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Apnapan 20th June 2022 Episode starts with Shanky enjoying the chaat at the stall. He asks Nick to have it, its yummy. Nick says I cook food dishes, I don’t like to have it. Nick hears Shanky talking to the vendor.

He says laddoos were best at just one place. Ranveer calls Pallavi and says investor is coming tonight at 8pm. She says Ishaan’s family is also coming. He says fine, I will ask the investor to come early. Badal asks her to relax. She asks him to answer the calls. They make the laddoos.

Pallavi feeds the laddoo to Barkha and says I just want the children happy, no need of thank and sorry, she always gets angry on me. She asks Barkha to control her anger in her Sasural. She asks what will you wear in the evening. Barkha says any old dress. Badal goes and calls someone. Pallavi asks him to come.

Nick talks to his sister on video call. She asks did you reach Delhi, seriously. He says no, I m somewhere else, I will let you know when I come back. Shanky comes. Nick says I didn’t tell her about Meerut.

Nick and Shanky argue. Nick asks him to have some manners. Manna asks what is dad doing in Meerut, will he marry a Meerut girl. Bua says pack your bags, we are going to Meerut, its just not good news, why did Nick go there. Pallavi comes to the restaurant. She meets Ishaan’s aunt and her friends.

Aunt says Pallavi runs this restaurant, she is divorced, we don’t care for that, girl should be good. Pallavi asks them to enjoy the food. She goes to the kitchen. Ishaan’s aunt creates a scene that the non veg is served.

Pallavi apologizes. Aunt says I know you are a single woman and can’t handle things alone, how will you handle everything, Ishaan’s parents are also coming, will things get managed. Pallavi says no, it will be fine, I will make something special for you all and serve it. She rushes to cook the kachoris.

Ishaan’s mum says tell Pallavi that we want to come early. Pallavi serves the variety of dishes. The ladies like the dishes and ask for the recipe. Pallavi says nothing is tough when you want to do anything by your wish. Aunt says Ishaan’s parents are coming early.

Pallavi says it will be managed. Pallavi says don’t know where is Badal. Badal sells drugs and gets the money. He thinks Barkha will get a new dress now. Barkha gets a parcel. He asks did Pallavi send this.

The man says no, Sir has sent this. Ranveer brings the clients to the restaurant. Lalita sees Nick and smiles. She checks his profile. Ranveer says there isn’t much crowd always, an alliance talk is going on so… Nick goes to see the restaurant. Shanky says we can make this place a bigger one.

Ranveer says the main chef won’t agree, she is old school types. Nick says we believe that we make people feel larger than size, if we finalize this deal, then it will be our brand. The man says investors are coming here. Pallavi asks what, tell Ranveer to stop them. The man says Pallavi asked for some time, kitchen is messed up.

Ranveer says we will see kitchen later. Lalita greets Nick and dances. She says he is the same person who I chat on the wedding app. Pallavi asks how is it. Lalita says he is really hot, go and get ready, Ishaan’s family will be coming. Pallavi goes. Lalita chats with Nick. Shanky is chatting online.

He says if Nick knows, then he won’t leave me. Pallavi gets ready and comes. She sees Barkha and Maa coming. She asks how did the new dress come. She welcomes Ishaan’s family. Badal also cooks in the kitchen. Ranveer praises him. Ishaan takes Barkha’s side. Aunt says you are supporting her, Pallavi should teach cooking to Barkha before sending her, its not easy for a single parent to handle all this.

Nick comes there and asks did you make this. Badal says yes, its my mum’s recipe, please try it. Nick tastes it and says not bad, did you add any special ingredient. Badal says just hing and zeera, it increases the taste. Nick recalls Pallavi.

Badal says most people don’t like homemade food, but mum says that people would like to have such food. Nick says you are young and talk of big things. Pallavi says I will always have a right on Barkha, she will continue her studies. Aunt says we don’t want any working bahu. Nick shouts on a call.

Badal asks him to have laddoos. He says anyone will take you seriously, you are so famous and successful. Nick says this will have sugar. Badal says you enjoy your life and success, please have it. Nick tastes it and smiles. He says right, homemade food takes you to home, this was really nice.

Pallavi says Barkha will study and do a job, she will save money for herself. Aunt says you don’t trust marriage, I can understand. Barkha says this isn’t needed. Pallavi gets a call. Badal’s school principal calls Pallavi and asks her to come urgently, it’s a serious matter of paper leak.

Pallavi says I have to go, really sorry. Ishaan’s family gets upset. Nick asks whose saving boxes are these. Badal says our mum… Pallavi goes to the kitchen to Badal. Nick is on call. She takes Badal. Nick turns to see.


Apnapan 21st June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nick meets Maa and says you didn’t change. He meets Barkha and cries.

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Telecast Date:20th June 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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