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Apnapan 4th November 2022 Badal mentions Maa is not fine otherwise she would not leave them like this, Nikhil’s mother requests them to calm themselves. Nikhil picks the note and after that mentions this is the truth of their mother as he was also not able to accept this truth, he feels she might like the company of someone else but he is scolded by his mother,

Sonali comes explaining that Pallavi di doesnot want to think of anyone else these days and is really worried but she is here with them so there is nothing to worry about, Nikhil exclaims he is glad Sonali is here to take care of them, Nikhil leaves in anger.

One month later both the mothers are sitting on the couch, they hear the fire crackers so mention how this year it doesnot seem as if the Diwali function is here, they talk about how this house doesnot seem like a house as Harsh left and even the children of Pakhi left, everything was ruined after Pallavi left,

Kiran Maa asks her to stop her but she says who would listen to her, Kiran tries to take some sweets but doesnot stop when she threatens to tell Pallavi, Kira cries how would she tell her when they cannot even find her, she asks Kiran why was she so rude with Pallavi during her last days and is now thinking about, she questions what did her daughter do that caused her to leave, she informs Pallavi was more soe to her and if she told her why she got Nikhil and Sonali married, she thinks she cannot tell anyone since she was vowed by Pallavi.

Sonali is on the call with Nandita explaining she should have been here so would have really enjoyed the card party, explaining how maa wanted to have some old pooja but she desired to do something new, Sonali hears the door knock so rushes to open it thinking Nikhil has arrived, she questions what is this behavior as he is once again leaving, Nikhil mentions he has to go t the café,

Sonali requests him to at least come to the party when Nikhil mentions it might be difficult since he even has to give the staff bonus for Diwali. Sonali suggests Nikhil to officially give Badal the café which he has already given to him, he leaves mentioning he would come back and talk with her.

Bi jee and Kiran are sitting exclaiming that everything has changed ever since Pallavi left this house including Nikhil, he comes to take their blessings when Kiran mentions there is a pooja in the house so can he come early, he replies he might get late, Kiran mentions to Bi jee how they both would have to light the Diya in the Mandir today.

Kiran explains Sonali doesnot care even a bit for the house since it is filled with alcohol bottles and cards, Sonali coming requests Maa to help her clean the house as she has gotten really tired after looking after the preparations of the card party so can they clean it, Bi jee mentions she has never seen this side of Sonali as she would make the elders do work.

Sonali in the room is counting the money, Kiran and Bi jee comes calling her when she gets furious replying that they forced to forget the counting, she smiles at them saying they should see how much money she has earned. Pallavi coming from behind explains she ahs come here to mke sure Sonali gets what she truly deserves, Sonali ask what is she doing here since it is not right, Pallavi however goes to hug her but then first kisses her saying this is how she greets her guests,

Pallavi sitting explains today is Diwali so she has a plan and the one who would lose the game will have to prepare everything, Pallavi and Sonali start a game of cards, Sonali is tensed and aafter a while realizes she has lost the first game, they start the second game however Soanli gets furious at the end wondering what has she come here to do, Pallavo says she must talk after everything has ended questioning where is Nik, Pallavi with a smile mentions she has won everything back from Sonali,

as wining doesnot depend on the player but the intentions, Pallavi exclaims they should raise the stakes so decides to place the wallet of Nikhil on the line, Pallavi is playing with Sonali, she after taking the cards starts smiling asking her to show, Pallavi however stops her and with a smile reveals she has won this wallet, Sonali instructs her to leave if she ahs won it. Pallavi mentions she will leave after taking the blessings of Devi Maa.

Bi jee asks Pallavi to perform the Arti of Devi maa asking where was she this past month, Pallavi assures of telling everything one the pooja ends, Kiran with Pallavi and Bi jee start the pooja.

Nikhil enters the house not knowing Pallavi is performing the pooja, he also stands behind them in the pooja, Pallavi after the pooja ends, Nikhil walks close to her and he is shocked to see her as she turns, he recalls how she said she cannot marry him, Nikhil remembers the events that led to his marriage with Sonali.

Kiran asks Nikhil to take the Arti, Sonali rushes to his side when Pallavi asks Sonali to see how she was handed the Thali just as she came when it is her duty since she is the daughter in law of this house, Nikhil turns to leave when Kiran stops him asking where is he going but he says she must stop her.

Sonali pulls Pallavi to the side explaining she wants to talk with her but Pallavi is busy, she requests Sonali to calm down as someone might hear them but Sonali replies she wants the answer to her questions when Nikhil comes demanding the wallet from Sonali, Pallavi walking to him mentions she has his wallet, revealing they were playing cards. He asks when she started playing, she replies ever since she got poor cards in her life, Pallavi informs his wife lost the wallet to her.


Apnapan 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi exclaims she came back to warn her as ever since she left this house someone has been following her, Sonali is adamant mentioning she is the one who scares people. Someone tries to suffocate Sonali in the night.

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Telecast Date:4th November 2022
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