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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 9th June 2021 Someone knocks at Veer’s door. He opens, it’s Rani and Birju in bridal attire. Veer is shocked. Rani says congratulate us? Veer steps back Rani comes in. Veer says you always wanted right? Why did you fool me? Why did you betray me? Rani says don’t ruin everyone’s moods? Can’t you be happy for us? He says go away from me. Rani says tell me? Kiara says Veer are you okay? He’s sleeping and seeing a dream. He shoves Kiara. Veer says Kiara are you okay? He says sorry I was seeing a bad dream. Are you okay? Kiara says Rani sa is looking for you. She’s very worried. Kiara says so this is the reason for their separation? Veer thinks Rani and Birju have an affair. Veer asks Rani sa what happened? Sh says Vikram is nowhere. His stuff is not in the room as well. Where can he go? Veer wonders where could he go?

Scene 2
Rani is on her way. She recalls what happened. Rani cries. They reach Baliya. Dadi hugs her. Rani says how are you? Rani says how are you? She says I am so happy to see you here. Why didn’t you call? Dadi meets Birju and Vikram. Dadi says why didn’t you tell me? Vikram says it’s our house dadi. What preps would we need. She says Kunwar sa.. He says call me with my name. You’re my dadi. Dadi welcomes them in. She asks Rani about Veer. Rani recalls everything. Rani says Veer.. He had.. Dadi says yeah he is a big doctor. Rani asks where are Tinku and Ramo? She says they have gone for shop’s work. Dadi goes to make tea. Rani says to Birju come with me.

Rajeshwar calls Vikram. He says ys mom? She says where are you? He says there was no network o the way. Rajeshwari says where are you? He says in Baliya. Rajeshwari says what? What are you doing there? Who gave you permission to go there. Come here right now. Vikram says I can’t come back. She says are you crazy? He says I can’t be part of the family that insulted bhabhi sa. She’s our responsibility and I won’t leave her alone. Rajeshwari says so you will leave your family? Come here or I will have to come there. Vikram says don’t you get done with this drama? I am staying here. He hangs up.

Veer asks what did he say? What is he doing in Baliya? Rajeshwari says in heart this Rani’s game keeps spending. I never thought she will take away my own son. Rajeshwari says you are going to Baliya tomorrow ask Vikram there. I want him back at any cost. Veer recalls what Rani said. Veer says I am sorry but I don’t want to see Rani’s face. Rajeshwari says I am not sending you there to live. You have to go and bring him back from that dirt. Veer says Vikram will come back in 2 days. But I can’t go there I am sorry. Rajeshwari breaks his phone in anger.

Scene 3
Veer says to Rani don’t tell anyone what happened in Baliya. He says you came here, I am sure something must have happened. Forget him. I won’t tell anyone. Vikram looks at them. Rani says Birju cares for me as a friend and Veer got such a bad meaning out of it?

Veer thinks about what happened. Champa says I got food, ithi choka. Veer shouts take it from here. Kiara says I think you should bring Vikram back. Veer says you stay out of it. She says when your relationship with Rani is over why is he staying there? Stupid. Only you can bring him back. You might lose your brother. She’s a blo*dy gold digger. She only wants money. Veer shouts enough. I know how to handle it. Stay out of it. Kiara says in her heart you can’t just use me to fake this marriage. You can’t let her anger out on me. This Rani can’t come back and take you away from me. Kiara says you still love her right? And can’t hear anything against her? Veer says she doesn’t matter to me. Kiara says why were you taking her name in the sleep then? The truth is that you don’t matter to her. She threw you out of her life. And now she’s marrying Birju.

Birju says you feel bad listening about your brother? You should. I won’t let Rani go back to that hell. Vikram says I know you’re worried for your friend and my brother made a mistake. But things can be fixed.. Their relationship.. Birju says it’s over. And if he comes here I will break his legs.

Veer says pack your bags. Kiara says why? He says we are going to Baliya. Go now. Rajeshwari says this luggage? Veer says we are going to Baliya to bring Veer back. Rajeshwari asks Kiara what happened that he agreed? Kiara says in her heart can’t tell her he’s going to chanel his anger on Rani. Rajeshwari says if you are going stay alert. She says of course. Rajeshwari says this Rani will keep annoying me. I hope Vikram comes back and this story is over forever.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rani asks why are you both here? Veer says if you always wanted to marry Birju you should have told me, I would move away. Our relationship died but you didn’t even wait to do its funeral. It never existed for you.

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Telecast Date:9th June 2021
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