Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 14th June 2021  Episode starts with Brij calling Shanti to clean the hall. Shanti says ok and comes out of kitchen. She cleans the hall and asks Guddu to get ready, as his Papa is coming. Guddu thinks he is thinking what to wear. Shanti says she will get him ready. Bachchan comes there with his bag. Shanti asks where is he going, as his jija ji is coming. Bachchan says before jija ji packs my bag, I packed my bag myself. Shanti asks if your jija ji is tsunami.

Bachchan says but I am tsunami for him. Shanti says your jija ji himself called you here to take care of us and asks him to meet him and then leave. She asks him to show the trailor of sweeping and moping the floor. She says he will be happy to see you working. Bachchan thinks to impress Mishra. He wipes the floor with the mop. Brij comes there and scolds Bachchan. Guddu comes there and messes the floor. Bachchan gets angry and throws the water on him, but Guddu runs away and the water falls on Mishra who enters the house. Bachchan gets shocked and scared. Mishra gets angry. Bachchan cries and tells that I didn’t know that you are here. He says Didi asked him to mop the floor and I thought to wash the floor. Mishra shouts Shanti. Brij comes there and tells Bachchan, you have washed your jija ji. Shanti comes there and shouts Bachchan. Bachchan cries and falls on Mishra’s feet. Mishra asks him to move.

Mirza tells Shanti that Mishra ji haven’t come till now. Sakina says Mishra bhaijaan is coming, not American president. She says nobody wait this much even for his lover. Mirza says he loves even Mishra ji a bit. Sakina says you argue and fight with him when with him. Mirza says we are two sides of a coin. Mishra changes his clothes and tells that he will meet Mirza. Shanti stops him and says he is Mirza bhaijaan and not pan shop. She asks him to see down. Mishra looks at his legs and tells that he forgot to wear pajama, in excitement to meet Mirza. Mirza says Mishra ji is my good friend too and tells that he will go and see him.

Bachchan makes Sherbet for Mishra and thinks he will get rid of the tiredness. Mishra and Mirza see each other and gets happy. Karan Arjun song plays…..They walk towards each other with open arms. Bachchan comes out of kitchen and collides with them, the sherbet falls on Mishra and Mirza’s clothes. Mishra shouts Shanti. Shanti shouts Bachchan. Bachchan tells that he wants to do something good, but it turns out to be bad. Shanti asks him not to do anything now. Bachchan says Amma asked me to take care of jija ji. Shanti asks him to be careful, else her bags will be packed too.

Mishra asks Bachchan if he is leaving. Bachchan says he wants to do his seva. Mishra asks what you are trying to do. Bachchan says I am your big well wisher, but something wrong happens accidentally. Mishra says you have welcomed me grandly today and asks him to leave him on his condition. Shanti tells Mishra that Bachchan has taken care of them so well, and the appreciation is less. Mishra argues. Shanti appreciates Bachchan’s doings. Bachchan says if anyone cares for Jija ji after you, then its me. Shanti asks him not to cry. Mishra says I will wait for the day when I appreciate you.

Later Bachchan brings tea for Mishra and Mirza. Mishra asks him to be careful. Mishra and Mirza see free body check up pamphlet and take pic of the advertisement secretly. Mirza asks Mishra how did he stay alone and says you are looking tired. Mishra thinks he is looking like curdled milk. Mirza asks did you go to a secret mission? Mishra asks him to think like this and asks why your face is upset, did you get hired by 4 houses to sweep and mop the floor. Mirza is upset. He thinks to get health check up done for free and will tell Mishra that they are Nawabs and do this every month. Mishra also thinks the same.

A guy comes to Mishra’s house and tells that he is insurance agent for free health check up. Mishra asks him to come inside and laughs, says you are already inside. He laughs. The agent asks him to stand up and lifts his hands straight. Mishra asks if he wants to hang him. The agent checks him using stethoscope. Mishra asks if you are a doctor? Agent says both. He tries to move Mishra’s hand, but gets slapped by him accidentally. He then gets kicked by Mishra accidentally during check up. Mishra apologizes. Agent asks him to take breathes freely. Mishra says he couldn’t take breathe since he got married. Shanti brings juice. Agent tells that his sugar, BP and other things are not normal.

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Telecast Date:14th June 2021
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