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Apnapan 2nd November 2022 Nikhil ask Pallavi if she doesnot love him, she says how many should she say it that she doesnot love him, Nikhil asks if this is why she got him married to her sister, Pallavi exclaims so everyone is happy when Nikhil replies he is the person who anyone can manipulate for their love, Pallavi turns assuring she is also happy, Nikhil agrees mentioning that everyone would be happy,

he feels Sonali also loves him otherwise why would she agree to marry him but what about her, Pallavi exclaims he doesnot have to worry about her, Nikhil mentions that he needs to worry for his wife as she is also the sister of Pallavi and he needs to take care of her otherwise it might hurt Pallavi, he tries to get closer which irritates Pallavi when he asks why is she bothered when there is nothing between them, Nikhil mentions he needs to leave since today is the first night after his marriage, Nikhil leaves.

Pallavi siting on the floor is recalling how she talked with Nikhil, and was bothered when he left the room, there is someone knocking on the door Pallavi exclaims she doesnot want to open the door as it has been closed, she in frustration opens it but is stunned to see Maa, she enters the room while Pallavi is worried.

Nikhil is sitting with his friend constantly drinking, his friend questions how he can help Nikhil if he just keeps drinking but he doesnot say anything to his friend.

Pallavi exclaims she knows what happened downstairs, Maa mentions that she wanted to prevent what was happening but is tensed that she was not able to stop it, Maa explains at first, she was not able to recognize the women but when she walked down with Sonali and Nikhil, Maa reveals she saw Pallavi was scared so she witnessed Sonali giving money to the women after which she recognized her but why did she come back after eighteen years,

Pallavi mentions how she was right with her suspicion. Maa questions what has she done since she knows how her behavior was a little strict for the past couple of days but why did Pallavi make such a big mistake, she mentions how she followed the women and confronted to find the truth, Maa mentions she knew there was something wrong, she asks who is the women and she tried to explain she is a guest but she recognized that the women is the same nurse who was working in the hospital,

Maa warned her to not tell a lie and speak the truth as she saw whatever was going on inside and why did Sonali give her the money so call the police. The lady explains she was called her and Sonali gave her money to keep her mouth closed, if she opened her mouth then the name of Jay singh would be ruined. The nurse explains if she tells everyone inside about what was going on eighteen years ago and she was given this money by Pallavi.

Maa explains her Grandsons, Karan and Badal are not twins. Pallavi is crying when she reveals she meant Badal and she loves him like her own son so has never differentiated between him and anyone else, Pallavi explains Nikhil had deceived her in their relationship asking if she was that bad to deserve deception so why did Nikhil do this to her, maa asks if the reason for their separation was Sonali.

Pallavi hugging maa explains she always asked Nikhil thinking it was the doing of Sonali however he always used to question her, she herself saw the truth between Sonali and Nikhil and her husband was the one who deceived her. Maa holding her hands apologizes epically for the past few days explaining she considered her responsible for the past few years as she used to think Pallavi was not interested in taking care of this relationship as the entire family was separated.

Pallavi explains that Sonali wanted to tell the truth to everyone, and she was worried Sonali might take Badal away. Maa asks how was she able to take such a big step, Pallavi explains she did it because of her children since what would the children think about Nikhil as she is sure they all would respect their father and Badal would not think no one needs him and he was left in the hospital.

Pallavi exclaims whatever happened today was right, she believes Nikhil might not want it but Maa asks what about her desires as she knows Nikhil always wants to be with Pallavi, Maa mentions she once again sacrificed everything for their family as no mother can do something of this sort for their own children but she did it for someone else, Pallavi exclaims Badal is her own as even Yashoda Maia is called the mother.

Maa explains Nikhil has always deceived her instead of the love which she deserved, Pallavi kept the pain in hidden and bared it alone, he returned after eighteen years but she did not show anger and accepted him. Maa explains she was able to see the anger in her eyes, explaining it is right to see the pain in front of them who deceived them but what about the nurse, Pallavi mentions she helped write her name in the place of his real mother.

Maa explains she would have been able to stop the marriage but did not have the strength as she cared if the name of her family would be ruined. Maa exclaims she might have something good to get a daughter in law like Pallavi.
Nikhil drinking questions how Pallavi can say she doesnot love him, his friend mentions she might be telling the truth as she would have never loved him but the point is that today is the first night after his marriage.

Maa explains Pallavi has sacrificed everything for their family, she mentions she did it for her own family.
Sonali is lying down on the bed when Nikhil enters the room when he is really drunk so he closes the door.

Pallavi recalls when she was with her son in the hospital the nurse said that she is glad to find a room, Pallavi heard a child crying when she mentioned she is the mother and father of her son. The nurse explained that the boy doesnot have any parents as his mother left just after giving birth, Pallavi asked about the name when she was shocked to find that he is the son of Sonali and Nikhil.


Apnapan 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi informs Maa she is leaving, requesting her to take care of her children. Badal and Gagan wonder how can she leave them like this, Sonali in frustration thinks she has to find who else knows the truth about that day.

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Telecast Date:2nd November 2022
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