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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 22nd June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 22nd June 2022 Episode starts with Sakina telling Pappu that no letter came for him. Pappu says nobody can remove me from party. Sakina says I will do this, and tells that she is dismissing him from the post, and hiring Shanti on that post. Shanti asks really.

Bittu says you have done wrong. Sakina asks did you do right to insult me in public. Mirza offers laddoo to Bittu and Pappu, but they refuse to eat. Mishra and Mirza have it. Kudelal asks for laddoo.

Shanti says we have changed the politics. Later Sakina and Shanti celebrate. BBC asks them to say two words on their success. Sakina greets the public and says now all your work will be done. Shanti says I will become your voice and will make it reach to high level. Sakina says the wind direction is changed now.

The people applaud and cheer for Shanti and Sakina, and slam Bittu and Pappu. Mirza and Mishra get happy. Noorjahan tells Brij that what their sons couldn’t do, is done by their bahus now. Brij is happy too.

The people dance outside their house. Bittu and Pappu look at them and think to take revenge from them. Aashiq asks mirza to give tea canister. Mirza says he is councilor’s husband. Mishra says we are not ordinary now.

Mirza says he felt insulted when he asked him to give the tea canister, and asks Aashiq to get it himself. Bittu and Pappu come there. Mirza and Mishra ask them to sit. Bittu says their wives snatched their position and they are asking them to sit. Mirza says you was doing wrong. Mishra says our wives exposed you.

Bittu says your wives will drown you and says they will be cursed by them. Pappu also curses them. Mishra asks where are they going. Pappu asks if they will sit alone. Bittu tells that they have lost all the money to get the power/seat.

Pappu asks him to come. Mirza says my wife taught them a lesson. Mishra says if my wife wouldn’t have supported her, then Sakina bhabhi couldn’t do this and would have become an ordinary mayor.

Dr. Kudelal comes there and says both bhabhis are doing good work. He says my clinic is small and even 4 patients couldn’t stand there, it is unhygienic. He says if I get polyclinic. Mishra says their wives will meet him. Mirza says we will make you talk to them now itself. He calls Sakina and asks how is she?

He then says that he is bringing Kudelal to meet her. Sakina says give him tomorrow 2 pm appointment. Mirza ends the call and asks Kudelal to come tomorrow at 2 pm. Kudelal asks if my work will be done. Mirza says yes. Kudelal thanks them and goes.

Next day, Kudelal comes to the office with Mishra and Mirza. He requests Sakina that he wants to open a polyclinic and needs funding and place. Mirza and Mishra tell that their wives will do the work. Mirza asks Sakina to fund for his poly clinic.

Sakina asks who is he? Shanti asks him from where did you get the fake degree? Kudelal is shocked. Shanti says we are requesting to close your clinic. She asks them to leave. Kudelal, along with Mirza and Mishra leave.

BBC cries. Mirza and Mishra ask him to say. BBC says Shanti and Sakina bhabhi have snatched my job. He says since they entered politics, I lost my job. Mirza asks why did they snatch your job?

BBC says I laughed when Bittu insulted Sakina bhabhi. Mirza and Mishra tell that Sakina and Shanti punished them for laughing too. Dr. Kudelal comes there and says he lost everything. He says yesterday bhabhis told that they will get my clinic closed, so they did. Mirza and Mishra look at him.

Kudelal says health dept sealed my clinic and asked me to show the degree. Mirza asks him to show. Kudelal says he don’t have degree. Mirza asks then how did he become doctor? Kudelal says he was a gardener at doctor’s place. Mirza says you are telling now. Mishra says we got fine by ourselves.

Kudelal says he learnt well, and says he is a fake doctor, but didn’t do improper treatment. BBC says your wives are taking revenge from everyone. Mirza says we will talk to them.

Aashiq says just as we come to know about Kudelal and BBC, our heart beat increased. Sakina says you have laughed at me that day. Aashiq and Majnu tell that they will clean the floor. Paro asks Shanti and Sakina to give the job to her.

Sakina says she is a councilor and not her. Shanti says I would have asked you. Shanti says why did you say before asking me. Paro takes Sakina’s pics. Sakina asks Shanti to call her Madam.

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Telecast Date:22nd June 2022
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