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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 24th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 24th June 2021 Episode starts with Shanti and Sakina scolding Mishra and Mirza and ask if they didn’t think about them once. Mirza says I can’t think of doing this even in my dreams and says it was Mishra ji’s plan. Mishra says it was all Mirza’s plan. Shanti says she will divorce Mishra. Sakina asks Shanti to get papers ready for her too. Mirza says I will never divorce you. Shanti says if you love her so much then why did you do this? Sakina tells Mishra that since her account is closed, her fans and followers are lost. Shanti says she couldn’t have food since the account is closed. Mishra says you have eaten 4 rotis last night. Shanti shouts at him. Sakina tells that they both have to work hard and do the house work and also shall make video. Mirza says we can do house work, but can’t make videos. Sakina says you have to do. Mishra says we will do house work from tomorrow. Sakina and Shanti ask them to leave.

Bittu and Pappu wait for Mishra and Mirza. Mishra and Mirza come there. Bittu asks them to give money. Mishra says we will not give you money and smiles. Bittu asks why? Pappu asks shall I call Shanti Bhabhi? Mirza says we are not afraid of you, so you can call. Pappu calls shanti and says we want to tell you a secret? Shanti says I know that Mishra ji got a fake papers ready to get the APP closed. Pappu asks how do you know? Shanti scolds him and threatens to beat him with broom. Bittu and Pappu go from there. Mirza tells Mishra that the disease called APP came back to our house again.

He asks how did it all started? Mishra says kids started it. Mirza says they will help us get rid of it. Mirza tells Shanti that he is sad about not making any videos with kids. Shanti refuses to make videos with kids. Mishra says we shall make video so that we can tell in old age, that our family was nice. Sakina tells Mirza that she can’t see him sad and says we will get the video made with kids. Shanti asks what about their studies. Mishra says once we get popular, we will hire a private tutor. Mirza asks Sakina to call the kids. Sakina goes. Mirza records the dancing video with his family including kids, and Mishra too dances with his wife, father and kids. Sakina tells Mirza that she got calls from many relatives who scolded her for making videos of children. Mirza says relatives are jealous of us. Sakina says Principal also called us and complained about kids, making video in school. Shanti tells the same thing to Mishra. Mishra says we will hire a private tutor. Shanti says they learn many things from school. Sakina asks what they will do when grown up. Mirza says they will make videos like now. Sakina and Shanti think to talk to the kids. They talk to the kids and ask them not to make videos. Inaam says they will earn money by becoming star. Shanti scolds him and Guddu. Inaam says they will make video anyhow.

A guy comes to there and tells the kids that he came to talk to them. He asks who are they? Shanti says I am their Mummy. Sakina says I am their Ammi. Shanti asks who is he? The guy says he wants their kids to make promotional video for their company. Shanti asks them to go inside and study. The guy says you have to make video for our company and for this, you will get 30000 Rs. Sakina refuses. Inaam says our school and tution fees will be covered with this. Shanti says just this time. Inaam tells Guddu that they shall increase their rate and shall shift to Mumbai. Mishra and Mirza come there and asks what is happening? Inaam tells that they are getting more offers from the companies. Mirza says you have promised your Ammi that you will not shoot for more videos. The kids say please. Mishra asks them to do promotion of their shop in the video. Inaam asks for 20000 Rs. Mirza says we will not give you any money. Guddu says we have no interest in your work as we are getting many calls for work. He excuses themselves.

Shanti and Sakina get afraid that their kids want to go to Mumbai. Shanti says they shall seek Mishra ji and Mirza’s help. Mirza asks what happened? Shanti says my son wanted to go away from me and that’s why I am worried. Mishra ji tells Shanti that she has started it. Sakina tells Mirza that he got the kids involved in the video making. Mirza says we started as a hobby, but you people got addicted. Shanti says what to do? Mishra asks her to show her angry avatar. Shanti says video will be banned now. They go and talk to kids. The kids refuse to ban the videos. Sakina asks them to study. Inaam asks them to promise and asks if they will make them sit on the shop after studies. Mishra says that’s why we want you to study well and become something. The kids agree and go out. Mishra and Mirza sit on the sofa. Shanti says you have to do the work like before. Mirza says what is the use of doing house work as the video App is closed. Shanti says Pari went to Shimla, so you people have to do the work.

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Telecast Date:24th June 2021
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