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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 24th June 2022 Episode starts with Gopal Tiwari giving boxes to Shanti and Sakina and tells that it is sweets boxes.

Shanti asks him to have it and finds the money. Gopal Tiwari promises to give one shop each to them, in the mall. Shanti and Sakina get glad. Mirza asks Mishra if they shall tell their wives about the video.

Mishra says no. Shanti and Sakina come home, and show the money boxes. They tell that they got the commission. Mishra says it is a bribe. Sakina says no. Mirza asks who will give this much commission and says may be he gave money to get his wrong work sanctioned. Brij comes there and says he wants to have the sweets.

Noorjahan, Pooja, Adi and others come there. They insist to see the sweet box. Sakina says have it tomorrow. Sakina says it is for prasad. Sakina says it is for dargah. Brij says give it after puja. Mishra takes the box.

Mirza asks Sakina to come. They go to their rooms. Mishra tells Shanti that babu ji would have insulted them. Shanti says I will tell him that it is a commission. Sakina and Shanti tell them about Gopal’s offer, and says you will have your pan shop in the mall.

Mirza says tea shop will not look good in mall. Sakina says it will be café. Mirza says one day you will trap me. Sakina says politics is in my hands. They send their husbands to bring sweets.

Inaam and Adi have golgappas at a shop. The seller asks them to give money. They pay after revealing about their mother’s post. Bittu calls Minister and tells that he has sent him video. He says they have ruined your party respect and you are not saying them anything. He tells Pappu that Shanti and Sakina have done which you couldn’t done since childhood.

Pappu asks what did they do? Bittu says they said that they will get 50 lakhs charity for party. Pappu says who is giving them, 50 lakhs charity and says we couldn’t search such a guy. Bittu says I have to think big, don’t be worried.

Gopal Tiwari comes to meet Sakina and Shanti in the office and greet them. He asks if our work is done. Sakina says no, Mantri ji haven’t come. He asks if the signs are not done. Shanti says when Mantri ji couldn’t come, how he will sign. He says you would have gone there to get his sign, and says you have accepted the money so soon.

Sakina says his Nani died. Gopal says why everyone is eager to kill their Nani for their purpose. He then threatens them that he will open the mall in any circumstances and will go to any extent to make it.

He keeps the gun on the table and says if you don’t support me, then I will tell public that you have taken 5 lakhs commission from me, and then they will beat you and your family, you all will be hospitalized and the money will go in paying bills. He says if I don’t get my money, then my gun will speak. He goes. Shanti and Sakina cry.

They run home and asks their family to close the doors and windows. Brij asks what happened? Sakina says that….They ask them to sit and have water. Sakina tells everything to Brij. Brij asks why did you take commission? Shanti says we took the sweets boxes, and it had money in it. Brij says what are you saying.

Shanti says we have become corrupt in politics. Sakina says I don’t want to do politics, and asks them to ask Mirza and Mishra to return Gopal’s money and call Bittu and Pappu as it is their work. She says we will resign from this posts.

Bittu tells Sakina that she did resigned in few days. Sakina says you both are an expert to sell your religion. Pappu asks if you are praising us or scolding us. He says you have taken the right decision. Bittu says we shall go to the party office and goes.

The golgappa guy comes there and says he came to get money from him. Mirza asks Sakina if they have taken money from him. Golgappa says your kids came and had golgappa at my shop, and threatened me.

He says now you have resigned, so I came to get the money. Mirza says I should have thought before letting you to enter politics. Brij asks them to go to Gopal and return his money. Sakina and Shanti ask them to go. Mirza says they lost the position, but is still arrogant. Shanti and Sakina push them to leave.

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Telecast Date:24th June 2022
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