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Apnapan 22nd June 2022 Episode starts with Nick meeting Ishaan and his family. He says I came from the US yesterday for my daughter’s marriage. Nick asks Shanky to come. Shanky and the servants bring so many gifts.

Ishaan’s parents smile. Nick says you didn’t have food and came, so I made the food and got it. He asks Ishaan to get the plates.

Bua says you are the famous chef, Nick Jay. Nick says my family is here, we will have a restaurant here also. He asks them to try the food. He pleases them with his sweet talks. He gives them gifts.

Ishaan’s dad hugs him. Bua asks how did he come suddenly. Nick gifts jewellery to Bua also. She says Pallavi didn’t tell us about you and you have come to serve us. Nick says its my right to serve my daughter’s Sasural,

enjoy the food, can I take an urgent call, can I go upstairs. He goes. Pallavi and Barkha come. Nick talks to Manna. Bua welcomes Pallavi. Pallavi gives the sweets. Bua says Barkha’s dad already got many sweets,

its good you have come. Pallavi sees the gifts. Ishaan greets Pallavi. He says Barkha, your dad has come. Ajeeb dastaan…plays….

Pallavi sees the food served. Ishaan’s dad says he is the family pandit, he wants to talk. Nick says give me two mins. Manna hears about the marriage date and shouts. Her Bua asks her to calm down.

She says even I want to know what is going on. Pallavi thinks maybe they are mistaken, he can’t come here. Nick comes downstairs. He goes with Ishaan’s dad. Ishaan’s mum asks Pallavi to forget whatever happened, come and take the pics.

Nick gets the pics clicked. Pallavi comes there. she is shocked to see Nick. Nick sees her. They stand for the pic. They recall their past. Pallavi asks for washroom and goes. She cries. Nick comes there. They start arguing. She asks why did you come back in our lives. He says Barkha wanted me to come and return her happiness,

you were trying to break the marriage, she wanted me to fix it, you ruined our marriage, spare the children, I can understand why she doesn’t want to stay with you, I wish I could take her, but you won’t let this happen,

I have come here, now her marriage is fixed, no one will come between. He goes. Pallavi asks Barkha to come. Barkha says things got fine today. Nick says marriage will be grand. Pallavi says it will be simple.

Bua says Barkha’s dad has come, he has many restaurants, he can do anything he want. Pallavi says we are divorced, we aren’t together, Barkha is my responsibility, community hall will be okay for the engagement.

Barkha stops Nick. Ishaan says we will divide the responsibility. Bua says you have to do the arrangements in 7 days. Pallavi says I will manage. Pallavi, Barkha and Nick leave. Pallavi shouts. Nick says I m going to US tomorrow, so relax. Pallavi takes Barkha with her. She asks Maa how did Nick come here.

Maa says he has come for his daughter’s marriage. Pallavi says I don’t need him. Barkha says I need him, mum and dad are imp for a child. Ranveer comes. Maa asks him to see what’s happening. Barkha says you kept us away from our dad.

Badal says dad didn’t miss us, he could have found about us. She says but he is caring for us now, I don’t care why he did this, I will choose dad over mum, its tough to be with mum, so dad had left us. Pallavi slaps her. She says you don’t need to know anything. She cries and leaves.

Ranveer goes to talk to her. Pallavi asks how could he come, Barkha asked his help. He says relax, he is going. Pallavi says yes, he came on Barkha’s message, no, he came to show off and insult me. He says you hate him a lot. She says a lot.

He says you can’t forget him. She says this hatred gives me strength, I will also get a chance tomorrow.

Shanky asks why do you want to go back, Nandini has come to Delhi. Nick says Pallavi is stubborn, I can’t stay here, marriage is fixed now, withdraw 50 lakhs. He takes his phone and messages Barkha. Pallavi comes to Barkha’s room. She checks Nick’s message. She leaves.

She comes to meet Nick at the hotel. He taunts her. She says you had called Barkha. He says yes, I called her at the coffee shop, she is my daughter, stay away from her. He says you have divided the family,

Barkha called me here. She says you want to show that you are great and I m weak. He says you are the lawyer and the judge, I won’t let you ruin Barkha’s life, I will not go until I sort the matter. She says so you won’t agree, fine, I will decide it. He asks her to leave. She shouts leave from our lives. She leaves.


Apnapan 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manna says I should know that you are remarrying. Pallavi and Nick argue. Gagan and Manna argue. Pallavi meets Manna.

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Telecast Date:22nd June 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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