Mirza tells Sakina if people doubt then who will work. He says he wants to ask upper networking members and briefs lower side members and in between they will enjoy. Shanti asks Bachchan to explain. Bachchan asks her to befriend people and relatives and make them members. Mirza asks Sakina to make a list of family and friends and then call them. Sakina asks shall I ask them to become member. Mirza says not straightaway, first have to talk to them. Sakina asks him to tell straight away. Bachchan tells Shanti that if she tells 20 people then 2-4 people will agree. Shanti says she will make calls and tells about her new business which needs partner. She says she will not ask them to become partner. Bachchan says yes. Sakina tells that she will become business woman. Shanti and Sakina make list.

Sakina asks why is she looking dull? Shanti says she got tired due to this list and haven’t drank tea too. Sakina tells that she will get 10 members and tells about her relatives who stay abroad. She says she can’t take 5000 Rs. from them as it will be a small amount. She says she can take 50000 from them. Shanti says she made 15 members already, and will tell her later. Sakina tells that she is thinking not to involve Dubai relatives. Shanti asks her to involve them so that she can make them jealous later on. Sakina agrees.

Shanti asks Bachchan if I can make phone calls tomorrow. Bachchan says yes, but if Sakina calls your common friends first then they will work under her. Shanti says no and tells that all Lucknow will be on her feet. Mirza asks Sakina to call before Shanti calls. Sakina says she will buy the haveli. Mirza asks her to call. Sakina calls her uncle in Dubai, who tells that he is in jail. She ends the call. Mirza asks her to call Aminabad first. Shanti also talks to someone and ends the call when he asks for money. She then makes another call and tells Bachchan that someone is interested in the business. Sakina tells Mirza that he didn’t let her explain to the 2 people about their business. Mirza says they will earn money daily. Sakina says she will do smart work and asks Mirza to do the work.

Pappu comes to Shanti’s house. Shanti gives him food. Bachchan comes there and asks him to take Aloo and Shimla’s dish. He asks him to do something on his own. Bittu is in Mirza and Sakina’s house, who tells that he doesn’t have time from his social work. Mirza asks him to use the people around him. Pappu tells that Bittu like people have his eyes on him. He asks about his wishes before his death. Pappu says he wants crores of money, a house and a car. Bachchan says he will earn more money. Sakina asks him to sign. Bittu says he can sign if Mirza gives him 5000 for the business. Sakina makes Mirza get the money. Pappu tells that he didn’t have money and will give after 10 days. He signs.

Bittu and Pappu rejoice to fool Mirza and Bachchan without investing any money. Bittu says they will do the work and will invest 50000 in this business.

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Telecast Date:8th June 2021
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