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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 18th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 18th June 2021 Episode starts with Sakina coming to Shanti and says she was searching her in the house. She asks shall I ask something? Shanti says she is very happy today. Sakina asks if Mishra ji agreed to get you 2 tola necklace or if Guddu passed in the test. Shanti says she had threatened Mishra ji 4 times, but he didn’t agree. She tells that Guddu and her other kids passed in the test. Sakina says she heard that Guddu passed with much difficulty and she also heard that he wants to become hero. Shanti says if he becomes hero then you will also gets famous. She sees video on Tuk Tuk and asks Sakina to watch Paro beating her husband in the video. Sakina laughs and says Paro’s emergency husband might go in emergency. Shanti says she can’t make such videos even if someone gives her money. Sakina says even I. Later Sakina applies make up to her face. Mirza comes there and admires her beauty. Song plays…nazar ke saamne…..He dances with her and strike RK pose. Inaam captures their moment in the video.

Later Mishra scolds Guddu for making the video. Guddu comes to Inaam and tells his problem. Inaam tells that they shall make video on his phone. His friend asks Guddu to share the video in his tuk tuk account. Brij comes there. The kids stop. Brij says even I want to dance and says music. They all laugh. Brij gets back pain and goes. Inaam says if Dadi acts for the video then it will be complete. Brij says I will talk to your Dadi.

Mishra ji makes paan and gives to Bittu and Pappu. Kudelal comes there and says Mirza Bhaijaan have become best romantic hero of our city. He shows the video in which Mirza is dancing and romancing with Sakina. Mirza feels insulted and asks who did this. Mishra ji gets happy. Kudelal says your son has shared this video. Mirza says Inaam? Mishra ji says you will give 10 Rs to him now. Kudelal reads the comments while Mishra ji, Pappu and bittu laughs. Kudelal reads the positive comments, Mirza laughs. People recognize Mirza to be the famous tuk tuk hero and asks for his selfie and video. Mirza asks him to cut the people standing on the back side. Mishra ji asks them to go. Mirza tells that he has become celebrity now. Mishra asks him to tie ghungroo and dance. Bittu says jokes and then appreciates him. Mirza asks him to be in his limits. Someone brings a guy to Kudelal and says he is mad about Tuk tuk video. Kudelal says people are addicted to the videos. He asks Mishra not to worry and asks the guys to tie him with chair, beat him with slippers and make his video and post in his own account. He says then he will get rid of video addiction. Mishra ji asks what is this addiction? Kudelal says if you get this disease then I will ask you. Mishra ji says we are saved from such thing.

Sakina tells Mirza that her friends called and said that her husband is very romantic. Mirza says even he was glad while others was jealous. She says we shall make many videos. Noorjahan comes there and scolds Mirza for the video. Mirza asks Noorjahan to make video too. Noorjahan refuses and goes. Inaam asks for the prize. Sakina asks Mirza to do the house work while she records him. She convinces him. Brij tells Noorjahan that today Zafar Mirza has done a wonder. Noorjahan says she is feeling ashamed. Brij says he feels that he shall make video. Noorjahan says I miss Zafar’s father when I watched the video. Brij says I miss Parvati. Noorjahan says Ramesh’s mother’s name was Meena. Brij says I used to call her Parvati.

Guddu comes to Brij and tells that he made his video and posted too. Mishra ji scolds him. Brij asks him to make his business prosper. Mishra calls shanti. Shanti asks what happened? Mishra ji says Guddu makes video all day. Shanti says your father gave it. She tells that Mirza and Sakina’s video got famous, but I found it bad. Mishra ji asks Shanti not to get habitual to it and tells that today he saw addicted person and tells that it has become illness. Just then they hear song Zamana toh hain naukar biwi ka. Mirza cleans the surface of the floor, while Sakina records the video.

Shanti tells Mishra ji that no color is left in her life. Mishra asks what to do to color your life. Shanti says she is thinking to make video like Mirza and Sakina. Mishra asks if she don’t understand. She threatens him and he agreed. Shanti thinks to create history with her video.

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Telecast Date:18th June 2021
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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