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Apnapan 3rd November 2022 Pallavi mentions she told the world she has given birth to twins, she would not lie that when she first time saw Badal it hurt her a lot as she remembered the deception of Nikhil, Maa mentions she can understand it, Pallavi reveals she when she turned to leave,

his fingers held her hand so she saw his face as if he was requesting her to not leave, which is when she thought what is his fault in all this as if he chose her as his mother who is she to refuse, Pallavi mentions for her it was love so how could she leave him to go in an orphanage, Maa informs it is her respect for Nikhil, even if what he has done to her she still respects him so how could she have left the child in the hospital.

Maa asks Pallavi to come as she has brought dinner for her. Maa herself prepares a bite for Pallavi, revealing it is a very big responsibility to raise the child of Sonali. Pallavi exclaims she tried to call her a lot but doesnot know where did sonali went, Maa asks what about Nikhil, Pallavi exclaims what could have she told him that Badal is the son of Sonali.

Pallavi mentions she tried to call Nikhil but Nandita answered the call and she heard him saying he doesnot want to talk with her, she even tried to find Sonali a lot but was not able to do it as she is also just a human, Maa exclaims she is not a normal person as she tried to sort the life of Nikhil even when they both were far away from each other.

In the morning Pallavi is preparing the tea for her, she looks at the photo thinking about what Maa said in the night that Gagan and Badal are not twins.

Sonali wishes her good morning when Pallavi goes to stand in front of her, Sonali exclaims se feels it is the doing of the coffee which she made for nick, Pallavi is drinking coffee when Sonali asks if she has packed her bags, Pallavi questions why did she leave all of a sudden while her child was in the hospital,

Sonali asks what could have she done as her husband had committed suicide and she was not left with anything,. Pallavi exclaims she could have informed Nikhil, Sonali exclaims Pallavi had filled the heart with so much gilt so he left her, Sonali asks why was she asked to raise the child alone when his father went to New York to earn some money,

Pallavi exclaims that she gave birth to Badal but how was she able to leave him, she mentions Badal cried a lot that day and she was not able to console him. Sonali reveals she was also worried which is why she came back to get back her son, Pallavi replies to Sonali just came back for Nikhil since she never took his name but to blackmail her, Sonali exclaims it is time for her to leave and so when is she going to leave.

Pallavi mentions Sonali would also have to take care of her children, Sonali replies she is not interested in taking care or lecturing the children, Pallavi starts informing Sonali what her children like, she leaves assuring she would ask Nikhil.

Pallavi in the night is packing her bag when she sees the photo which she hugs, Pallavi then picks a letter from the table but recalling the memories she has, Pallavi tears it as she has tears in her eyes. Pallavi once again starts reliving all of the memories which she had with Nikhil.

Pallavi takes the bag to walk out of the room, she recalls how Nikhil would joke with her.

Pallavi goes to the room of the children when they are sleeping, she stands in front of them recalling how she slapped Badal and he apologized to her, she is not able to control her emotions. Pallavi sits beside them holding his hand, she assures she loves him a lot even when she is not his biological mother.

Pallavi thinks about Gagan so also showing affection for him she walks away.

Pallavi is writing the note with a heavy heart, she starts looking at the house thinking of all the times when they enjoyed the beautiful moments, to the wedding of Nikhil and Sonali. Pallavi picks her bag when Maa asks what she is doing, Pallavi informs she is leaving explaining she has never refused her but today should not say anything to her, Maa vows to not let Sonali get away with it, Pallavi replies she herself wants to leave but even if Sonali has asked then what is the problem as she is now the wife of Nikhil.

Pallavi requests maa to take care of her children, Maa replies they also need their mother however Pallavi exclaims she is not leaving them forever but needs to spend some time with herself, she even requests maa to take care of herself.

Pallavi while walking out of the house is crying, thinking of all the moments she has spent with her children, Maa is tensed. Pallavi prays to Bhagwan to make sure her family is blessed. Maa follows her to the door with tears in her eyes.

Gagan is ready the letter, he reads how she said she also deserves a little break now that they are all elders after what has happened in their house, she doesnot want them to worry for her and even instructs Gagan and Badal to not fight with each other, they all have Nikhil and Maa to take care of them.

Pallavi reaches the house of her friend who asks where is she going, she replies first Ranbir left and now even Pallavi is leaving, she requests Lalita to not ask any questions as she thought she would first meet her as she doesnot know if she would come back, she asks if Lalita would take care of her children, she doesnot let her ask any questions before leaving. Lalita is standing when a woman in a black hoodie comes saying that Pallavi cannot leave like this,


Apnapan 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi warns Sonali how someone is following her ever since she left this house as if someone wants to kill them, Sonali however is not worried but she is scared in the night.

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Telecast Date:3rd November 2022
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