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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 2nd August 2021 Episode starts with Majnu and Aashiq dancing on the road. Mirza and Mishra see them dancing. Mirza is about to dance, but Mishra stops him. He switches off the recorder and asks the them why are they dancing here? Mirza asks them if they are honey singh and threatens not to give them salary. Majnu says it is fashion to wear modern clothes. Mirza tells that they shall wear kurta pajama and gives Gulzar Saheb’s example. Mishra asks them to go and change their clothes. Mishra sees a lady wearing a modern outfit and asks Mirza when their wives will wear such clothes. Mirza says our destiny is not that good. The lady and her husband come to Mirza and Mishra and asks about tea stall. Mirza says they are my customer. The guy tells that they came to have pan from the opposite shop. Mishra asks the couple what they would like to have. The couple says that they want to have the pan. Mirza comes there and asks the lady to answer him if she doesn’t feel bad. She asks him to answer. Mirza asks her to tell where she gets her clothes stitched and says he is asking for his wife. Mishra also asks the lady. The lady says she will give them the card of the shop, next time when she comes here. Mirza asks for her name. She says Pinky. Mirza and Mishra smiles. Mishra gives her Paan.

Mirza and Mishra are at home. They think that their wives will look good in modern outfits. Just then Shanti comes there and asks Mishra to sweep the floor. Sakina comes there and asks Mirza to wash the utensils. Mirza and Mishra taunt their wives for wearing old style costumes and tell that they will do their work unhappily. Sakina and Shanti look at their clothes. Paro tells Shanti and Sakina that this happens when the husband likes some other lady. She tells that she had caught her husband and scolded him, since then he is not going to that lady house. Shanti asks how to find out if our husbands are having an affair. Paro says she will find out and asks for money. Shanti and Sakina give money to Paro. Paro says I will find out and says you will have all the news till tomorrow evening.

Mishra and Mirza sit outside their shop and hear old songs. Pinky comes there and tells that she thought to give them card of the shop. She asks them to shop for their wives. She asks for a address. Mirza tells the address. Paro looks at them and thinks they are having affair with Pinky. She goes and tells the same thing to Shanti and Sakina. Shanti says my kids have become orphan. Paro asks why? Shanti says Mishra will not be saved now. Sakina says she will also bash her husband. Paro instigates them not to leave their husbands and asks Shanti to change her bindi. She takes Sakina and Shanti out of the house and shows Pinky to them. They see Pinky buying lemon and chillies. Paro says the lady is buying lemon and chillies so that she can do black magic on their husbands. Shanti asks Paro to hide her face. Paro ties cloth on Shanti’s face. Shanti and Sakina are about to hit Pinky with belan and broom, when Pinky turns. Shanti takes out cloth from her face and identifies Pinky, as her friend. Pinky asks if you was about to hit me. Shanti says it is a big story and asks her to come home. Sakina asks who is she? Shanti says she will tell her everything. Paro thinks now it is not her work.

Shanti, Sakina and Pinky laugh. Sakina says we were thinking something else. Pinky says I am married now and tells that their husbands got impressed seeing her modern clothes. Shanti asks what is wrong in my saree. Sakina says I look good in suit. Pinky says your husband wants to see you in modern outfit. Shanti and Sakina tell that they have to do the house work too, and says if I wear tip top clothes, then who will do work. Shanti tells that she was about to marry a mill owner, but got married to Mishra. Sakina also talks big that she was about to marry an engineer, etc. Pinky says your husbands took card of the shop to get modern clothes stitched for you both. Sakina says Mirza is so romantic even after 2 kids. Shanti says but I am still upset with him, what was the need to do someone else’s clothes.

Mishra and Mirza come home. Shanti and Sakina scold him and tell that Paro told them about Pinky. Mirza says he wanted to make his wife wear modern clothes and look beautiful. Mishra says the same. Mirza says a person has to be modern from inside to wear modern clothes. Mishra says they are old era ladies and don’t know modern times. They go inside. Sakina says they called us of old era. Shanti says we will show them that we can be model too from being modern.

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Telecast Date:2nd August 2021
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