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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 9th January 2021 Rani sees the bangles Rajmata gave her. Kiara says I am the DIL of this house. I will wear them. Help me wear them. You will never be the DIL of this house anyone. Rani says wear it yourself. Rajeshwari says help Kiara if she asks. Do you want Malini to know the truth? SHe says no. Rajeshwari says then help her wear the bangles. Rani makes Kiara wear the bangles. Kiara says I know you feel bad but I am also helpless. This is our fate. Rajeshwari says learn from Kiara. She can do anything fo rher family and you’re selfish. Rani says these are not your size. The bangles break. Rani touches them and cries. Her hand bleeds. Veer holds her hands.

Veer cleans her blood. Veer recalls everything. Malini says he cares for everyone. Even a maid. Veer stands up and says she’s not a maid. She’s the DIL of this house. My wife, Rani Veer Singh Rajawat. Everyone is shocked. Rajeshwari says I will explain to you everything. Malini says you fooled us. Did you base our relationship on lies? You have disrespected us. You all fooled us. Rani says, aunty.. Rajeshwari shouts you stay quiet. Sanjay says please let’s sit and talk. They leave. Jai’s dad says there’s nothing left to talk about. Veer says Rani sa it was important.. Rajeshwari leaves.

Scene 2
Malini packs her bags. Jai says maa ji please think. She says you were part of this lie? Rani says I apologize. She says Rajeshwari lied to us. Rani says it was not her mistake. It was destiny’s mistake. Veer had to marry Kiara, then fate played this game. Veer had to fill my hairline to save my life. Rami sa never accepted me but she never asked me to leave this house. SHe did all this for her daughter. She was scared if you get to know you will call off this engagement. See it from her point, she was in pain. She did it for her daughter.

Veer comes to Rajeshwari. Veer says I tried a lot to tell myself what you did was right. But this lie was suffocating me. I couldn’t live a lie. Rajeshwari shouts shut up. Stop your rubbish nonsense. she’s about to slap him. Sanjay stops her. She says take him from here. Sanjay says let’s talk. Rajeshwari says I won’t give him another chance. This guy has only broken my trust. Before I tell him his reality, ask him to leave. Sanjay says let’s go Veer. Veer says you can hit me Rani sa. He says I am sorry Rani sa. I have hurt you. Rajeshwari says you’re a good actor. Don’t do this drama. Veer says I have done everything to make you happy. I couldn’t do this betrayl. Kiara isn’t my wife. Rajeshwari says your truth will ruin my daughter’s life. I will have to talk to Malini myself. Half of our relationship was over when you married that maid and rest would be over if Jai leaves Nandini.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 9th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rani sees Jai talking to some guys and giving them something. She says she knew he would do something silly and tries to find out. Jai feels someone following and watching him. He goes to check if there’s anyone. Rani hides. She hits a trash can and it makes noise. She slips and is about to fall down when someone holds her hand. It’s Veer. They both decide to stop Jai and Nandini’s engagement.

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Telecast Date:9th January 2021
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