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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 9th October 2021 Episode starts with Rajmata doing the aarti while others stand praying. Rajeshwari does aarti next. Rani and Veer also do the aarti together, followed by Vikram, Jai Singh. Rani looks at him and thinks she can’t bear to see Nandini suffering and thinks Jai like devil can’t get better, asks Mata Rani to help her. Later she comes to Jai holding aarti. Jai asks if she was asking mata rani her victory and his defeat. He says you don’t deserve to do anything and takes aarti.

Rani makes his hand a bit burnt and tells that Mata Rani will support her to expose him. Veer tells Rajeshwari that it is good that they agreed for his sayings and says he was in bhang effect. Rajmata tells that you said right and now your marriage will begin after 3 days, till then you both have to stay separately. Veer thinks his romance has just started. Rajeshwari says we have to do engagement today.

Rani says They will do dhamaal today. Vikram says she is the first bride not to shy and talking about dhamaal. Veer asks her to shy away. She says my groom is shying away so why shall I feel shy. Gajri prays to God and suddenly her dupatta catches fire. Vikram sets off the fire. Gajri ends praying and turns to look at him. Vikram asks where was your concentration, your dupatta had caught fire.

He asks what happened to you, why are you giving me such replies. She says you have decided to get married, now don’t interfere in my life. Vikram asks her to tell straight. Gajri says I am your friend, but I want your love. He says how can you marry someone else. Vikram says sorry Gajri, I have no idea about this. He sees Kiara coming back and says you are here. Kiara asks how can I stay away from you and solve the confusion between us. He hugs Kiara. Gajri is heart broken.

Vikram takes Kiara to make her meet everyone. Champa comes to Gajri and tells that all men are same. We have to become stubborn to get their love and have to snatch it, if we don’t get by asking. She smirks and goes. Vikram comes to everyone and says he wants to make them meet special guest. Rajmata asks who has come? Kiara comes there. Rani says Kiara. Rajeshwari gets upset and asks why did you come? Vikram says please. She says I don’t want this girl to come here. Rani asks Rajeshwari to let her be here and says they both love each other. Rajeshwari asks them to go.

Rani asks her to understand and says even they got married in strange circumstances. Vikram says Kiara is changed and you shall give her a second chance for me. He says she was going abroad and asks why she suddenly came. Kiara says Rani stopped me and asked me to give a chance to our relation. Vikram gets happy with Rani. Kiara says I talked to Rani over phone and she showed me the right way, that you are my real aim. Rani says it is dewar ji’s love that brought you here, I am just the way. Rani, Veer and Rajmata ask her to agree. Rajeshwari agrees for Vikram’s happiness.

Vikram thanks and hugs him. Rani asks Rajeshwari to fix Vikram and Kiara’s marriage along with their marriage. Rajmata says both kunwars of Rajawat will marry in the same mandap. Gajri thinks Rani has cut her connection and didn’t do right. Rani sees Jai coming. Champa also comes there. Rajmata gives the credit to Rani for all the happiness in the house. Rani says I got good idea just now and says why Rajkumari shall be left behind, when both Rajkumars will get on the horse. She says Nandini and Jai’s marriage shall be done too. Jai says it is a good idea. Champa gets upset. Rani thinks I will bring Champa’s anger as my brahmarastra and will expose Jai.

Champa asks Jai if he is fooling her for agreeing to marry Nandini. Jai says she is already my wife and he is doing drama to relieve Rani’s doubts. He asks her to understand. Champa thinks Rani comes between her and her aim, thinks to teach her a lesson. Rani tells Nandini that Jai shall propose her. veer laughs. Rani says even you shall propose me. Jai says my mind runs before you, you have ruined my surprise, but then also.

He takes out his chain and ties it in Nandini’s finger. He asks will you marry me? Nandini smiles and nods her head. Champa gets jealous. Rani thinks your Champa darling is on my point. Gajri recalls Vikram agreeing to marry Aditi and then reuniting with Kiara when she returns. She cries thinking Rani proposing Vikram and Kiara’s wedding. She gets angry and throws the pillow, shouting no. She thinks she can’t accept defeat, as he is just hers, and nobody can snatch him from her.

Veer comes to Rani. Rani says we have to stay away from each other for 3 days, as said by Rajmata. Veer asks how can you do this, you have united Vikram and Kiara, brought happiness in the house and solved all the problems. Rani says anybody can do this. Veer gives the credit of everyone’s happiness to him. She says Rajmata ji said, that you have to go. She asks him to go.

Champa takes Jai to side and asks why did he do all this? She says you gave gold chain to Nandini and asks for gold chain for herself. He asks if she has gone mad and says we need to be careful. Rani hears them and thinks once you fall down, I won’t let you get up.

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Telecast Date:9th October 2021
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