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Apnapan 1st November 2022 episode starts with Nikhil and Sonali sitting, Pandit jee asks them both to stand up so they can start the rituals of circling where Sonali would be walking in front of Nikhil, Pallavi along with the rest of the family are throwing flower petals, after a while Pandit jee instructs the groom to come in front of the bride.

Pandit jee asks them to sit down once again, so Nikhil would place the Sindoor in her Mang, he asks if there is anyone to assist him. Nikhil is just staring at Pallavi who takes the thali to him, he picks the Sindoor while Pallavi helps him apply it.

Pandit jee instructs him to have the bride wear the Mangal Sutur, Pallavi recalls how she assured she will always uphold the rituals of their wedding, Pallavi asks Nikhil to make his wife wear the Mangal Sutur, Nikhil is about to make her wear it when the Mangal Sutur breaks, the guests mentions it is not a good sign so what are they going to do, Nandita mentions the Mangal Sutur of Pallavi would still be in her room, they can use the same one. Nandita brings it from the room, handing the Mangal Sutur to Pallavi who gives it to Nikhil.

Nikhil takes the Mangal Sutur which he makes Sonali wear, she starts looking at the Mangal Sutur before standing up with Nikhil, they both go to take their blessings from Maa who just raises her hand, Nikhil then goes to take the blessings of Pallavi’s mother who refuses taking her steps back.

Sonali suggests she also wants to take the blessings of Pallavi, she then kneels in front of her but Pallavi feels awkward, Sonali thinks she finally got the person who belongs to him, Nikhil thinks why did Pallavi do it, she thinks she had to do it in order to protect her family because the secret which Sonali knows was going to ruin everything so she will do anything to protect her own family.

Pallavi explains she knows they all would be really angry with her and it might seem wrong however she knows their marriage might end once again, her children ask why did she make this decision in such a hurry. Pallavi explains the truth is that they both are her parents and love their children a lot so they must always remember it, Pallavi turns as she starts crying and after wiping off her tears turns back, she is stunned as there is no one standing which causes emotional distress.

Sonali is with Nandita when Pallavi enters the room, she suggests Pallavi should pack her things from this room since she is no longer the wife of Nikhil as this room belongs to her Bhabhi, Sonali explains there is nothing wrong since Pallavi di is just a guest in this house but she still needs her help, Sonali brings the dress asking Pallavi what should she wear tonight, but Pallavi doesnot respond so Sonali thinks of wearing a sarree of Pallavi,

she brings it out and thinks even her ear rings seem really nice which she would wear, as if she doesnot have a husband who would she get dressed for, so Pallavi hands over her ear rings. Sonali asks what does Nikhil like, either the sweet or sour milk. Sonali mentions the choice of Pallavi and Nik were never a match, she feels he would like a nice whisky or coffee.

Sonali explains tonight would be the first night and they should make their memories after staying awake, Sonali rushes to the mirror taking the Bindi which she applies on her forehead, Sonali exclaims no that she doesnot have a husband, but as she said she would own everything which used to belong to Pallavi,

as her pain is her victory which she would surely attain. Pallavi in turn questions how Sonali like it does as she had the name since a long time, and had applied the Bindi so how is she feeling after calling the things of someone else as her own, would she be able to call him her own.

Pallavi asks her to look at herself carefully as she was always at the second position, even if it was in the school or someone’s life. Sonali replies she is in a good mood so bearing her conversation, Sonali asks which dress she should wear tonight however explains Pallavi would have never worn it, Pallavi replies because she never needed to use them.

Pallavi is in the room when Nandita explains she needs the money before he enters the room, Pallavi thinks it cannot happen.

Sonali is in the room anxiously waiting for Nikhil, she even throws the petals from the bed in excitement.
Pallavi is standing in front of the door when she is pushed, Nikhil manages to catch her just as she is about to fall.

Sonali opens the door to find the person standing, she asks where Nikhil is so he explains Nik wants to go out of the house so asked him to bring the car keys which she must give him, he leaves thanking her and wishing a good night.

Pallavi tries to open the door but Nik pushes her questioning why did she do it, she replies because she is tired of him and his drinking, Nik mentions this is why she got him married to Sonali. Pallavi explains he proposed to Sonali, Nik mentions because he was fed up of Pallavi, she did the same eighteen years ago and even today left him in the Mandap. Nik explains today he realized she left him because of her own desires,

she never believed someone could love her so much, he forces her to look in his eyes and listen explaining he thought they both would be able to live a new life with their family. Nik explains these few days were important as he felt the love which they both had, he knows she also loves him. Nik questions what happened all of a sudden that she asked him to marry Sonali, he feels she knew he can do anything for her, Nik exclaims she deserves it as the children wanted to see them married,

Pallavi forced him to marry Sonali so he exclaimed it was enough as he waited for her for eighteen years, because she never took a stand for their relationship however he never looked at another girl.

Pallavi turns away when he questions why is she running away from the truth, Pallavi replies she is feeling bad for him because he forgot they were acting for Maa and he ended everything so now she just hates him, Pallavi asks she never tried to get in touch with him because she hates him however it was really difficult for her to take care of everything, Pallavi assures she hates him and did the act only for Maa.

Precap: Pallavi is with Maa explaining the women also did it eighteen years ago, Maa asks Pallavi what has she done today. Nikhil is with his friend who explains Pallavi never loved him and it was all an act. Pallavi takes her bag requesting Maa to always take care of her children, she walks out of the house.

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