Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 27th May 2021 Episode starts with Shanti opening the door and finding Paro on the door. Paro says she came to do the work. Shanti tells that her Mama ji came from Himalayas and don’t eat food made by someone else. She says he foresees the future etc. Paro gets excited. Shanti makes her leave. Bittu tells Pappu that he always respects woman. He sees Paro and asks where is Mirza and Bachchan. Paro says that Shanti’s Mama, a famous Baba comes to their house who sees future. Pappu thinks to ask him about Bahubali.

They go to their house. Bachchan comes out with Shanti. Bittu asks him about Baba. Shanti whispers to Bachchan that she lied to Paro. Bittu insists to meet him. Bachchan says Baba is here, but you can’t meet him now as he is down to earth person. Shanti says he is doing meditation now. Pappu asks her to give breakfast and tea till then? bittu asks him to see if Baba got up from meditation. Bachchan says he is taking bath. Bittu asks him to call him. Mirza comes there and says after Baba takes bath, whoever he sees that person dies. Bittu and Pappu get afraid and goes from there.

Bittu calls Kudelal and asks him to message him if Shanti’s Mama pic matches with the person’s pic which he will be sending him. Kudelal says ok. He sends Bahubali’s pic to Kudelal. Kudelal gets the pic and checks. He comes to Mirza’s house indisguise of a CBI officer and asks the kids to go out and play. Shanti asks if he is real CBI officer. Kudelal asks if he is looking fake. Sakina says we had seen the CBI in films till now. Kudelal says now see in reality. He goes to every room and checks. Brij asks Bachchan to ask him to show his ID and says it is our right. Kudelal says you want to see my card, then you have to see the PS. Bachchan says I have seen many.

Kudelal says you haven’t seen our torture room and says he will make him confess for the crime, which he didn’t do. He asks Mirza and Bachchan to confess their crime. Mirza says we will tell you the truth. He says actually the matter is, and tells everything. Mirza says we have not murdered him. Kudelal says your confession is recorded in my suit camera and asks him to show the dead body. Mirza takes him to bathroom, but Kudelal doesn’t see any dead body there. He asks where is the dead body? Mirza and Bachchan recall taking the dead body out and hiding him. They sing april fool banaya….Kudelal scolds him for lying to them. Just then he gets a call and he says Dr. Kudelal here. Bachchan and Mirza catch him and ask him to tell what the matter is? Kudelal tells them about Bittu and Pappu’s plan. They give him money and asks him to do their work.

Bittu gets afraid seeing Bahubali in his house. He asks Pappu to close his eyes and says he is scaring them. Pappu closes his eyes, but bahubali opens his eyes again. Kudelal comes there and says he is from KBI. He tells Pappu that he knows about them. He sees bahubali and asks them what is their motive to make him go missing. Bittu says I will send him to his house. He offers money to him. Kudelal asks do you think that my loyalty is saleable, and takes money from him.

Bittu and Pappu take bahubali in the jeep, while Bachchan and Mirza follow them. They come to the graveyard. Bittu says we shall bury him there. Bachchan and Mirza come there and watch them. Bittu and Pappu find a place to bury him and come to their jeep, to find the dead body missing. They ask Mirza, who is having himself covered with a cloth about seeing the bedsheet in their jeep. Mirza says if there was just bedsheet or the dead body draped in it.

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Telecast Date:27th May 2021
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