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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 28th June 2022 Episode starts with Mirza telling Sakina that he gets emotional fast, and gave a word about donating kidney. He asks what will happen to you. Sakina says you are donating kidney and not me.

Mirza says if anything happens to me, then what will happen with you, Ammijaan and kids. Mishra also thinks about his family. Shanti says you would have thought before giving a word. Sakina prays that Mirza’s kidney shall not match. Mirza says even Mishra’s kidney shall not match, else he will get 50 lakhs and then this house.

Mishra tells Shanti that he can go leaving all the duties to her. Shanti asks him to stop it. Kudelal tells Mirza and Mishra that it is in the envelope whose kidney matched with that of Anthony’s kidney. Adi and Inaam ask him to say.

Kudelal says that fortunate man is Mishra. Mirza gets relieved while Mishra panics. Mirza thene thinks he will have to leave the haveli now. Mishra thinks he shall get happy to get 50 lakhs. Shanti asks what did you do?

Mishra asks Kudelal when I shall go to donate kidney? Kudelal says Anthony doesn’t have much time. He asks Shanti to make arrangements for crematorium. Brij does aarti of Mishra. Sakina prays that operation gets successful. She says she fears that the operation might fail. Mishra says I will not give my kidney to Anthony.

A goon Chichora came there, who is sent by Anthony. Kudelal says he is Chichora and he will beat you if you refuse. Mirza says god shall save you Mishra. Shanti says if Mishra can go later. Kudelal says if he agrees for operation then he will be saved 80 percent, else Anthony will kill him.

Mishra asks brij to do the rituals. Shanti gives suitcase to Mishra and asks him to bring 50 lakhs in it. Mirza says if you stay alive then we will meet. He asks him not to shaken up else kidney will be cut. Mirza thinks where we will go.

Mishra asks Kudelal where he brought him, and says it is looking as godown. Kudelal says it is godown of Anthony bhai. He says he is the gangster. Mishra asks who is doing the operation. Kudelal asks him to look infront and says this is my first experience, I have watched how to take out the kidney and it had 48 views. Mishra prays to God. Kudelal makes him unconscious and says lets start.

Brij tells Shanti that he is really worried. Shanti says even I am worried. Mirza says even I am worried, if they get the money then we have to leave haveli. Shanti asks brij to ask neighbors to leave and says just as Mishra ji brings money, I will give them money and will not let them stay. Mishra comes there.

Shanti makes him sit on the chair. She appreciates him for getting operated and sacrificing for the family. Brij also praises him for his big sacrifice. Shanti takes bag from Kudelal to check the money, and finds it empty. Sakina laughs.

Shanti asks did you take cheque? She asks Kudelal what happened? Kudelal says I had given him anesthesia and made a small incision, when I heard that Anthony died. He says what is the use of taking out kidney for dead man. Shanti gets upset and says she will give both her kidneys to kick Mirzas out.

Kudelal says then you will die. Mirza tells Sakina that they are saved now. Sakina asks Mirza to arrange money before Mishra. Kudelal helps Mishra get up from the chair.

Aashiq and Majnu argue that their respective bosses will win. Bittu tells that they can’t arrange 50 K. He tells Pappu that they shall take advantage of Mirza and Mishra’s fight and they will dance on my tune. He says a builder is ready to give 1 crore for haveli and 25 lakhs commission to us. He asks Pappu to convince Mirza, and he will convince Mishra. Pappu says ok. Bittu says he will get money from builder.

Bittu tells Sakina that he doesn’t know how to tell them? Sakina asks him to say. Bittu says your heart will be broken to hear it. Mirza says we are from Nawab family and has the strength to bear the pain. Noorjahan asks him to hear. Bittu tells Mirza that Mishra sent them 50 lakhs and asked them to leave haveli.

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Telecast Date:28th June 2022
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