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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 28th May 2021 Episode starts with Mirza telling Bittu and Pappu that he couldn’t see the dead body as his own dead body was over 20 years. They run away afraid. He asks him whose dead body was it? Bittu asks if he is asking about the dead body or want to make them dead body. Mirza shows his face. Bittu tells that he is a patient of high BP and sugar. Mirza asks whose dead body was it? Bittu tells that he was Bahubali who had come to fight with me. Mirza says so he was your guest who came to my house by mistake. He says he went in coma and his movements stopped. Bittu says where is he? Bachchan takes Bahubali to his car. Someone asks him about the match stick. Bachchan says he don’t have and says God will listen to your problem. The guy asks bahubali and thinks he is strange not to say anything.

He goes. Bachchan takes Bahubali from there. Mirza, Bittu and Pappu are sitting in the garden. Bittu says we will get trapped if the dead body goes missing. Pappu says we thought bad about the haveli, but can’t see you getting hanged. He doubts Bachchan. Mirza says if this is the case then think that Bachchan is with the dead body. Bittu says he has invited trouble for himself. Pappu says lets see until when Bachchan carries the dead body on his back. Sakina tells Shanti that she couldn’t apply nail paint too. Shanti asks her not to worry as Bachchan is there. Sakina says we have never gone to jail. Shanti says if we go inside, then will be back soon. Sakina says if there is TV there and tells about her favorite program. Shanti says Mishra ji is saved. Mirza calls Sakina and asks if Bachchan came home, as he ran away with the dead body. Sakina says he haven’t come here until now. Shanti is shocked. Sakina tells Shanti that bachchan eloped with the dead body. Shanti says this all happened due to mirza bhai. Sakina blames bachchan.

Basanti calls Bittu. Bittu says she is fed up of her calls. He calls her. Basanti asks if his search is done. Bittu says he is searching. Basanti says your time is over and my time starts. Bittu says he had searched him, but again he gone missing. Basanti says he is bahubali and asks him to search him. Bittu says where did the dead body go? Bachchan takes the dead body to the graveyard again and stops the car. He makes bahubali gets down the car. Bahubali falls down. The guy who had asked for match stick comes there. Bachchan says my friend was here, but went from here. He then sees him fallen down and tells that he got unconscious due to hot weather. He asks them to help him. They help him to lift bahubali. Just then Bahubali’s phone rings and he picks it. Basanti says she knows that he is Bittu Kapoor’s man and asks him to leave her husband, and she will give him money. Bachchan says he will call her again and will tell her location and money. Bittu tells Shanti that bachchan has eloped with the dead body. Sakina also taunts Shanti. Pappu says he has stolen dead body. Mirza asks what he is doing with dead body? Bittu says he might be selling the organs. Bittu says we read about such gang. Noorjahan says I was doubtful on him, but didn’t tell her as you would never believe me. Shanti looks sad.

Bittu gets Basanti’s call. Basanti says you have shown your value and says your guy told that he will give Bahubali and asked for money. Bittu says that was not my guy. Basanti says if I know to spend then knows to get it back. They all talk bad things about Bachchan. Brij says name is Bachchan and the doings was of Shakti Kapoor. Mirza opens the door and finds Inspector at the door. Inspector asks who is Bittu Kapoor? Pappu signs at him. Inspector says we have arrest warrant against you. Pappu asks Bittu to give the fake gold for the bail arrangements. Basanti comes there. Bittu says Bahubali was like our elder brother. Basanti says Police will enquire about it. Just then she gets Bachchan’s call who asks her to come to the sent location, and asks her to come with empty handed without money. She asks Inspector to leave Bittu and come with her, as there is a twist in the story. She goes there and finds Bachchan standing somewhere. She asks where is my husband? Bachchan takes her inside. She checks him and says he is fine. He tells everything and says like others, he also thought him dead. She asks who is he? He says he is Bachchan. He tells that he has named himself.

Mirza, Bittu and Pappu come there and insult Bachchan. Shanti asks what did you do? Basanti says he didn’t do anything. Bachchan says when you was keeping eye on Bittu and pappu, I saw movement in bahubali and heard him taking basanti’s name, so he brought him here. Sakina says you would have taken him home. Bachchan says I was afraid of the family members, and that’s why thought to bear alone. Mirza says if anything had happened to him then? Bachchan says then I would have returned the favour of Shanti and Sakina’s salt. Mirza hugs Bachchan. Shanti and Sakina praise him. Bittu says he is a good man. Pappu says you have won my heart. Mirza says now I came to know how bachchan is just one. Bahubali comes there and asks where is he? Basanti says you have slept for 2 days after having sleeping pills rather than BP tablets. Bittu and Bahubali apologize to each other. Bittu asks him not to have sleeping pills again else Bhabhi will be after him. Inspector asks Bachchan to sign on the papers that nothing has happened to anyone, there is no case against anyone. Bachchan acts like Amitabh Bachchan and tells the dialogues. Everyone laughs.

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Telecast Date:28th May 2021
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