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Apnapan 9th November 2022 Pallavi walks over to Nikhil with the chocolate in her hand, he asks if she still keeps them in her bag as the children have grown up but Pallavi replies they never got the chance since he used to finish them before they could eat anything, Pallavi exclaims after giving him a chocolate she got the alimony,

Nik replies he can sometimes not understand her when she starts singing explaining those who want to understand donot have a problem but only Nik doesnot realize the truth, she sits down suggesting if they can hear a song, Nikhil asks if this is Sonali calling when Pallavi replies she doesnot anyone live in peace,

she plays a song recalling all the memories which she had with Nikhil, she notices he is staring at her, they both start having the dinner. Nikhil explains she has given the twist of the Lucknow taste, Pallavi agrees with him so they both once again start eating but she stops smiling signaling what is the matter.

In the night Sonali is hiding under the quilt in her room, she hears someone exclaiming the song how they were not able to understand what is going on, Sonali coming out while still being scared, slowly starts walking but she feels as if someone is still following her, she hides behind the dressing table while crying,

someone starts banging on the door before leaving after pushing a note under the door, Sonali picks it up but is terrified thinking someone knows the truth about eighteen march, she thinks it cannot happen however reads the letter which says the person knows what happened on that date, Sonali wonders how does anyone know the truth when she is the only person who knows it.

Pallavi explains she cannot complete the game as her mobile has run out of battery, Nikhil asks why is she worried about the game when he is really feeling hot, Pallavi replies that he is saying this as if he has never lived in Meerut, Nikhil calls the neighbor asking if they have the electricity,

she informs both of the air conditioners are working, she asks why does he not ask his new wife Sonali and even Pallavi to give him some air with a paper fan, Nikhil thinks of it and then mentions she gave such a bad idea, Pallavi questions if he was actually thinking she would do this for him, he laughs replying he never thought about it and feels they need to check the fuse box of their house. Pallavi seeing him stumbling laughs, he is irritated saying he would do it by himself.

Pallavi finally walks to her room when she hears some one walking up to her so she asks Sonali if she has come and would she just stand here, she is shocked to see the person standing behind her and asks who is he, the person stumbles revealing she is a girl.

The girl hugs Pallavi and recalls when she asked about her location the day she left, Pallavi informs Karonika Sonali is her younger sister and she used to love her a lot but Sonali deceived her, they feels their family would also give them the same love however they get the love from those who are outsiders like her, she promises being an elder sister that she will never let go of her hand. Pallavi thinks she is the answer to her prayers.

Pallavi mentions she came to her in Meruit while she left for Mathura to end all of the proof that she did not give birth to Badal, but when she returned to Meruit she finally met her, Karonika revealed she is the sister of Mayank who was the boyfriend of Sonali but she just used him till his last time,

Karonika revealed that she tried to explain everything to her brother but he was trapped by Sonali, she revealed that Sonali tried to fulfill her desires while her brother was sentenced to jail which she served for seventeen years, Karonika reveals her brother was not able to bear the deception and was not able to remain in the correct mental state,

Pallavi asks who is Mayank when Karonika says that Sonali has kept him somewhere so she has not able to find him, Pallavi explains that her husband died on eighteen years ago and she still blames her for the death of her husband, Pallavi wonders what truth is Sonali hiding that caused such harm, she explains both her mothers and children are unsafe with Sonali, even her husband Nikhil because she thought Sonali would love her husband while taking care of this family but she was wrong, since Sonali is just worried about herself who just wants to work for their own intention.

Pallavi explains Sonali has prepared the legal papers to change the ownership of the café, she cannot let her ruin the business which Nikhil has established. Karonika explains they have seen the true intentions of Sonali so they just have to scare her so she makes a mistake and they are able to know the truth behind what happened on eighteen of March.

Sonali is in her room when the lights suddenly start to flicker, she gets even more scared so wonders what is going on.

Karonika reveals she must find out the truth about Mayank and that one letter is going to ruin the life of Sonali, she promises she would help Pallavi in getting her family back.

Sonali in her room wonders who else knows the truth of about eighteen march since she has kept Mayank in hiding, she is very scared.

Pallavi exclaims this time she is going to win because Sonali has ruined the life of a lot of people but this time she is going to face a mother who is ready to fight for her children and this sister, she hugs Karonika.
Sonali finally comes out of the quilt as the lights come back on.


Apnapan 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nikhil questions Pallavi what is going on in her life, Sonali while on the call says she only left Mayank in the mental asylum because he was supposed to take care of him, the person replies since she stopped paying him so he had to leave Mayank. Sonali drops the phone when she hears someone calling her name. Nikhil informs Shanty he is really worried for his children because he feels Pallavi is hiding something that might be dangerous for his children and his own life.

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Telecast Date:9th November 2022
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