Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 5th January 2022  episode starts with Noor deciding to leave house when Zafar and Sakina misbehave with her. Brij says she can stay in his house. Shanti says she is also like her MIL and is welcome in her home.

Ramesh stands silently. Shanti scolds him to speak. Ramesh welcomes Noor. Noor says she is doing what their ancestors didn’t do generations, she will cross the line of control today. She extends her hands and asks Ramesh to lift her up. He lifts her up and takes her on his side of haveli. Zafar and Sakina watch silently.

Next morning, Sakina waits in lawn to offer tea to Noor. Zafar praises her. Noor walks out sipping tea and praising Shanti. Ramesh says its because of her arrival or else even he didn’t have such a tasty tea prepared by Shanti. Shanti walks in.

Ramesh says he was joking. Shanti stamps his foot and offers mathri/snack to Noor. Noor says its very tasty and criticizes that nobody in her house prepared snacks like this, its all depends on good upbringing like Sahnti’s. Sakina gets angry and takes tea back. Noor continues praising Shanti.

At night, Sakina gets more jealous seeing Shanti’s social media post of her going for a movie with her new MIL Noor. Zafar walks in feeling headache. She offers to apply balm to his head. He lies down in her lap. She asks how is he feeling now. He says better, but ammijaan applies balm better. She gets angry and then laughs saying she is joking. He asks why is he smelling sheer khorma in balm.

Noor prepares sheer khorma. Shanti praises her culinary skills. Noor requests her to prepare pakoris for evening snacks. Shanti says she already prepared pakoris. Ramesh walks in and gets happy seeing sheer khorma and pakoris. Noor sends some sheer khorma to Zafar via Pooja. Mishra family enjoys sheer khorma and pakoris.

Brij says he experienced a feast of samshan ghat and asks Shanti to prepare something light for dinner. Ramesh suggests poori and aloo sabji. Shanti says khichdi. Brij says they cannot feed khichdi to guest. Noor says she can prepare masala bhindi, pulao, raita, and rotis. Shanti fumes hearing that.

Zafar opens sheer khorma box and enjoys its smell. Sakina says amma will calm down soon and will return back to them. Noor passes by. Zafar thanks her for sheer khorma. She says he is her son and she cares for him, but he should take his wife’s permission before having sheer khorma.

Sakina gets angry hearing that and walks away leaving Zafar in dilemma. Shanti walks to Ramesh and vents out Noor’s anger on him. He presses her feet and tries to calm her down. Pooja walks in and informs Shanti that Noor is calling her. She meets Noor who asks her to add some elaichi in her milk and boil it.

She agrees and brings elaichi milk. Noor says its too hot and will cool down by morning, then laughs and says she is joking. Shanti asks her to finish milk and sleep. Noor says she will wander till 3 a.m. and will sleep wherever she likes. She goes and sleeps between Shanti and Ramesh later.

At midnight, Ramesh gets romantic and kisses her thinking her as Shanti. Noor shouts. He apologizes her and asks when did she sleep her. She says she was feeling lonely in her room, so came to sleep with Shanti. He sleeps turning his face around. Next morning, she forces Shanti to stone grind pickle masalas. Shanti thinks she needs to reconcile Noor and Sakina’s differences and send Noor back home. Zafar notices Noor and tries to speak, but she ignores him and walks away.

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Telecast Date:5th January 2022
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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