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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 26th May 2021 Episode starts with Mirza getting shocked seeing Sakina and Shanti standing. He calls Bachchan and tells that Sakina and Shanti are standing to go with them for morning walk. Bachchan keeps back the dead body and comes out. He locks the door. Mirza asks if we go out for walk then who will take the dead body out. Bachchan says I don’t know. Sakina says Bachchan is ready as if he is going to see the girl. Bachchan asks shall I change? Shanti says it seems like you are going to get plot registry. Mirza and Bachchan laugh. Shanti says come fast. Mirza laughs and pretend to be having stomach pain. Mirza asks Sakina to go with Shanti and Bachchan. Bachchan tells Shanti that they will go tomorrow and asks Mirza to sweep and wipe the floor like tomorrow. Sakina and Shanti are shocked. However Shanti tells Sakina that she can never thought that Bachchan will do anything wrong. Sakina says something it happens. They taunt each other’s husbands in their hearts. She asks Shanti to take breakfast for bachchan to his room.

Mirza reads in the newspaper that dead body’s smell exposes the murderer etc. Sakina serves food to Mirza. Shanti says I will go and serve food to bachchan. Bachchan comes there and says he will eat here. Shanti says I will go and clean your room. Mirza acts to get stomach pain and asks if I can use your bathroom. Bachchan asks him to go. Mirza goes. Bachchan tells Shanti that he wants to talk to her, but don’t know what to say. Shanti says it seems he has murdered someone. Bachchan gets up and tells that he was thinking to get business idea from jija ji. Shanti says you thought right, Mishra will be happy too. Mirza comes there and tells Mishra that the line is clear. He asks Bachchan to have food. Shanti tells that she will go to his room and clean his room. Bachchan goes to his room and finds Shanti checking his cupboard. He asks if she is searching something. She says no. Bachchan goes to bathroom and finds the dead body there. He comes out of the bathroom. Shanti asks when is he marrying? Bachchan says just as Aishwarya’s sister is found, he will marry. Shanti asks who was with me in the night. He puts pillows on the bed and covers them with blanket and says he was missing his mother and that’s why talking to pillows thinking as his mother. Shanti finds a dupatta and takes it. She then shows the dupatta to Sakina and tells that it is the same dupatta which she gifted her. Sakina says there might be many dupattas like this. Shanti says the holes in the dupatta is revealing it all and tells that it is the same dupatta. She doubts Mirza and asks her to spy on him.

Basanti calls Bittu and threatens him to search bahubali else he will go missing from the house. Pappu tells that they shall begin search for bahubali from Mishra and Mirza’s homes. Sakina serves tea to Mirza and asks what happened? Mirza tells that life has become bored and tells that if biryani is served daily then it seems like ordinary rice. He says superhit film can’t be watched daily. Sakina tells that her friend’s husband is like him, but he was bewafa. She asks what do you think about yourself. Mirza says even I can be bewafa. Sakina asks did you decide to bring someone. Mirza tells that he can’t take care of his Ammijaan, kids and also the house work. Sakina says she will do. Mirza says he has seen a woman and gave her money too. Sakina is shocked. Mirza says until when we will depend on Paro, and tells that he has hired a maid to do house work and cooking purpose. Sakina gets relieved and tells Shanti. They think to confront him directly. Basanti calls Bittu and makes him hear his threat which he gave to Bahubali. Bittu gets tensed. Shanti, Sakina, Noorjahan and Brij confront Mirza and Mishra and ask them to tell the truth. Mirza asks Bachchan to take them there. They take them inside and show the dead body sitting on the commode. They get shocked. Mirza says it is dead body and tells everything from start. Bachchan says we will leave him somewhere. Noorjahan asks who is this woman in the pic. Sakina says may be his wife and tells that they shall pack the pic with him. Brij says until the dead body is here, we shall not open the door. Shanti asks bachchan to listen, just then door bell rings.

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Telecast Date:26th May 2021
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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