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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 11th June 2021 Episode starts with Sakina blaming Mirza and telling that he should have stopped her. Mirza says I tried, but you didn’t listen to me. Shanti blames Bachchan for bringing such schemes and fooling her. Sakina says if I don’t get my ring then I will return to my Abba’s house Aminabad. Mirza thinks he shalls sacrifice the ring. Shanti tells that if everything is not rectified then I will change my bindi before Mishra ji returns. Bachchan asks how to solve the problem. Mirza gets an idea and shares with them. Mirza and Bachchan meet Kudelal and Kaanta.

Kaanta asks why he wanted to meet them. Mirza says he wants to tell them something. Kudelal asks if you want to tell lottery number. Bachchan says we can save you from getting ruined. Kaanta says we are already ruined. Mirza tells Bachchan that he had told him already that they can handle Police. Kaanta and Kudelal get worried and ask to tell about their advantage. Mirza tells that Bechde Chakachak company is going to get closed, and we came to know about this. He asks them to take back membership. Bachchan says you will be beaten up by Police. Kudelal asks what is my mistake? Mirza says you gave Chakachak bottle to Bachchan and then he became member. Bachchan says you have to go to jail and have to drink jail water.

Kudelal says no and asks them to say what to do? Mirza says we don’t want to get in any trouble so returning everyone’s money. Bachchan asks Kudelal to take his commission. Mirza says we will give your commission. He invites them to have food. Kudelal says ok. Mirza tells Bachchan that Kudelal is an illusion, if we had not acted then he would have gone to Bittu house by now. He calls Sakina and informs her. Bittu and Pappu also come for the feast at Mirza and bachchan’s hoise. Bittu praises her and says you shall be called Annapurna. He asks why you kept the feast today. Shanti tells that we got 1 lakh each for bechde. Bittu and Pappu are shocked. Sakina asks Mirza to give them commission and take NOC so that there shall be no problem when they receive other cheque. Kudelal says he will sign. Kaanta leaves his thumb impression and goes with Kudelal.

Shanti asks Bachchan to give NOC to Pappu and Bittu. They give NOC to Bittu and Pappu. Bittu asks what is it? Mirza says only owner can tell you. Sakina says we can’t lose our brother due to money. Pappu says we made 6 members. Shanti says but we paid the money for the members and will get commission. Bittu tells that his account is opened now and he will pay her for the 24 members. He gives her cheque of 1.2 lakhs and says all 24 members are mine now, and I will take the commission. Pappu says I made 6 members and shall get commission for the same. Bittu refuses. They argue. Mirza and Bachchan ask Bittu to stop fighting and sign on the form, that all the members and commission are his now and they are closing their SS corporation company. Bittu signs and gives the papers to Mirza. Mirza thinks they will clean Bittu’s account in the morning.

Shanti and Sakina argue and blame each other. Then they laugh. Sakina says we don’t know how to show smartness. Pappu plays chess with Bittu and tells that he is doing wrong with him. Pappu says you will take members commission. Bittu gets a message from bank and tells that 1.2 lakhs debited from account and rejoices with the thought that the members are his now. Mirza calls BBC and asks him to make the news viral now. BBC sends video to Bittu. Bittu finds out that bechde company eloped with people’s money. He says we are ruined. Pappu says not me. Bittu gets shocked. Pappu says you have signed on all 24 members form and goes. Bittu faints.

Brij scolds Bachchan for the loss and calling the legal problems. Mirza says we have promised not to do this again. Shanti asks who will clean this mess now. She tells that Mishra ji is coming here and told that he will teach a lesson to Mirza and will not see Bachchan’s face. Bachchan says he will not talk to Mirza and will leave from other side. Brij asks Shanti and Sakina to give them tea. Noorjahan jokes that they can make members by offering tea and get a commission in their accounts. Everyone jokes.

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Telecast Date:11th June 2021
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