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Apnapan 10th November 2022 Sonali gets up from the bed, she holding the letter is really scared but thinks she doesnot have to be scared as she tends to scare people, Sonali locks the door of her room, she thinking what she can do walks to pick a racket just murmuring that Sonali is not scared but scares people,

she immediately hits Nikhil with the racket who questions what is this behavior, Nikhil says she must open the window if there was a mosquito, Sonali mentions she has been feeling a little awkward ever since Pallavi di came back,

Nikhil replies she must not always think of blaming Pallavi as it is not her fault, Sonali replies she has been noticing how he is talking rudely to her ever since Pallavi di came back, Sonali replies she would not let anyone come between them because knows what is wrong, Nikhil doesnot understand asking what does she mean, she replies she is just saying they both are one.

Nikhil notices the letter on the floor when Sonali seeing it immediately covers the letter requesting him to come inside since she would apply the balm on his hand, she slowly starts massaging it asking when would they truly become a husband and wife since she knows he also left the night they got married,

Nikhil apologizes to her saying he will accept her after the children, she knows they are not talking to him after their marriage but he is sure they will realize it is the best decision, Nikhil goes to attend the bathroom. Sonali crushes the letter in her fist thinking she needs to meet Mayank in order to find out who else knows about the secret of eighteen march.

Sonali slowly walks down the stairs thinking she has to quickly go and return because if Pallavi wakes up then would ask a lot of questions, she kneels down after causing some vases to fall over, she is scared when Maa touches her from the back questioning what is she doing since they feel she is not well,

Sonali mentions she needs to leave since she is getting late, they both ask her to prepare tea however she tries to leave, Maa at first informs she needs to tell them whenever she is going out as these are the ethics that prevail in the society. Sonali refuses to make tea when Maa replies she feels they should wake up Pallavi and informs her Sonali is leaving without giving them tea,

Sonali hesitantly replies she is not scared of Pallavi, Bi jee gets shocked asking why did she call her Pallavi and not Pallavi di, Sonali refuses to let them wake up Pallavi explaining she is sleeping so what is the need to disturb her since she would make the tea, Sonali thinks if they wake Pallavi she would not let her go out of the house so it is better if she leaves after giving them tea, Maa asks why is she still standing here as she must make the tea for them.

Tej jee and Maa are standing while laughing as Sonali is making tea, Maa explains she must make tea for her and even put ginger along with some masala in it, Bi jee informs she needs the tea which has some extra milk in it so she can make separate tea for her. Sonali is not able to find the Stainer and so Maa informs her about where it is placed.

Maa accidentally drops the tea which ruins the saree of Sonali, Maa says that she can change the saree after first making tea for her, but Tej jee says she can go and change the clothes. Maa asks Tej jee why is she texting Nikhil, Tej jee replies that Nikhil is in her team while it is their secret.

Nikhil is sleeping when Sonali secretly enters the room, Nikhil thinks that he can also play the game, he recalls when he met Tej jee the night Pallavi returned, he decided to talk with her when Tej jee questions what does he want because he married Sonali, Nikhil explains that he did not marry her because the night he got married to Sonali, the Mantar which Pandit jee recited were not that of a wedding,

he explains he saw Sonali walking out of the room of Pallavi and when she came down she was really tensed, he noticed Pallavi was just staring at Sonali so he married her. Tej jee questions why he waited till now to inform about the truth, Nikhil explains because Sonali was not revealing the truth and she did not let him find any proof, Nikhil says now that Pallavi has also returned, she has really changed but not telling her the truth about what happened that night, Nikhil praises Tej jee for her help thinking now he needs to find out where Sonali is going.

Sonali walks down the stairs when Maa asks if she cleaned the tea in the kitchen, Sonali runs out of the house when Tej jee explains Sonali always runs away from work and she feels there is something going on in her life.

Sonali bumps into Pallavi questioning why does she not watch where she is going, Pallavi asks where is she going so early but Sonali also asks the question, Pallavi informs she was doing yoga and will even teach her as she can stand on one feet, Sonali explains she is going to the doctor,

Pallavi asks who would be open so early, Sonali explains it is a girls problem which she needs to talk privately with her, Pallavi asks if she thinks she is a boy, Pallavi thinks she would irritate Sonali to the extent that she will not be able to bear it, Nikhil also calls Sonali when she thinks they all are a sample piece since first she was stopped by both Maa and Tej jee then Pallavi and now Nikhil.

Nikhil thinks he wants to find out the secret which Sonali is hiding form her and because of which Pallavi left him, Pallavi thinks she blackmailed her saying she would ruin the life of Badal so stopped her from marrying Nikhil but now she also has a secret which can change all of their lives.

Sonali mentions she is going to the café, Pallavi is amazed thinking she is worried so much about the café, Sonali mentions even Badal and Manna are coming, Pallavi is glad to think both of them are coming, Sonali replies Badal her son but clarifies now they all are her children and refer to her as Sonali Jay Singh. Nikhil asks Sonali if they should leave, she mentions they are going on a breakfast date so try to leave but Pallavi stops Nikhil.


Apnapan 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sonali on the calls says to the person the only reason she kept Mayank in the mental asylum was because he worked there, the person replies he had to leave Mayank because she stopped paying him. Nikhil doesnot understand what truth Pallavi is hiding, he is worried it might harm his entire family. Badal asks Sonali if they can both talk.

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