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Apnapan 15th November 2022 Sonali exclaims it is enough as she doesnot want her son to live in this house anymore so it effects his life, Sonali assures Badal must not be worried since he has lived the life of a middle class family to long but not anymore, Pallavi holds her hand but Badal says that she left him because now Sonali aunt has returned so she no longer wanted to take his responsibility,

Pallavi asks what is he saying because he is a part of her heart, Sonali asks her to tell the truth because she just loved him as a meaning to her end, Pallavi asks if he really thinks that her love is fake as she used to love him the most while Sonali just left him for her own benefit,

Manna explains it is enough since Badal has just learned the life he was living was fake so he can take his own decisions and she knows only maa could have given him such important teachings otherwise if Sonali had raised him then she highly doubts he would have these qualities. Manna asks Sonali to not force him since he needs just some time to focus, she advises Badal to go to his room and inform them about his decision tomorrow. Sonali assure he doesnot have to worry since his mother is with him, Manna takes badal to his room.

Sonali goes to Nik, explaining how could he forgot whatever happened between them and the only reason she remained quiet was because she never wanted to ruin his life with Pallavi di but now that the truth has come out, he can see the result what it got so she feels they should have dinner in their room, Sonali whispers to Pallavi that they should first check the record of the players in the game before fighting, she walks to the room while even Nikhil leaves.

Pallavi is crying thinking she never thought that Badal would find out the truth in such a way since he is her son and she feels he should not leave her.

Karonika enters the house at night, she feels Pallavi is standing in front of her so asks if she found anything about her Mayank brother and did Sonali say anything, Sonali turns mentioning she is standing in front of her and would say a lot to her, Sonali explains that her brother Mayank is the one who told her about his sister,

Sonali explains her brother is still madly in love with her and will do whatever she says to him, Sonali explains Karonika wants to know the truth about 18th March, and the truth is that she killed her husband that day for her own happiness, she killed him because when she told him she was pregnant, he got furious and angry with her saying the child doesnot belong to him so how could it have been his when they never had that sort of relation. Sonali mentions he was not divorcing her so she remains trapped with him but she herself causes havoc so killed him,

Sonali explains she did it with the help of Mayank with the help of her boyfriend Mayank, Sonali mentions in order to survive she proved that it was a suicide so she got the entire wealth of Mahesh, and if anything then it would be to Mayank since she trapped him in all of her evil plans, she only kept Mayank alive for this day since he is her security proof. Karonika kneels in front her pleading that she tell her about her brother, Sonali explains he is in hell, she must go and ask Pallavi who would soon be with him.

Manna in the morning explains that Badal is still sleeping, harsh explains if Badal is the son of Sonali aunt then it would mean why their parents got separated, Gagan explains if Badal leaves then he would not be able to leave without him, Harsh mentions that parents tend to solve the problem of their children’s but their parents have so much problems.

Gagan explains he cannot wait for the decision of Badal so is going to talk with him but Manna mentions this decision should only be of Badal, their sister explains that just as Mom always says that all five of them are siblings and so they can solve all the problem, Harsh explains only Gagan can crack such lousy jokes, Manna and her sister force them both to apologize to eachother as they make Gagan apologize to Harsh, they all hug eachother.

Badal in the room wonders if he should go with Sonali aunt or go with his father, or stay in this house, Sonali entering the room asks if he has come to a decision, she makes him sit down explaining Pallavi would just love him as she has done in the past, but she is not his mother so can never love him. Sonali explains she loves him dearly and they can even ask Nik to come with them,

she is not asking him to leave his family as he can come here at any time. Badal explains he was thinking, he sees the suitcase so asks if she is going anywhere when Badal mentions his entire family lives here. Sonali explains he can come back any time, but they need to leave for now, she starts packing his clothes, Badal tries to refuse but Sonali explains whatever decision she and Nik would take will be best for him, Badal mentions he was going to take the decision, Sonali explains he is taking the decision but not here since this is the best thing.

Manna explains their family came together after such hardships and they cannot believe that Sonali has deceived Pallavi so much, Sonali walks down with Badal when they all ask if he has decided to leave, Sonali mentions that these are her bags and Nikhil has decided to leave with them both and stay alone, Manna and Harsh mention their father can never decide to stay with a lady like her,

Sonali mentions they have decided it in privacy and Nikhil would tell them the truth, Sonali even mentions that Badal will have a share in each and every business of Nikhil and Harsh, he says that he owns a separate business with his father, Sonali replies he did not hear itpr0pewrly when she said that all of Nikhils businesses. Sonali questions where Pallavi is, Manna replies she has gone to the Mandir,

Sonali taunts it would be to try and end her wrongdoings. Manna explains she acts as if she is concerned about Badal but she is glad he did not adopt any behavior or habits from her since she is filled with evil and doesnot have any goodness in her, while Badal is a really nice person. Sonali gets a message from Pallavi along with everyone else and they are shocked after seeing it.


Apnapan 16th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sonali angrily runs to Pallavi but falls before her, Pallavi replies that today her past is in front of her, Karonika explains she ruined the life of her brother for seventeen years, Mayank also blames Sonali for everything. Sonali tries to convince Nikhil that she did it all for them and Badal but he instructs her to end this drama.

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