Apnapan 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Apnapan 13th September 2022 Episode starts with Pandit asking them to start the roka rituals. Dadi starts the rituals. She asks Nandita to get happy, its Nick’s roka. Pandit asks them to get rings. Dadi sends Manna to get rings. Ishaan follows Manna and says I need to talk, how long will you hide this.

She says its my parents’ roka, let me go, please. He says you are avoiding me, don’t you feel anything for me. She says I have no answers, please leave. He says really, your heartbeat is saying something else. The ring boxes fall. She sees the boxes and says there are no rings in the boxes, we have to find it.

They both look for the rings. Pandit says roka mahurat is passing off. Manna comes to Dadi and says the rings are missing. Nandita smiles. Dadi asks how, I kept it in the cupboard. Ishaan says both the boxes are empty. Manna says we didn’t find the rings. Harsh looks at Nandita. They all worry.

Pallavi says calm down, I will say something, its not imp that the ring is of gold. Dadi asks what do you mean. Pallavi says ring can be of metal or tulsi, it just means to make a relation. She makes a ring by the tulsi leaves. Dadi says Nick, I told you, there is no one better than Pallavi for you.

Nani says she is my daughter. Nick thinks which Pallavi shall I trust, what’s your real truth. Pallavi takes the tulsi ring. They all hear a sound. The people talk about the accident. Nick and everyone go out to see. Nick checks the person in the car. Nick, Pallavi and Badal get shocked seeing Sonali.

Dadi asks who is she. Nani says she is Pallavi’s cousin. She asks Nick to lift Sonali and get her inside. Dadi also asks Nick to get Sonali inside. Nick lifts Sonali and takes her inside the house. Sonali sees Pallavi and smiles. She thinks Pallavi will just stand watching me. Nick takes care of Sonali. Ishaan’s family comes.

Nimmi asks is everything fine. Nick says I have called the doctor. Nimmi asks who is she. Nani says she is my sister’s daughter, Sonali. Sonali takes her blessings. Lalita holds Sonali. Badal tells everyone about Ishaan. Harsh says this wild card entry got much drama. Badal and everyone go. Dadi asks did Sonali stay here. Shanky says no, she used to stay with her husband but he passed away. Dadi prays for her.

Sonali hugs Pallavi and acts to cry. She says I missed you a lot. Nandita smiles. Nani says its 18 years, you disappeared, you came back in this condition, don’t worry, Pallavi and I will handle you. Pallavi says you ruined my life. Sonali says I m sorry. Nick asks Pallavi to control her emotions, everyone is seeing her. Sonali says congrats for the roka. Nani asks where did you go and why.

Sonali says I went because of Pallavi. Nick worries for Dadi. He says doctor didn’t come till now. Sonali says I don’t need a doctor, I m with my family, you both helped me but I got defeated by my life. Manna says she looks so emotional. Badal goes. Barkha sees Ishaan looking at Manna and smiling. Dadi asks about Sonali’s husband, was he ill. Shanky says he was in depression, he committed suicide. She asks what.

Badal gets haldi milk for Sonali. Sonali says Pallavi was upset with me. Nick asks her not to talk much. She says I m trying to lighten my heart. He says don’t talk, we will talk later. Dadi asks Barkha to take Sonali. Sonali hugs Barkha.

Pallavi gets angry. Nani introduces the kids. Pallavi asks Barkha to take Sonali and make her ready. Sonali says I feel glad seeing them, but I think Pallavi is still upset, sorry, I don’t want any problem here. Nani says you are part of this family, I won’t let you go, get ready and come. Nandita smiles.


Apnapan 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dadi says you will stay here as a part of the family. Pallavi sees Sonali. She leaves. Nandita asks Sonali to go to Nick and give him the support, which he finds in Pallavi.


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