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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th October 2021 Episode starts with Rani asking Veer to sleep. Veer says I can’t sleep, first I have to dance with you. Rani plays a song, and dance with him. Champa takes Jai to room and locks the door and takes the key. Jai says so you have decided to kill me.

Champa says it is right, even if I die, then we will get immortal. She asks him, why was he touching Nandini’s feet, says time has come to choose one between us. She says I love you and our relation is special, and asks him to leave Nandini. He says Nandini is the lottery tickets of crores. Champa says even I can give you love. He refuses. Champa says you are thinking about your advantage, I will not let Nandini Didi succeed. Jai asks Champa to open the door. Nandini finds Jai’s mobile and comes out to give mobile to him.

Champa threatens Jai that she has all proofs against him. He asks her to give him some time, just as money is arranged, I will leave Nandini, till then you have to calm down. Nandini searches for Jai and thinks where is he? She gets worried for him. Champa asks are you telling the truth? Jai says God promise and your promise too. He asks her to open the door. She says I am trusting you this time, don’t break my trust.

She opens the door. Nandini is standing outside the door. Jai hides. Nandini asks if you are still here, Jai asked you to leave from here. Champa says I am the owner of my wish, will not obey anyone, not even Hukum. Nandini says you are Servant, and thinks yourself as Queen. She says if I want, then I can get you kicked from you. Champa asks her to call and asks what reason you will give to everyone.

Jai thinks today he is gone. Champa asks what happened and taunts her. Nandini says I have nothing to lose. Champa says I have your husband. Nandini asks didn’t you see, what did he do during aarti. Rani comes there. Jai thinks her enemy came? Nandini tells that Champa haven’t brought Jai’s phone till now and he was worrying. Champa says I was searching. Nandini and Champa go from there. Rani also goes. Jai takes a sigh of relief. Rani thinks she has to do something.

Rajeshwari tells Rajmata that she will decorator all Jaipur as Kunwar sa will be getting married. Rani asks can I tell you something if you say. Rajmata asks her to say. Rani says I know you all are happy about our marriage, and says I have some small suggestion and tells that in the village, there is no school. She says I was asking if we can save the money in marriage and use that money there. Rajeshwari says your idea is good, but marriage will be grand. Rani asks her to think that they will get the children’s blessings. Rajmata agrees with Rani’s suggestion. Rajeshwari also agrees to build a school in the village.

Later in the night, Vikram couldn’t get sleep, gets up from the bed and switches on the lights. He messages Kiara, hi Kiara how are you? He then deletes the messages before sending it. He then messages her if they can talk.

Rani asks Veer to get up. Veer says head is heavy. Rani asks him to have food and will feel better. He refuses. She makes him have food. Veer says when I used to see you, I used to get angry, and now I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. Rani says you are telling this in bhang effect. Veer asks her to promise that she will top in her engineering exams and will fulfill the dream of her father and her. Rani promises him.

He covers her graduation gown and cap and asks her to give speech after receiving the award. She says thank you everyone, I don’t deserve on this moment, as it was my bau ji’s dream who was my motivation and inspiration. She says my younger pinku and Dadi helped me fulfill my dream. She says my other family, rajawat family. I learnt something from everyone and my Doctor saheb, I thank him big and whatever I say about him is less. She says my life’s start is him, and end too. She says I have fulfilled the promise made to you and became an engineer. He claps and hugs her.

Vikram calls Kiara and tells that they shall solve the problems between them. Gajri hears him and thinks she won’t let him go to anyone and will become choti bahu rani of this house.

In the morning, Pandit ji tells Rajeshwari that the mahurat is good for marriage after 3 days. Rajeshwari asks for Rajmata’s suggestion. Rajmata agrees for the date and asks Pandit ji to do the arrangements. She asks Goddess to keep Veer and Rani blessed. Rani thinks I have just 3 days to expose Jai.

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Telecast Date:8th October 2021
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