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Apnapan 7th November 2022 Pallavi informs his wife lost the wallet to her along with a lot of money, so now this wallet belongs to her as they say the one who loses the battle of life tends to be the master of chess, she leaves after getting a call, Nik furiously looks at Sonali.

Pallavi is walking back into the house with her bags when Sonali asks him to stop her, Nikhil also asks Pallavi why is she coming back, she replies he has just accepted the instructions of his wife so Pallavi explains she left with her own desire and so came here by her own will,

she informs she has some official documents to take care off after which she would leave, Sonali is stunned thinking she will be here for one month when Nikhil explains she left after giving a note, she has no idea how hard it was for him to handle them, Pallavi exclaims she can accept he would have done a lot for them and even can witness the extent of care Sonali has given them since the house is empty on Diwali.

Pallavi informs she has come back to take her right from him, Nikhil smiles asking how much she wants for the favors which she has done on them by taking care of his mother, Pallavi replies she has done a lot of favors on him and his family, even his new wife.

Pallavi explains she thought about it after she left as half of her life was spent on taking care of his family, and now the health of Maa deteriorated. Pallavi replies she did not ask anything the last time they got divorced eighteen years ago and raised the three children by her own strength, but this time she desires the money she did not ask for at the time of divorce.

Nikhil explains she would have surely desired it since now she wants to live the life by her own terms, Pallavi explains he is right since she would never live in the shadow of anyone ever again. Nikhil requests Sonali to bring his cheque book so he can give her the alimony, Pallavi replies her lawyer would decide the amount, Nikhil asks if she has suffered why would he decide the amount,

Pallavi reveals 12420 was the first year fees of Gagan and 23000 is the per month expense of ration while 52000 was used for repairing the house, Nikhil stops her assuring of giving the amount which her lawyer suggests, Pallavi explains it will take her one month to prepare the papers since this is her right, Pallavi also demands the papers to the café as this is her right but Sonali replies that this cannot happen as he promised it for Badal,

Nikhil replies she is the one who ran the café and made all the efforts so she deserves it, Nikhil explains he has to go out and will come late at night, Pallavi informs Sonali the cheque book is in the third drawer, she leaves mentioning how she would sleep in the room of Maa.

Sonali is sleeping in the night when someone tries to strangle her by covering her mouth which scares her a lot, Sonali questions what is she doing here at this time, Pallavi tries to warn her explaining this is why she came here, Sonali doesnot believe her asking if this is why she did all the drama, Pallavi explains she was being followed ever since she left this house, she did not see his face but just saw a tattoo,

Pallavi explains the person threatened to kill her when Sonali leaves saying she doesnot care if Pallavi dies, she stops Sonali explaining her conversation has not ended because the person threatened to also kill Nikhil, Sonali gets tensed asking if she is mistaken or rather just making up these stories.

Pallavi informs the person even threatened to kill Sonali, she doesnot believe Pallavi explaining she might be making these stories to get back in this family and must leave now, Pallavi is forced to leave when Sonali thinks she is not being allowed to sleep.

Sonali gets a text message from Nandita so wonders why she is calling from an unknown number, she goes out however is not able to see her when she notices someone standing behind her in a black suit, the person places a knife around her neck so she starts screaming. Pallavi manages to push the person who runs away, Sonali questions what she is doing here and who is the person, Sonali after a while realizes thinking how the person can return since it is not possible.

Sonali is drinking water, Pallavi explains that she must tell Nikhil and Maa about this, Sonali requests her to not tell anyone when Pallavi agrees to stay quiet, she mentions Sonali only has forty-eight hours to handle the situation, she leaves mentioning they would talk tomorrow morning.

Sonali wakes up in the morning, she is stunned thinking how could she remain asleep till twelve thirty in the noon, Sonali angrily rushes down when she sees Pallavi ordering the food, she explains she has even ordered the food for her, Sonali recalls how she gave the sleeping pill to Pallavi so asks if she also gave her a sleeping pill,

Pallavi explains Sonali knows her and she is not like this but should she tell everyone someone is trying to kill her. Pallavi explains some of her things are still with Sonali and she also cares about the safety of this family so is going to stay here until everyone is safe.

Nikhil is standing when his friend tries to inform how the site is best for their project, Nikhil informs that Pallavi has returned and that too after one month, he asks how her friend not knows about it, she replies she should ask the same question as Pallavi has not come to the café.

Pallavi is searching for some proof in the room when she manages to find the letter to the lawyer which states that Sonali is going to get the ownership right of Café and this house.

Nikhil is in the café when Pallavi walks over to him, he says that the café cannot be in her name since she is no longer the legal guardian of Badal so would not get the right, Pallavi replies that she should be the one to get the right to attorney, Nikhil asks why should he trust her since she left after leaving just a note while in that situation Sonali took care of the house and even this café,

he turns to leave mentioning she can talk with his lawyer but Pallavi replies she would only talk with him, she explains he believes she doesnot have self-respect and feels she is inferior to Sonali but in reality she is jealous of her, Sonali would surely create a scene if she sees them both talking. Pallavi explains Nikhil might have a new wife in the house, but she is still the mother of their children.


Apnapan 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi warns Sonali asking if Sonali really thought she would not find out about her true intentions because if she drags her children into this war then it will not be good for her. Pallavi and Nikhil are having dinner when someone cuts the lights of the house, Sonali is scared after hearing the sounds and the note. Nikhil asks Pallavi what has happened, he feels there is something which she wants to tell him from the wedding day.

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