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Apnapan 14th November 2022 Nikhil comes to the cafe, he asks Shanky if he saw Pallavi, Shanky replies that she came looking for Sonali but left when she did not find her here, he asks Nikhil what happened who replies she has been fulfilling the responsibilities for so long that she doesnot need him anymore.

Shanky questions what is he saying since he doesnot feel Pallavi is like that, Nikhil explains he doesnot know that Pallavi takes each and every step with utmost just to protect that secret, she has made his life a mess because of it, Shanky suggests he should talk with her, Nikhil questions if Shanky thinks he did not try, he suggests Nikhil should give her some time but Nikhil replies he doesnot have that time, he reveals that for the first time he is feeling really scared, he doesnot know what kind of secret is she hiding that might cause his family to be in any sort of trouble.

Badal asks what did he say that Sonali is his wife, Mayank replies she is not just his wife but soulmate so Mayank asks why were they making such comments about her, Manna tries to shield Badal while Mayank asks why were they speaking ill of her, Manna mentions both their Grandmothers are sleeping and if they find out about it then would get scared,

Badal asks Mayank for his name questioning how did he come here, Mayank starts to think about his name, Mayank sees the photo of Sonali with Nikhil in a wedding dress, he starts asking who is this person. Badal informs he is their father, hearing this Mayank starts hitting on the frame, Badal mentions he needs some help so he should leave, and what does he need from them.

Sonali reaching the house calls Mayank, Badal and Manna get shocked. Sonali explains the person left him so he came here, Sonali explains he might have gotten tired so he should go and rest in the room, Mayank asks if these two tease her and who is this person, Sonali manages to send him away suggesting he should also apply the medicine on his injury.,
Manna questions what is going on here, Badal also asks what her relation is since he said she is his wife, Sonali replies that her friend, but he is her friend’s brother and somehow feels that she is like her girlfriend so came to here thinking she is his wife.

Badal and Manna are not convinced when Manna explains that her friends and these stories are weird, Sonali tries to assure she is telling the truth, Mayank asks who is talking so loudly with her, Sonali replies she is fine, he must wait in the room. She will come there to talk with him. Sonali apologizes assuring Mayank is following her and she would surely send him away soon, she is sorry for the way he behaved with them both, Sonali walks upstairs.

Manna asks if Badal saw what she meant, that Sonali is weird. Badal also gets worried.

Mayank is applying the bandage in the room, Sonali opens the door so he stands up, she quickly shuts the door behind her, requesting him to understand that she had to leave him there with the women and this house belongs to her sister so she cannot keep him here, Mayank asks where can he go since he really missed her, Sonali assures they have to just stay away for some time after which she would be with him, she promises to come and meet him once a month,

Sonali requests him to listen as she is in a really big problem, Mayank asks what is the problem when she replies that her life has become hell and she no longer wants to see him in pain because of her, she pleads he should trust her as it is better if they should leave because even if they live far away their hearts would always be together. Mayank assures she must not be worried as he would only do what she asks him to, she asks if anyone else knows the truth about 18th March,

Mayank questions what happened that day, Sonali asks if he forgot about Mahesh when Mayank promises that he did not tell anyone the truth because of his promise to her. Sonali explains that she needs to find out who else knew about it, Mayank assures he even hid the truth from his shadow, Sonali shouts at him to say what he is asked, she once again asks if he talked with anyone that day, Mayank informs he talked with his sister Karonika, he requests if she would help him find her.

Sonali remembers that in the cafe Shanty said he doesnot stay in the cafe any longer since Karonika handles everything, then Pallavi tried to distract her by talking about how she looks. Sonali suggests Mayank should go and stay in Hotel for some time, he must not come out of his room till she comes to meet him.

Sonali quickly brings a cloth which she uses to cover Mayank, advising he must go secretly. Mayank requests if he can stay with her for a little longer, Sonali replies he is intelligent so must understand how he needs to leave. Sonali pushes him out of the room, with a smile thinks Pallavi knew about it and played such a big game but she is going to lose like always. Sonali is furious.

Badal enters the room mentioning he wanted to ask her something, she assures they can talk but he should call her as Maa after which he can ask anything.

Pallavi on the call mentions she followed her but she had already left and she has not been able to meet Manna and Badal even when Kinu Maa informed her about their return, Karonika explains she would get ill if she thinks like this as it is not the time to be worried, Pallavi ends the call assuring she would tell her as soon as she finds something.

Nikhil enters the house, Pallavi sees him so going asks where Sonali is, Nikhil replies he doesnot know inquiring if the game has ended with her sister, Pallavi questions if he is drunk, mentioning Manna and Badal are not in the house and so where Sonali is, Nikhil replies he has no idea. Pallavi questions why he is not taking responsibility for his children even after twenty years,

Pallavi explains she is really tensed, Nikhil questions why is she tensed that his children went with his wife, he is tried of her questions and the utmost need to interrogate him all the time, she doesnot want to answer him anything. Nikhil explains he is going to ask Sonali about the truth because he knows she would reply to him, he needs to find the entire truth, Pallavi starts crying when Nikhil exclaims even today he cannot see her cry, why does she always hide everything from her.

Sonali enters the house with Manna and Badal when Pallavi goes to hug him and Manna, but they do not respond which worries her, Nikhil questions Sonali what is going on between them both as he needs to find out the truth, Badal explains that he will tell the truth which is that Nikhil is his father while Sonali his mother.

Nikhil asks Pallavi if she knew the truth, she agrees so Sonali explains he was really drunk but Nikhil doesnot want to accept it. Sonali explains this is the truth and Nikhil had left so she thought of leaving the child in the hospital because she did not had even the small amount of money to raise him. Sonali explains when she returned she called the hospital only to find out Pallavi had taken the child and she was raising him. Nikhil takes Pallavi aside asking if she knew Badal was his son but even then she decided to take care of him. Pallavi asks how she could have left him there when she knew Badal reminded her of his deception. Pallavi asks what the fault of Badal in all this was, Nikhil asks if this is why she forced him to marry Sonali.

Sonali turning to Badal apologizes to him explaining she was forced to leave him because she was facing a lot of problems however this time they would always live together. Sonali asks for a chance so they would go somewhere far away but Pallavi threatens that she will never take her son away since some relations are not of blood, but Badal had chosen her. Sonali explains the blood relation is the biggest. Pallavi explains she trusted Sonali and thought she would change but Sonali did not stop playing such games. Pallavi replies she did not think Sonali will change, Sonali questions what is the truth that she knows.


Apnapan 15th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sonali informs Badal they both are leaving as she doesnot want him to live with such people, Badal doesnot want to leave. Sonali asks Pallavi to tell the truth that she just did a favor on Badal by raising him and doesnot have any emotional connection.

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