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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 28th April 2021 Episode starts with Sakina pretends to talk to Mirza and tells that she is busy in work and don’t want any TV. Shanti hears and says she didn’t know even to boil the water. Sakina asks did you say anything and then asks Mirza to buy it. Shanti pretends to talk to Mishra and tells that smart TV is needed for the children, she has many Smart TV’s in her mayka. She taunts Sakina and then asks Mishra to bring it. Sakina tells Shanti that Mirza was telling that he will bring big smart TV. Shanti says Mishra will not be behind anyone and will bring a big smart TV to their house. She says if this happens then nobody will save Mishra from her. Sakina says she has said this to Mirza too.

Shanti asks what did you make? Sakina and Shanti tell their dishes name. Sakina says it will be revealed in the evening, whose dreams are big. Shanti takes remote from her son and tells that it shall not be touched by the kids. Brij asks what is the TV’s brand name? Mishra says it is written Tora Bora. Brij asks if it is made in Afghanistan. Mishra says no. He goes to switch on the TV and gets electrocuted. Shanti calls his name. He turns and they look at his blackened face. Mirza also tries to switch on TV and gets electrocuted, and falls down. Sakina, kids and Noorjahan get worried. Mirza gains consciousness and then pretends to faint. Brij scolds Mishra for bringing damaged TV. Shanti says your face will be blackened fully when neighbors ask me about the TV. Brij says he got Shani when his son was born. Shanti says it is difficult to stay with him for 1 birth and says she thought for 7 births with him. She says what I will tell Paro.

Mirza pretends to lose his memory and asks who is he? Sakina tells him that she had invited some guests to see the smart TV and asks what to do now? Inaam says his friends are calling him. Mirza says he would have gone up. They both ask their husbands to get new TVS. Mirza and Mishra think that Bittu trapped him. Mishra asks his son to bring his wallet. His son says Mummy don’t want to talk to you. Mishra calls Pooja and asks her to make tea. Shanti asks why are you troubling the kids. Mishra asks her to make tea for him. Shanti asks him to have tea at Mirza’s shop and have food in Bittu’s house. Mishra leaves.

Mirza asks Sakina to give him food, as he is hungry since morning and was electrocuted last night. His daughter gives him a letter. He reads and asks Sakina if she didn’t make food for him. Sakina asks him to have food who gives him wrong advice. Mirza asks her daughter to pack 3 rotis for him. Sakina scolds him and asks him to go. Later Sakina and Shanti taunt each other and praise their husbands for bringing a big TV for them.

Inaam tells that Abbu got electric shock due to smart TV. Shanti asks if Mirza gave a good smart TV to someone else. Guddu comes there and tells Shanti that their dreams shattered due to the smart TV. Shanti asks him to go. Sakina tells that he is a kid. They challenge each other that they will get smart TV.

Mishra and Mirza tell each other that they were badly insulted by their family. They tell that they understand each other’s pain and hug each other. Mishra says we will not leave Mustaq. Mirza says I will beat him. They go to the TV shop and finds it locked. They ask someone about TV shop. A guy tells that Mushtaq went to Dubai. Mishra says if you have passport. Mirza says I don’t have and hit. Mirza also hit on the shop door and feels the pain. Bittu tells someone that he has fooled Mirza and Mishra and now he will take money from them, and will take revenge from them. Mirza and Mishra are upset and see Bittu coming. They get angry.

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Telecast Date:28th April 2021
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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