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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th January 2021 Veer is about to fill the hairline. Rajeshwari says you won’t do that. As per our rituals, husbands don’t fill hairline openly. Go to your room and fill it. It saves from the evil eyes. Rajmata says thank you for doing this for Rani. Rajeshwari says I did this for Kiara, not Rani. This would be wrong with her. I won’t even keep that Rani as a servant. She says Kiara, you have done a lot for us. I won’t let anything wrong happen to you. Kiara says thank you Rani sa. Kiara says in heart it was such a good chance.

Kumud brings tea to Sanjay. He says prepare everything for the engagement tomorrow. She says Rani will handle everything. The way Rani sa handled everything, it looked like her heart is melting for Rani. Things will get better with time. I hope she will accept her soon. Sanjay says no one knows her better than me. The way she never accepted Veer, she won’t accept Rani. Kumud says at least talk to her openly to know what is going on. Rajeshwari says I have the same question. What’s going on? Aren’t you coming too often to my room? Don’t interfere in our family matters. Is that understood? She says yes. Rajeshwari says to go now.

Scene 2
Kiara takes the form from Rani and says you’re already DIL of this house, what would you do with this degree now? You planned to stay a night with him. And pretend to not care about this marriage? You will be punished for your plan. She takes the form and is about to tear it. Rani says leave it. Veer says stop it Kiara. You can’t play with anyone’s future. She says I was helping her. Veer says I am not an idiot. Return her form. Malini says is that how you talk to your wife in front of a maid? How can you take a maid’s side? What Kiara was doing was wrong but you should respect her and never talk to her like that.

Malini says this Veer was with Rani all night. And now he was taking Rani’s side instead of his wife. Something is very wrong in this house. Rajeshwari says what happened? She says I don’t even know the truth of this house. What are you hiding from me? Veer says I will tell you what the truth is. Veer walks in. Veer says the one you’re considering the maid of this house is.. Rani says the oldest servant’s daughter. Veer made my dad a promise to educate me. He was scolding me not his wife. This admission form is the reason. My dad always wanted me to be an engineer. He’s out for work so I am looking after his job. Veer promised him that he won’t let me give up on my education. When you saw him outside the room, he gave me the form. You won’t be able to see such a connection between a maid and an owner. But Veer is a good human, he wants everyone to move ahead. Don’t get wrong. No one will do this for anyone if you consider him wrong.

Malini says forgive me Veer. I took it the wrong way. I didn’t know you were doing this for her education. I got it all wrong. Rajeshwari says it’s okay. Misunderstandings happen. And your intention was good. We should all rest.

Scene 3
Veer says to rani I was handling everything. Rani says I did this time. I am also a part of this family. Veer says I don’t like lying like you. I will tell everyone truth.

Kumud says to Rani sa your salon appointment is ready. Veer comes in. He says what happened in the hall.. Rajeshwari says you have a weak memory. You don’t understand until I repeat things. I thought you would tell everyone. I am giving you a warning. Don’t dare to do that again. Veer says what’s happening is also wrong. She says what’s your problem? Get tested by a good psychologist. Veer says sorry but I learned doing right from you. Rajeshwari says you’re the one who did the mistake. so let me hide it and do Nandini’s engagement. Veer says in heart I will do what’s right for everyoen. No matter what happens after that.

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