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Apnapan 11th November 2022 Sonali asks Nikhil if they should leave they start walking away however Pallavi stops Nikhil, she questions if it is necessary to leave as she feels she should also accompany then since she is a guest in their house so they can at least take her for a breakfast, Sonali is really furious when Pallavi thinks that she knows Sonali wanted to go somewhere else however she changed her mind when Nikhil came, she feels Sonali might meet the person in the café. Sonali thinks she knows how to deal with her.

Dadi is sitting on the couch praying, Badal and Manna reach the house, they both plan to scare Dadi who questions why did they do it, as she might have died and then cursed them but Badal exclaims her enemies should die,

Dadi asks why did everyone else not come with them, Manna explains this is her first Diwali in this house and she was not with them but she will surely want all the blessings from her, Dadi explains she knows how to cheer them all, Badal at once questions what has happened so she informs Pallavi has returned, Manna is really excited and wishes to meet her mother but Dadi informs she has gone to the café.

Manna notices Badal is worried, she questions if he is not happy to hear Maa has returned, Dadi also explains she loved him the most amongst all the children. Badal asks what he should do about it, should he smile when Maa left them all suddenly after forcing their father to marry Sonali.

Badal explains she fought with Dadi the night of her wedding and stood by her side in each situation however his mother suddenly decided that her children donot need her, he exclaims that nothing would be the same as before because they all are not even on the same page in this house. Badal says that she did not even text them once during this one month, she has taken all their decision but are parents like this, she has never left their father.

Manna tries to scold him, but Badal explains they have since their childhood stayed away from one of their parents, she always runs away from the problems while teaching them to fight it in any case. Dadi asks him to sit down explaining she knows he is angry which is why he is talking like this, he needs to hear her with a peaceful mind.

Dadi reveals the children must suffer when their parents fight but she knows Pallavi always does everything after a lot of thinking, she has a reason behind everything, she would have stayed away this one month because of some reason, Manna agrees with Dadi explaining she has understood Maa always prefers her children,

she was not able to spend her time with Maa since she was in London. Badal explains she did not tell them anything so he can not forgive her. Badal explains he was not even in her thoughts when he needed her the most, he says he is going to his room and if Manna is so glad that Maa returned, she can bake a cake, but not disturb him.

Dadi says that Badal has so much anger filled in him for Pallavi even when she loves him the most, Manna explains that she knows Badal is the most affected when Maa left and he did not even eat anything properly, Dadi thinks she wished she could tell him how Pallavi has loved him more then a biological son.

Pallavi exclaims the coffee is good, Shanky comes mentioning the world should witness the life of Nikhil, he says he needs to talk with him about the office work, Pallavi offers him coffee however he starts talking gibberish which irritates Nikhil, Shanky decides he would not stay in the café and ask Karonika to handle everything, Pallavi is worried thinking if Karonika is still here, what might happen when Sonali remembers her.

Sonali starts thinking where she has heard the name Karonika, Pallavi immediately stands up saying how she feels Sonali looks like an actress, they both start guessing when Pallavi in the end says she looks like Lalita Pawar. Nikhil is stunned asking if she actually feels like it, Karonika leaves the cafe so she doesnot meet Sonali.

Pallavi sits down when Sonali gets a text, Nikhil and Pallavi both get worried as Sonali keeps getting a lot of texts, Pallavi questions why is she getting so many tests since it is not nice when she is with her husband. Sonali mentions she was trying to get another appointment with the doctor, Nikhil is worried how a doctor is caring so much for the appointment of their clients.

Sonali gets a call so leaves to answer it, Pallavi also gets up to follow her when Nikhil asks what is going on with her since he just wants to help her, Pallavi tries to leave however Nikhil pulling her close questions since when has she made him like this that they cannot even share anything, Nikhil recalls when Pallavi refused to marry him and he was also adamant, he demanded that Pallavi will perform the Gant Bandhan. Pallavi turns back to leave.
Sonali asks him to listen because she kept Mayank in that hospital because he was working there so what if Mayank runs away, the person replies that she has not given him any money since the past three months so he had to leave him, Sonali is stunned questioning if he left Mayank alone since she just needed a few time, the person replies he would not able to accept her lies as he has dropped Mayank at her house mentioning that she lives with her husband, Sonali is tensed.

Mayank slowly walks into the house calling Sonali, he asks where is she.

Manna is cutting the fruits but asks Badal why he is not helping her, she hands him the plate of fruits, Badal exclaims that Maa still left the house knowing they would come back today, Manna explains she felt Sonali aunt would help them bringing both Ma and their father close, but she instead caused a lot of problem,

Mayank thinks he will not bear any word against Sonali. Manna drops the knife exclaiming it also happened because she took the name of Sonali, Mayank puts the knife which scares Manna, Badal questions how he came to this house, Mayank questions the location about Sonali, Manna asks why he wants to know about her, Mayank reveals she is his wife, both Manna and Badal are stunned.


Apnapan 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nikhil is with Shanky explaining he doesnot know what truth Pallavi is hiding but feels it will ruin his entire family. Badal comes to Sonali explaining he wants to talk with her. Pallavi questions Sonali why is she so worried as her past has finally caught upto her, Karonika reveals her brother was in jail for seventeen years just because of Sonali, Mayank also reveals that she has just used him.

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